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How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay AP Lang in 6 Steps

Students, you all must be excited when you get good grades in your school essay writing competition. Yes, it felt good. What if your teacher asks you to write a more demanding task you haven’t done or faced yet?

We know you all would be thinking, what’s left to learn now? Right? But what if your teacher assigns you a tricky essay? Let’s say a rhetorical task.

So, do you know what to do or how to write a rhetorical analysis essay ap lang? We bet you don’t, but you don’t need to worry because you can hire a dedicated essay writing service to sort this out quickly. Let’s start this work.

A Beginners Guide To Writing A Rhetorical Analysis Essay AP Lang In 6 Steps

Guys we know it’s not your average assignment and students suffer from headaches in making their essays. Let us guide you on what is a rhetorical analysis essay ap lang and how to make one in short steps.

The advanced placement language exam is a test of students’ literary and creative abilities. You need to write an essay or a passage and narrate it as well in front of the audience. Furthermore, we need to add emotional appeals in this essay as well to make it more persuasive and catchy.

Let’s start the writing process of a rhetorical analysis essay in 6 steps.

Step 1 of Writing Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Choose A Text/ Speech/ Passage To Read And Evaluate

The first step of composing a rhetorical analysis is to choose a passage carefully and build your narrative around it. This can be a speech, textbook chapter, etc. Choosing a text is the student’s choice, and they have plenty of options.

You can easily select a passage or text from an argumentative or rhetorical essay in the AP English language exam and use it for writing purposes. The college board gives students rhetorical choices to choose between any nonfiction text to present their work. So first, you must ensure that whatever you choose is attractive and easily resonates with your passion and expertise.

Your selected passage should offer valid reasoning and explain it in a great example. This will offer a window of opportunity for your peers to look into your work with a bird’s eye view.

Enabling them to evaluate your work thoroughly and provide constructive feedback. If you’re writing about global warming and its effects, you can take inspiration from turning climate rhetoric into climate action.

How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay AP Lang Step 2: Make An Outline

After choosing the best text, it’s time to write a rhetorical essay outline. An outline is a structure that guides you in writing an essay from start to finish. It contains an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion without an endless repetition of the words.

Usually, college students undermine the importance and effective use of an essay outline. If you are doing a piece of writing with rhetorical choices, consider structuring the passage carefully.

It feels challenging, but let us show you how to sketch your ideas. A sophistication point that will lead you to a better outline can be formed as follows: 

Outline of Rhetorical Essay AP Exam


Ap lang analysis essay introduction contains a hook sentence, thesis statement, and background information about the topic’s thorough analysis. In short, an intro is the first part of the essay that introduces your topic to your audience, such as professors or fellow students.

The hook sentence is the first line of the rhetorical analysis, whereas the thesis statement is a small part of the entire finding. Background information is a short detail on the topic under discussion.

Body Paragraphs:

A body paragraph of ap lang writing is the middle part of a college analysis essay that lets the writer add their findings with topic sentences and arguments in favor and against. Whatever you want to achieve through your writing should be added here. In academia, it’s a vital part of your work.


The last part of your essay’s outline is the conclusion you give to your arguments. These are your last few sentences and serve as a verdict on your research. Few lines are more than enough to sufficiently convince your college board or your professor to grant you good grades. 

Writing AP Lang Rhetorical Analysis Essay Step 3: Identify Rhetorical Situation In The Introduction

Writing an introduction to your analysis essay in advanced placement exams is difficult since you need to use AP methods that are not a walk in the park for everyone. 

When you start the intro part of your essay, it should be a top-notch one with a defensible thesis statement that challenges the norms. Developing a rhetorical question in your introduction intrigued your audiences, such as your classmates and teacher. 

Your introduction is the face of your rhetorical analysis. It has 3 parts, as we already mentioned above. These parts collectively help you create dramatic effects for your essay’s audience. 

To write an outstanding intro, you just set the tone of your narrative as highly creative, which ensures provoking emotional response. Regardless of the type of content, your introduction should suffice readers’ needs.

Today we will share a real example of an AP English language intro that will serve as the cornerstone of rhetorical analysis essay writing.

“A loud bang, and the whole area was trembling with shock waves of a suicide bomb. Suicide bombings are common in the middle east and Afghanistan. Terrorist organizations have infiltrated poor Islamic countries to create an army of extremists. Until the country’s government and people fight against terrorism, there’s no silver bullet for ending this. 

A study conducted by the CIA (central intelligence agency) has concluded that 99% of suicide bombers belong to a poor economic background and earn less than $100 a month.”

This example invokes your feelings of fear of suicide bombing. How loud bang affects and results in trembling shock waves in an area. This specimen has a hook sentence, background information, and a thesis statement. Students can take inspiration from this and add specific evidence in a short sentence.

Composing Rhetorical Analysis Essay AP Lang Step 4: Add Your Research In the First Body Paragraph

This part is considered a “Holy Grail” of the entire rhetorical devices landscape. It’s the centerpiece of the rhetorical strategies you’ll apply here. Making the body paragraphs as close to perfection as possible is the key to top grades in your advanced placement exam essays.

A body paragraph prevents endless repetition of the same narrative and only features the passage chronologically in a precise order. Here you need to add the most relevant evidence as a line of reasoning in the body paragraph one. It’s the most important paragraph in the entire body section of an essay. 

Your paragraph should have sound arguments in making sure the rhetoric is catchy and informs the readers precisely with accurate information. Arguments presented here need to satisfy the curiosity of your professor and peers. 

Usually, students must structure their supporting and opposing arguments from the most important to the least. The best way to add the argument is after you show the evidence and leave it to the readers to decide. But your points should be valid that show the readers that your narrative is ethical and justified and convince them.

