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Don't let typos ruin your day. Spell check your document 100% free – no credit card, no payments, just a quick and easy search and replace. So why aren't you using us right now?

Harvard referencing


Referencing can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. So use it on anything – no limits. You don't pay extra for different discipline domains like science, humanities, or technology.

mla referancing


This tool references MLA properly and according to all the essentials that we have been taught in school. You will never have to spend time looking up the right way to do this ever again.



If you're tired of getting lousy grades & are frustrated by the time you waste on dissertation's proofreading, then it's time to try out this free academic tool. You'll have access to a wide array of options that will transform you into a top student.

Chicago referencing


We see you're wrestling with these Chicago Style citations for your assignment. They can be a headache, right? But guess what? We've got something awesome for you! It's our free Chicago Referencing Tool.



Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and awkward moments, thanks to the very first free grammar checker designed exclusively for students, complete with premium features!.

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A tool for writers – by writers. Just enter your words and get instant word count and analysis. It's FREE and It's accurate.



Avoid needless headaches and embarrassment with the first ever free plagiarism checker with premium features made just for students.



Avoid needless headaches and embarrassment with the first ever free Thesis Generator with premium features made just for students.

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If you weren't already aware, the factor is an important component of a factoring transaction. 100% free for all students and teachers to save hours of work.



No more hunting around for the average and total points, saving you precious time to devote to studying. Just input your letter grades, click calculate and get your CGPA.



It's free. It's on your desktop. We're not gonna bore you with details, but this is the latest chemical equation stuff we've been working on.

Why Our Free Tools Stand Out Among Others

They are 100% free. This is not a limited time offer, and this is not an affiliate program. There are no misleading statements about free trials or discounts.

Through robust design and sincere intent, we are proud to stand out by empowering each and every one of you with dependable tools minus the usual drama of hidden costs. So here’s to a refreshing online space, where ‘free’ truly means free with Premium features!

From writing a clear essay, solving a tricky math problem, to breaking down complex chemistry equations—it’s like having a smart friend who’s always ready to help!

And the friendliest part? Whether it’s day or night, a holiday, or a usual day, these tools never take a break. They’re available anytime to give you a helping hand.

The essence of Cheap Assignment Service is making things uncomplicated and approachable. So, come join us, make your learning more enjoyable and less stressful with our free paper checker to grammar, plagiarism checker to all essay tools. This isn’t just a website, it’s your sidekick in the world of learning!

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Where can I get a free tool to help with my work?

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Do you have free AI tools latest for 2023 too?

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Why Pick Our Free Grammar Checker? Real Help Stories

You might ask yourself, ‘why choose this free paper or essay grammar checker?’ It’s okay to question – you’ve got a world of other choices out there. Let’s get real and have a chat, not about why we think we’re great, but about how students just like you found us helpful, even life-changing. Here are genuine stories of Lisa and Sam that show the value packed into our free AI grammar tool.

What is APA?

Our first friend we’re introducing you to is Sam, who landed on our history assignment writing help while hunting for resources for his History report. At first, he needed us to structure a thesis statement. But, he soon discovered the full array of our free tools which he used to polish his language and formatting. The report that Sam submitted? Well, let’s just say he was smiling all the way to his professor’s office and back.

Lisa’s Tale, Social Media Serendipity!

Remember our mention of Lisa? She discovered our toolkit through a social media post shared by a classmate. Intrigued, she tried out our grammar checker for her English literature essay. A week later, we got an excited message; Lisa’s essay had earned the highest grade in her class! Surely, Lisa and her classmate who shared our tool likely share a bond now.

The other stories are equally gripping and heartwarming, with students stumbling upon us from different paths. It’s not about flashy sales pitches; it’s about real people, like you, making their academic journey a bit smoother, the stress load a bit lighter. We’re fueled by these success stories and are delighted to play a role in their journey.

So, why choose our free grammar corrector? Don’t listen to us; listen to Sam, Lisa, and others who’ve used our tool and found a little academic oasis. But most importantly, give it a try and see how it can assist you. No pressure, just a leap of faith. Happy journey!

Why Our Plagiarism Checker? Premium Specs in Free Form

Choosing a copy-paste content checker can be a decision of weighing pros and cons. With so many out there, it’s crucial to understand what sets one apart from the rest. Here, let’s make it easier. A straightforward comparison of our plagiarism detector (let’s call it Tool A) with a leading alternative (Tool B).

