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How to Restate Thesis Statement? Examples and Tips

The thesis statement is basically a sentence that states the main idea(s), purpose(s), result(s), and/or scope of any research. A surprising fact here is that your thesis statement from the introduction paragraph can’t be the same in the conclusion section.

Now, what does that mean? It means that you have to change the wording and synonyms, but its intent must be the same as an original thesis statement. And for that purpose, you must have to know how to restate a thesis statement.

What is a Thesis Restatement? What Does It Mean?

Thesis restatement is Usually done in the conclusion part of the study. It is the process of summarizing, recapping, or summing up the key idea of your research work in slightly alternative or different words. 

Its primary purpose is to reinforce or remind your key research questions in the reader’s mind by writing in the conclusion part. Doing so, helps readers leave with a clear understanding of your research arguments and questions and casts lasting impressions on his mind. 

Why Students Find it Difficult to Restate Thesis Statement

Knowing how to restate a thesis statement is not as easy a task as you think. Despite it being a simple one or two-line sentence, it has to describe the whole concept of your research. You must be thinking why it is hard to restate a statement in thesis writing for your research paper. 

Look at the challenges and hurdles from the author’s real-life to understand why it is hard to make an alternate version or original thesis statement.

Never understand the thesis statement properlyNot a firm grip on the English languageDifficult in finding relevant synonyms
Difficult in converting TensesShorten or lengthening the statement feels hard jobLack of rephrasing skills
Never understand the thesis statement properlyStudents write thesis statements in academic careers occasionallyDifficult to restate the thesis statement without changing the true concept
The challenge in preventing a repetition of wordsComplexity in maintaining clarity and conciseness

Restate Thesis: How to Get Started?

Rephrasing the thesis statement seems to be quite an arduous task especially, when you have become overwhelmed with writing the entire thesis process for your research paper. However, before knowing how to restate a thesis statement, just perform the given handful of actions to make your task easy.

Take a Brief Look at Your Original Thesis Statement

Revisit your original research statement to recall or refresh the central points and arguments of your research work. Doing so will bolster your comprehension as well before presenting it in the conclusion part. 

Determine the Key Elements of Your Research Work

Identifying the main ideas and points will help you to present and support your claim more efficiently and confidently. So, take your time.

Understand the Context Before Thesis Restatement

This is most crucial to grasp and perceive the central context of your research work statement. Because, if you know better, you can make people understand better in any suitable way. 

To better understand the context of your thesis restatement, read this blog on how to write a thesis statement for your essay

Research Synonyms and Related Words with the Same Meaning

It is recommended to use synonyms, related, and alternative keywords when you know how to restate a thesis statement. Therefore, it is a wise approach to have a glimpse of the words that you used in the original thesis statement. This strategy will accelerate your writing.

Given the importance of the research work, a lot of students don’t take the risk of doing it on their own. Because it can make or break their career if it is rejected.

Therefore, they hire Ph.D. professionals who offer cost-efficient thesis writing services to the students with the best quality and uniqueness. 

6 Useful strategies to Restate Thesis statement with Examples

Being an undergraduate or master’s student, you should be aware of the proven strategies as well as key approaches to restating your thesis statement. What are these? Let’s understand them with simple explanations and examples.

Paraphrasing the Thesis Statement

Paraphrasing helps you to describe your research statement by using different words, changing the structure of the sentence, or even rephrasing the entire statement.

However, this strategy emphasizes that your main arguments, key questions, evidence, background as well as the context of the entire research study should not change at all.

It should not lead to the misinterpretation of the central idea.

How to restate a thesis example:

Original: Education eliminates ignorance from society.

Paraphrased: Education plays a vital role in eradicating ignorance within society.

Well, thesis statement generator is one of the familiar tools that research and academic experts recommend to use for paraphrasing purposes. It is totally free and never asks for even the credit card signup. Try it now.

Merge Different Points and Ideas

Combining multiple concepts into a single yet coherent sentence is another simple strategy to know how to restate a thesis. This technique helps you to cover your entire ideas concisely and comprehensively.


Original: By following sustainable practices in the country, we can increase our economic growth.

Merged: Sustainability leads to environmental protection, food security, and the promotion of the economy.

Substitution of Synonyms

Replacing the words within your thesis statement with alternate terms and phrases is an easy-to-go technique. It can help you save time and effort by just looking at the synonyms from the dictionary and using them to reword your research statement.

Tip:You can use Merriam-Webster for the synonyms having the same meaning and context.


Original: The advent of technology has revolutionized the ways of communication.

Synonymous: Advancements in technology have changed the way we communicate.