A typical textbook rule says a body paragraph should take at least 70% of content space. Also, to make your arguments sentimental, you need to use figurative language to evoke emotions in the readers.

After you add the first set of evidence, it’s time for an additional line of reasoning to fortify your narrative. You need to add body paragraph 2 containing the evidence that is secondary to the primary evidence you already used in the above paragraph.

The secondary pieces of evidence are supporting statements to your main argument and play a vital role in cementing your position. Since you are writing an AP lang essay, you need to add proof to create a dramatic effect on the readers and listeners.

Even if you select a speech or a rhetoric passage of reasoning, it must be persuasive and full of dramatic effects. Usually, students use body paragraph 2 as a continuation of the previous statement that initiates an endless repetition throughout the analysis essay.

We know it’s not easy to write when you don’t know what is academic writing and how to use it. Fear not; we give you a full-fledged rhetorical essay example of a first body paragraph that will make your day.

Example of Body Paragraph of Rhetorical Essay Passage From the Movie “Interstellar”

“After meeting with Professor Brand, Cooper went to his family and let them know of his decision. He leaves the earth on NASA’s spaceship “Endurance” at 50% speed of light for more than 3 months. 

He enters the biggest Black Hole in the Milky Way with 5 team members: a doctor, a physicist, and other astronauts. While jumping into the Black Hole, he encounters strange anomalies, such as a liquified hand reaching Dr Brand, which she touches and thinks of as some alien being. 

The whole spaceship goes through space-time dilation and reaches an inter-dimensional travel point of entry into another planet. They have limited time as each minute they spend in space equals 2.5 years on earth.”

It seems surreal in the real world, but it took Christopher Nolan 4 years to gather this much precise scientific data. A team of 15 astrophysicists consulted the movie’s director to come up with accurate numbers. Also, the Black Hole created by the special effects team took 25 terabytes of scientific data to make an actual gravitational pull of a Black Hole.

In making an actual gravitational pull, the director relies heavily on Stephen Hawking’s book “What Is Inside a Black Hole?”. This book revealed this phenomenon and inspired Christopher Nolan to make a movie about it. 

There are many opposing arguments as well. One of the most famous is “the gravitational power of a black hole is so massive it should have ripped apart any person or ship traveling in it.” Harvard and Oxford fellow professors showed their concern about the explanation of such illustrations in Nolan’s movie. 

In reality, space travel at the speed of light is possible, given the recent development in nuclear fusion energy. However, gravity and light cannot escape the unlimited pulling powers of a black hole. Whether a human probe mission would survive a journey through a black hole is inconclusive. It may also become a reality someday when humans develop an alloy that can withstand extreme pressures. 

In recent years, the scientific community has agreed that Christopher Nolan’s version is the closest to reality about black holes.

Students, we have presented a mock example to give you an overview. Now you can also write body paragraphs for other articles by following this structure.

Writing AP English Language Rhetorical Analysis Essay Step 5: Add Conclusion In The Last Sentences

So, here we are. The last step in how to write a rhetorical analysis essay AP Lang is to end your assignment with a conclusion. If you don’t know how to conclude your arguments, read this paragraph carefully. 

Although these are the last remarks about your research and evidence, they still pack a powerful punch. Many students repeat the exact words in their body paragraphs and make the conclusion redundant. Never make a mistake like this, or your grades will be flushed down the toilet. 

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In short, the conclusion is your anecdote on the entire topic. You need to explain how, why, and what aspects played a key role in helping you reach this opinion. You need to mention a brief name of the sources, and that’s it. Do you want to know how to form a perfect ending to your rhetorical essay? Let’s focus on the following example:

“We have reached a verdict that riding a bicycle, running 5 miles every day, and a diet rich in fiber is vital to preventing cardiovascular disease. The evidence from multi-center studies and ACC (American College of Cardiology) annual guidelines also endorses the same. 

Every adult needs to exercise regularly to live healthy and free from cardiac events. Forty minutes of mild to moderate physical activity reduces stress and anxiety and improves overall physical health. Also, it reduces the chances of stroke, diabetes, and heart attack by 25%. 

Based on this conclusion, we can say that WHO (world health organization) should encourage HCP (health care professionals) to promote exercise and other similar activities to improve health standards and quality of life.”

We know this marvelous example of endnotes is more than sufficient to win the hearts of your professor and college board. So start writing a good rhetorical analysis now. 

Composing Rhetorical Analysis Essay In AP English Language Step 6: Edit, Proofread & Submit

We’ve finally finished essay writing. This is the part of analysis essay writing that only requires your focus and critical thinking. Take some time out because you’ve earned it. After relaxing, you can open your document and find anything that doesn’t fit well.

You might fail to detect anything out of the ordinary. We know when students write with zeal and passion, they usually miss some of the critical details. 

You must open your mind and eyes and use them well. Right? Yes. Getting good grades is not like ordering pizza that will be delivered for free. You have to work for it with all the strength and commitment. 

One best practice is by hiring an essay writer to have the best backup plan to save you from a last-minute crisis. You can also ask your friends and classmates for an opinion on your essay. This will give a second opinion or a review from someone else’s perspective. This step will open the doors of new possibilities for you.

After this step, you’ll know how many edits are required to perfect your AP English language assignment. When you complete the task, give it a Sherlock Holmes-style look so any anomaly is promptly rectified. Submission is a relief you are looking at, so print and submit hard copies on time and have a good sleep.


Voila! You’ve done it. That’s how you win. We know now you are as intelligent as Albert Einstein. There’s nothing left to tell you on how to write a rhetorical analysis essay ap lang. So pick your notebooks and write an essay that makes wonder for you. For any query, contact us right away, and we will be ready to help you ASAP.

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