Features Tool A (Ours) Tool B (Competitor)
Accuracy Superior detection algorithm Decent, but occasionally misses
Accessibility Completely free Free with a premium version
Speed Rapid scanning and report creation Could be slow at times
User-friendliness Intuitive, easy layout Might require time to get used to
Advanced Options Color-coded similarity index, citation assists Limited advance options
Privacy Guaranteed User data privacy User data privacy concerns


Bottom line – Our copied content detector, Tool A, isn’t just another run-of-the-mill tool. It combines accuracy, speed, and user-friendliness with privacy, all without putting a dent in your wallet. Unlike Tool B, ours stands for quality and the genuine understanding of a student’s needs.

Don’t just believe the chart, though. Give it a test drive, and feel the difference yourself. Trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Have an Eye On Word Counter Before Task Submission

At some point or another, we’ve all struggled with those infamous word limits. Short essays, long essays, or even those annoying character-restricted posts – they can be every student’s nightmare. But hey, don’t stress! There’s a handy friend to make your life a whole lot simpler – our paper or essay lengthcounter tool. And trust us, it’s no ordinary one.

Friendlier Than Ever, Count Along With Ease

Imagine a tool that doesn’t just count the words in your text, but makes you feel like it’s right there, cheering you on! That’s our counter for you – easy to use, straight to the point, and ready to help you at all times. No more last-minute frustrations or manual word-checking – it’s got your back.

Beat the Deadline, One Word at a Time

So, how do you get started? Simply paste your text into the word counter textbox, and voila – you’ve got a clear idea of your word limit situation. Now, all you need to do is focus on crafting your ideas with those golden words that beautifully express your thoughts. And if you find yourself running out of words, well, it’s those concise and focused ideas that leave the most impact.

13078+ Users Are On Our Authentic and Free Spell Checker

Joining the ranks of our enthusiastic community of users means becoming part of a story, a grand journey that started with a single user and now stands proud at 13078 strong. How did we get here? How have we grown so exponentially? Let’s take a stroll down the memory lane of our authentic and free Spell Checker.

From One to 13078, A Journey of Dedication

The journey from our first user to the 13078th has been extraordinary. Every individual part of the journey brought with them invaluable feedback and encouragement, continuously shaping our Free Spell Checker to the robust tool you see today. It was never just about numbers; it was always about real experiences, enhancing lives one spell-checked word at a time.

Committed to Authenticity, Our Promise

Authenticity has been our constant companion on this journey. At each step, we’ve stood by our promise – to provide a truly free, trustworthy, and high-quality spell checker. We’ve never strayed from that commitment. Our users find comfort and reliability in our authenticity, and their satisfaction has ultimately paved the way for our growth.

Fueling Growth, The Magic of Word of Mouth

How did we add zeros to that initial 1? Yes, of course, our quality and commitment played a pivotal role. But, it’s the magic of word of mouth that really fueled our growth. Every happy user was, and is, a key promoter of our Spell Checker. Recommendations shared in classrooms, whispers exchanged in library corners, tips passed on amidst social media communities – these are the real catalysts that propelled us to 13078 and beyond.

Your Turn to Join the Momentum

So, to those pondering joining our ever-growing community of 13078 users, here’s our invitation. You aren’t just becoming part of a statistic. You’re becoming a part of a story, a journey. You’re joining a wide network of users who’ve trusted our authentic and free Spell Checker, and who’ve come to rely on its utility and quality.

Are you ready for the journey? Welcome aboard, and let’s make magic with words, together.

Thesis Writers PAY ATTENTION and Make Free Thesis Statements

A thunderous shout-out to all the ambitious thesis writers out there! Buckle up and get ready for an academic game-changer, one that could potentially reshape your entire writing experience – it’s time to make free thematic statements!

Breaking Down Academic Walls

Writing a thesis, we get it, is no walk in the park. With overwhelming research loads, crunching deadlines, and those ever-daunting writing blocks, it can sometimes feel like climbing an academic Mount Everest. But fear not, fellow scholars! We’re here to equip you with a tool aiming to shatter those academic walls – the power to create a thesis statement the way you need.

Your Free Pass of Crafting Impactful Thesis Sentences

A thesis sentence, as you well know, is the heart of your thesis, research paper or dissertation. We know the value of it from our experience of dissertation writing service. It’s the compass guiding your research and your reader’s understanding of your work. It’s the magnet that hooks your reader’s interest and keeps them engaged. And crafting such powerful, concise statements is now right at your fingertips, for free!

