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Essays on Abortion: Earn Grades with Controversial Discussion

Academia aims to prepare students for society, which involves engaging with diverse perspectives. Essays on controversial topics, like abortion, can help students flourish by honing their understanding and voice.

We are offereing insights on the benefits of controversial discussions, advice on choosing arguments, and an exploration of abortion essays, debunking misconceptions.

Can Controversial Topics Benefit Student Grades?

Essay writing on controversial topics can benefit students in many ways. Controversial topics are often complex and multifaceted, which allows students to show their critical thinking and analytical skills.

These skills are highly valued. Students who can effectively analyze and present a well-reasoned argument on a controversial topic are likely to score higher grades.

Here are some of the major advantages of writing academic papers on controversial topics;

  • Discussion on controversial topics can help students find their voice.
  • Strong or complex topics expand their knowledge.
  • It broadens their perspective.
  • Students learn how to defend their stance on any subject.
  • Controversial topics help students develop their own opinions based on research.
  • Academic writing on such topics encourages students to engage in research and gather evidence to support their arguments, which further strengthens their writing and communication skills.
  • Students learn how to engage in a debate while remaining respectful and empathetic toward opposing opinions.

Tackling Controversies: Essays on Abortion

Abortion has been a highly polarized subject for discourse for the past 70 years. That’s because it touches almost all the major principles of moral and social understanding of mankind.

Questions of moral, ethical and legal nature surround it. The debate over abortion is often framed in terms of “pro-life” and “pro-choice” perspectives.

In the content below we have provided a mock example of an essay on abortion. But we don’t want to pull and tag with our readers. So, we have divided the exemplary content into two sections.

  1. Will provide a mock example of an informative essay.
  2. Will provide two major schools of thought on abortion and their negative impacts and misconceptions.

Here is an exemplary essay on a controversial topic, to showcase all the benefits we discussed before.

Mock Example of Essay on Abortion

Abortion is a highly debated and complex issue that has been at the forefront of ethical, medical, and legal discussions for decades. This essay on abortion will provide an overview of the topic, focusing on the various perspectives and key arguments surrounding it.

Abortion can be defined as the cession of a pregnancy before the fetus is able, and it is a medical procedure that has been practiced across cultures and throughout history. The debate around abortion centers on two primary perspectives: pro-choice and pro-life. 

Pro-choicers argue that women should have the autonomy to make decisions regarding their bodies, including the choice to terminate a pregnancy. They emphasize the importance of access to safe and legal abortions to protect women’s health and reproductive rights. 

On the other hand, pro-life supporters contend that the preborn fetus has a right to life and abortion is morally wrong. They advocate for alternatives, such as adoption, and often support policies restricting or banning abortion.

In conclusion, the essay on abortion highlights the complexity and multifaceted nature. While the debate continues, it is essential to consider both the pro-choice and pro-life perspectives and acknowledge the topic’s ethical, moral, and social implications. Understanding the various viewpoints and arguments can lead to more informed and empathetic discussions about abortion and its impact on society.

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Building Opinion: Essays on Abortion

Customarily, abortion is perceived as an argumentative essay topic. The following table will help you build an opinion or an argument on this highly controversial subject.

Pro-Life (Opposing Abortion)Pro-Choice (Legalizing Abortion) 
Main Argument:
All lives have an equal right to live regardless of their size, education, degree of dependency. 
Main Argument:
Every person (regardless of their gender) should have a right to make decisions about their own body without the intervention of any government, belief, or religion. 
Political Agenda:
All lives matter Terminating a life at any stage is murder
Political Agenda
Women’ rightEconomic well being
Every Individual’s right to family planning 
Root Cause of Argument:
Religious and Ethical Dogma 
Root Cause of Argument:
Social and Economical Survival 
Line of Disagreement:
Pro-lifers argue that life begins as soon as a person conceives.
Line of Disagreement
Pro-choicers believe that life begins at the viability of a child. (outside the womb). 
Or at least after the development of essential organs 
Proposed Solutions: 
Adoption, family parenting Other methods of contraception Pregnancy resource centers
Proposed Solutions
Research and development for contraceptive for menEnabling women economically Enabling women to get pristine healthcare 
Exceptional Cases:
Many pro-lifers believe abortion should be legalized in three exceptional circumstances;
Victims of rape incestual abuse Situations where a pregnancy can pose danger to mother’s health 
Exceptional cases:
Many pro-choicers advocate against abortion if: 
The pregnancy reaches later stagesThe mother is using abortion as their go-to contraception method. 
Negative Effects: 
Hate crime against womenReligious extremismSocial taboo
Negative Effects
Use of abortion as contraceptive
Common Misconceptions:
Pro Life = Women Haters
Common Misconceptions:
Pro Choice = Pro Murder

With the provided information you can form multiple essays on abortion with different perspectives.

