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Law Student Assignment Writing Services

What are the 3 steps for writing a customary international law assignment?

Customary international law is based on a given state’s generally practiced accepted law. It differs from treaty law in that it is based on normal state practice and which states have acknowledged as law (opinio juris).

To write a customary law you need to

  1. Identify a specific law that is relevant to the research question
  2. Why this rule is important
  3. Provide evidence and examples of how the rule or principle is applied in real-life.
  4. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments and draw conclusions.
  5. Cite sources and use them appropriately.

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If you are a law student, then you definitely need help with your assignments. You may get away with some class assignments, but the law is different. For instance, if you are writing a contract or a will, it has to be done precisely to ensure that it is valid and can withstand any legal challenge.

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What are the different types of law school assignment help?

Law school assignment help is a service that provides assistance to law students who need help with their academic tasks. There are different types of law school assignment help, such as

Essay writing help

Example: The pros and cons of plea bargaining in criminal justice

Case Study Analysis:

Example: The application of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols in the Syrian civil war

Research paper writing help:

Example: The challenges and controversies of constitutional law in relation to democracy, human rights, social justice, or national security

Dissertation or thesis writing help:

Example: The innovation and experimentation of law in addressing complex and wicked problems, such as poverty, inequality, or terrorism

Coursework or homework help:

Example: Preparing presentations or slideshows about the negotiation, ratification, or implementation of treaties

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