Making Thesis Statements – Simplified

No more pouring over tutorials on how to perfect a thesis statement; it’s time to breeze through with our streamlined tool! By using our platform, you’ll whip up compelling thesis statements in a matter of minutes. All you need is a clear idea of your thesis topic, a few clicks, and voila – you’ve got yourself a captivating thesis statement!

And yes, it comes with no strings attached. Free means truly free, no hidden charges or last-minute surprises.

Final Words

To the students who come to us for thesis writing service in the statement portion, here’s your call to action. We want to save your money so brace yourselves and make the leap into the extraordinary world of a free thesis statement generator. No more do you need to wrestle with vague ideas or flimsy statements. Here’s your chance to create a solid launching pad for your ideas. Make the most of it, and let your academic work shine like never before.

Fly high with a free thesis creator- the writing universe is at your disposal!

Paper Checker Tool To Help Teachers, Students and Writers

Just a quick chat on why so many people are finding our free tool to grade paper super handy compared to others available. We totally appreciate that there are loads of other cool platforms out there. But, let’s explore what makes our tool a favorite for many.

Teachers, Do Simplify Your Grading Process

As educators, your purpose is to mold young minds. But tedious tasks like manual paper checking can often sap your precious time. Enter in our paper grader tool. It can efficiently check for plagiarism and grammar errors, ensuring integrity and composition quality while giving you more time for thoughtful feedback. Seeing it as your digital assistant, imagine the hours saved and the enhanced student interactions.

Students, Do Submit Flawless Assignments

Students, we know the pressure. Maintaining top grades while juggling multiple assignments might seem like an uphill battle. Our essay checkercomes to your rescue! It can detect potential plagiarism, helping you maintain academic honesty. Plus, grammar and spelling check features help you polish your work, ensuring it’s the best version of itself. No more nightmares about overlooked errors or late-night proofreads.

Writers, Do Shape Your Craft

Or are you a professional or budding writer? Our paper checking tool serves as your trustworthy ally as well. It’s not just about error checks; it’s about refining your craft. With features catered to perfect grammar usage, punctuation, and syntax, witness your writing transforming from good to great. Plus, its plagiarism detection helps ensure your ideas’ originality. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your work is as authentic as your thoughts.

Add Unlimited Sources with Harvard Referencing Checker

Ever found yourself struggling to keep track of numerous sources when writing a research paper? Well, that’s where our handy-dandy Harvard citation maker comes into play. Let’s talk about it in a simple and friendly way, like we’re chatting about your favorite TV show or weekend plans!

The Smooth Story of Our Client Tina

Let us tell you about a student named Tina, a talented researcher chasing her degree in Environmental Science. She was brilliant but often found herself overwhelmed by the mountain of sources she had to cite in each project.

As she tackled challenging subjects like climate change and biodiversity loss, Tina found herself spending countless hours making sure she cited all her sources correctly, using the Harvard reference style. She wished she could devote this time to refining her ideas or, quite frankly, getting a good night’s sleep.

Eureka Moment

That’s when Tina stumbled upon our friendly little Harvard reference maker. She discovered that adding unlimited sources and ensuring their proper Harvard citation was as easy as pie. No more sleepless nights spent checking, double-checking, and triple-checking her bibliography. Tina felt like she’d hit the jackpot!

A Gentle Reminder of Our Friendly Approach

What sets our tool apart from others is our approach: simple and gentle. We believe that learning and researching should be enjoyable and hassle-free. So, our Harvard referencer is designed with you in mind. It’s all about saving time and helping you focus on what you love—immersing yourself in new and fascinating ideas.

Your MLA Referencing Checker is Right Here

Do you ever find yourself tangled up in the tricky web of MLA referencing when you’re knee-deep in research? Guess what, you’re not alone! Let’s sit back, relax, and chat a bit about it!

Now here is our other student Sam, a diligent Political Science major. Like a detective, he loved connecting dots between theories and evidence, creating a compelling narrative. However, the challenge surfaced when he had to maneuver through the maze of MLA referencing his project.

Guess where our MLA citation checker fits in? Yep, just like a friendly guide in this maze, it simplifies referencing for students like Sam. This easygoing tool is all about making the process hassle-free so students can keep their focus on their captivating discoveries.

What makes us special, you ask? It’s our gentle and user-friendly approach. The MLA citation maker, while being a practical helping-hand, also cherishes your comfort, speaking the language of simplicity. No frills, no complications, just tool-made-easy.