Picking a Controversial Topic

With each evolving day, a new controversy is tainting our TV screens and social media feeds. But when choosing a controversial topic to write an academic paper on, you must take care of these special steps. 

  1. Begin by selecting a topic that interests you and significantly impacts society, such as essays on abortion.
  2. Conduct thorough research on the topic, including its historical context, current debates, and relevant legislation or policies.
  3. Consult multiple sources, including books, articles, and expert opinions, to understand the various perspectives on the issue.
  4. Analyze the key arguments and counterarguments surrounding the topic, focusing on the essays on abortion as an example.
  5. Identify the topic’s ethical, moral, and social implications to understand its complexity and significance.
  6. Examine real-world examples and case studies to comprehend the topic’s practical implications.
  7. Assess the potential consequences and outcomes of different viewpoints on the issue.
  8. Consider the cultural, religious, and political factors influencing people’s opinions.
  9. Reflect on your beliefs and values concerning the topic, using the essays on abortion as a reference.
  10. Discuss the topic with peers, instructors, or experts to gain additional insights and perspectives.

Developing Your Opinion on the Topic

Choosing your take on a controversial subject is easy but quite tricky. More often than not, we don’t have to pick a side in an argument.

We stick to whichever side aligns with our unique sets of beliefs. However, when writing a research paper or an academic essay on a controversial topic, you must be mindful of all the required measures. 

Here are some steps our writers have compiled for you to follow to write an impactful paper. 

  1. Reflect on your personal beliefs and values, considering how they align with the various perspectives on the topic. For example, an abortion essay.
  2. Analyze the key arguments and counterarguments you’ve researched, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Consider each viewpoint’s ethical, moral, and social implications, weighing their importance in your decision-making process.
  4. Assess the potential consequences and outcomes of adopting each stance, determining which aligns with your values and beliefs.
  5. Examine any biases or preconceived notions you may have about the topic and challenge them with evidence and logic.
  6. Engage in discussions or debates with others to test your opinions and further develop your understanding of the issue.
  7. Be open to changing your stance as you gather more information and insights.
  8. Once you’ve chosen a side, gather evidence and examples to support your position in the essay on abortion.
  9. Develop a concise thesis statement reflecting your stance on the topic.
  10. Remember that it’s essential to acknowledge and address opposing viewpoints in your assignment, demonstrating your understanding of the topic’s complexity and nuances.

How Can Schools Encourage Discourse on Controversial Subjects?

Introducing controversial discourse in academic life requires not only efforts from the students but the teachers as well.

Here are 11 ways that schools and educational institutes can encourage strong discourse among students.

  1. Encourage open dialogue: Create a safe and inclusive classroom environment where students feel comfortable discussing controversial topics and sharing their opinions without fear of judgment or ridicule.
  2. Teach critical thinking skills: Help students develop critical thinking skills by evaluating evidence, identifying biases, and recognizing logical fallacies.
  3. Present multiple perspectives: Expose students to diverse viewpoints on controversial subjects, including those that differ from their own or the majority opinion.
  4. Promote respectful discourse: Teach students how to engage in respectful and civil discussions, emphasizing the importance of listening, empathy, and understanding others’ perspectives.
  5. Incorporate current events: Use real-world examples and current events to contextualize controversial subjects, making them more relevant and engaging for students.
  6. Assign research projects: Encourage students to research controversial topics independently, helping them develop research skills and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  7. Invite guest speakers: Bring experts or individuals with firsthand experience to provide unique perspectives and insights on controversial subjects.
  8. Encourage exposure to multiple techniques of expression: One of the main goals of a teacher should be to encourage diverse techniques of expression of opinion in students. Students might take a while to find their style of discourse. However, encouraging them to avail of online assignment services can expose them to multiple ways of expression. This can help them experiment with various techniques. 
  9. Encourage debate: Organize debates or panel discussions on controversial topics, allowing students to practice presenting and defending their viewpoints.
  10. Utilize multimedia resources: Use videos, podcasts, and articles to present diverse perspectives on controversial subjects, engaging students with different learning styles.
  11. Provide opportunities for reflection: Encourage students to reflect on their learning and experiences discussing controversial subjects, helping them develop self-awareness and a deeper understanding of their beliefs and values.

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In today’s world of cellphones and gadgets, students are more informed than ever about major controversies. Tackling these complex subject matters in your assignments can help you achieve top grades and stand out from the crowd.

Writing on controversial topics can be challenging, but with the right guidance, you can excel in your essays. We understand that many students struggle to navigate these complex issues without proper support.

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