Change the tenses

Try to change the main thesis statement with different tenses in the conclusion section. For example, if you mention your original thesis statement in the future tense, then you can restate the main statement in the conclusion in the present tense, as we discussed below. 

Bonus tip: Try to make a firm grip on the features of a thesis statement, if you want to write a compelling thesis restatement.


Original: The hybrid model of machine learning and IoT will revolutionize industrial growth in the country.

Highlighted: It is proven that the hybrid model of machine learning and IoT has revolutionized industrial growth on the country level.

Expand or Shorten the original Words

If you want to avoid spending more time and effort while reframing your research study, then this strategy comes in handy. Just stretch or shrink the original words that you used above part of the thesis.

Note:Your main findings, ideas, key questions, and evidence must remain intact.


Original: The looming challenges of climate change can present serious challenges to humanity across the globe.

Short: Climate change can pose serious threats to humanity worldwide.

Put Your Focus on Specific Aspect

Bring the attention of your readers by focusing on the specific angle and direction when finding a way to restate a thesis statement in new words. It helps emphasize your main contribution and set boundaries and scope of your research work.


Original: The expatriates can help increase foreign exchange reserves.

Restated Statement: Foreign remittance plays a vital role in increasing the country’s exchange reserves.

Example Sentences to Restate a Thesis – Original VS Restated

By taking into account the above strategies in mind, we have compiled some further examples below to help you understand how to restate a thesis in the conclusion.

How to restate a thesis Example 1

Original Statement:Restated Statement:
The government should employ sustainable energy resources to eliminate dependencies
on fossil fuels.
To decrease reliance on fossil fuels, the authorities must call for a monetary policy to implement
renewable energy resources.

Restate thesis Example 2

Original Statement:Restated Statement:
The advent of social media platforms
has introduced new ways for people to communicate.
Social media has revolutionized communication ways.

Restate thesis Example 3

Original Statement:Restated Statement:
Time management plays an important role
in academic success.
Achieving the desired academic goals
heavily relies on effective time management.

Do’s and Don’ts When Restate Your Thesis Statement

There is something to do and something to avoid when knowing how to restate a thesis in the conclusion paragraph. Below are some common dos and don’ts.


  • Rephrase with Clarity (Easily understandable for the reader).
  • Provide Closure of the topic (Signal to the reader that you are winding up the topic).
  • Put your reworded thesis statement at the very beginning of the conclusion (Not in the middle, not at the end).
  • You can expand the restated thesis statement into 2 to 3 sentences for easy understanding.


  • Avoid cliches phrases like (In conclusion, as in this paragraph, This conclusion states that).
  • Do not apologize or be confused (Avoid terms like may be; it is possible that, somehow, there are chances that).
  • Lacking confidence in writing a thesis statement (Don’t be doubtful. otherwise, the reader may lack interest).
  • Avoid Grammar mistakes (These mistakes may lead to unclear restatement of thesis or become complex in reading).

Before restating a thesis, assess the thesis statement

Restating a thesis statement can be done if the original thesis statement is well-written. To make your thesis statement strong, we come up with research that shows the criteria of how to make a perfect thesis statement for your research.

An assessment test was conducted by M. Sayid Wijaya from UIN Raden Intan Lampung on 38 people in which 23 students performed thesis statements in their essay. Here is an example of a good thesis statement according to research.

  • This is a good thesis statement because it shows a strong assertion, meaning that the student clearly shows his behavior toward the topic by saying Not allowed.
  • Secondly, it also focuses the discussion from islam point of view which views it in terms of unclear limitations.
  • Thirdly, the student couldn’t make an announcement, because he clearly showed his attitude.
  • Fourthly, the statement is not a question, as it is not in interrogative form.
  • And finally, it is not a statement because the student clearly shows his personal opinion.

These reasons make this thesis statement very clear and good with some point of focus. If you want to make a good restated thesis statement in conclusion, then you must focus on these points to make your main thesis statement strong.

Restate your thesis without grammar mistakes

Grammar mistakes are very common whether you are writing a whole essay or restating a thesis statement. Mistakes can be neglected in an essay body but in the thesis statement, these mistakes may lead to confusing your main idea of the topic. Try our free grammar and punctuation checker tool and make your restated thesis more persuasive, clear, and compelling.

How to Restate a Thesis Statement Query Resolved!

Although restating a thesis statement is a tedious and time-consuming task that requires a lot of brainstorming. However, we have overcome the challenges of rephrasing and provide live examples of how to restate a thesis statement for your essay. So what’s left behind, write a compelling thesis statement and succeed in your career

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