Get Rid Of Worry With APA Referencing Checker

APA referencing can sometimes make your academic journey seem a bit bumpy, can’t it? Let me tell you how our APA citation checker could be the friendly companion you need.

For this tool we are taking the example of old client Jane, a psychology student who’s passionate about cognitive development. Every research project for Jane was like an exciting treasure hunt, but the detailing needed for APA references sometimes felt like a cloud over her head.

He used to come to us for proofreading for psychology assignment writing help and there was always an issue in references. One day when he requested us to provide free citations, we made it free for every student. But what about those students who only require a citation? For them here we are introducing a jam packed free tool.

And that’s when our APA referencing maker stepped in like a ray of sunshine! Instead of fretting over her citation list, Jane and other students now felt confident, knowing our tool was there to ensure each reference was spot-on.

Also, we’re not just another free referencing tool in the crowd — we value your needs and we’re determined to make referencing as easy as ABC for you, especially, when there is:

  1. During late-night research marathons
  2. When she are swamped with multiple assignments
  3. During collaborative group projects
  4. When you are working on comprehensive theses

No One Can Stop You in Setting Goals With Free CGPA Calculator

Isn’t it great when we have a clear picture of our academic progress and goals? Let’s chat about how our complimentary CGPA tool can be a real game-changer.

Take Alex, a computer science student. Like many other students, Alex loves setting academic goals and strategizing his semester wisely. We know this because he has been providing computer science assignment writing help since his first semester. But calculating CGPA manually was sometimes complicated and took away his valuable time. That’s when our GPA calculator became his trusty academic colleague.

We ensure that our tool is easy to use, reliable, devoid of any confusing jargon, or complex processes. Most importantly, we don’t just see you as a user, but a fellow learner, and we genuinely want to be the helpful tool in your toolbox. Feel free to use it:

  1. When planning your study schedule for the semester.
  2. Understanding the scores you need to reach his target CGPA.
  3. Tracking his academic progress throughout the year.
  4. Formulating study strategies ahead of exams.

So in short, it’s the joy of learning and the thrill of self-improvement that count, isn’t it?

Our Chemical Equation Checker is Rooting Students Up

Are you ever puzzled by chemical equations, especially when you’re in the thick of lab work or assignment deadlines? Let’s know about how our chemistry equation checker can give you a metaphorical nudge in the right direction.

Imagine a student like Sarah, who’s truly passionate about chemistry. But when it comes to balancing complex chemical equations, sometimes the task seems daunting. She is our old client and takes science assignment writing help. Now she shared her hurdles in day to day equations and here we decided to create a free tool for students. It is to help untangle those chemical knots.

You might wonder, why our tool when there are others available? The answer is simple – we focus on your ease and comfort.

We care about your success and wish to support your chemistry journey by making equations a bit more approachable.

Sarah noticed how our equation checker tool was a real boost during these situations:

  1. Tackling numerous equations during late-night study sessions.
  2. Revising for a comprehensive exam that required balancing reactions.
  3. Assisting with tricky lab work or experiments.
  4. Collaborating on group projects where accuracy is crucial.

Factoring Calculator is Here to Backed Your Math Assignments Up

Math lovers, have you ever found yourself wrestling with tricky factoring problems during math assignments? Let’s get into a friendly discussion on how our factor calculator could potentially turn things around.

Imagine being in the shoes of a student like Tim, who absolutely loves mathematics. He also comes to us oftenly for math assignment writing help. However, some complex factoring problems can sometimes seem like a jigsaw puzzle missing a few vital pieces. This is exactly the situation where our factoring calculator steps in as a reliable helper.

You might wonder, amidst the sea of online tools, why pick ours? The answer lies in our commitment to simplicity and user effectiveness. Our factoring calculator is your friendly neighborhood math assistant that aims to make tedious factoring tasks easier. It’s a tool minus the dense jargon and plus the easy-to-understand processes, all designed to back you up in your mathematical endeavors.

Our factoring tool became an indispensable part of Tim’s math toolkit, specifically during:

  1. Late-night math assignments when every minute counts.
  2. Preparation sessions for tests involving advanced factoring.
  3. Collaborative math projects requiring quick and accurate factoring.
  4. Self-study periods for enhancing understanding of factoring concepts.

So, use it because after all, equations are much more fun when you’re not bogged down by the pressure, right?


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