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Tips and Tricks for a Top Notch Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay, you know by the very first look at this term that it’s a type of essay that is written to influence your audience’s perspective about a particular topic with the help of logical arguments, statistics, and emotional appeal. Persuasion is a skill and it requires a lot of successful efforts to influence others with your essay because obviously convincing people is not a piece of cake.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

Well, it’s not that hard to understand it because the answer is hidden inside its own name. Persuasive essay is all about setting an initial idea or statement and then gathering all the evidence and statistics to convince the readers over your point of view. The key to persuasion is to have a compelling speech and clear evidence in your writing.

Writing a persuasive essay means you are putting out something from your point of view that needs to be backed by facts and figures because only providing information is not enough to sway the readers to get persuaded by your idea.

Some writers find persuasive writing difficult because of the individuality of the minds of the readers, while other writers take it as a challenge to give out a flawless piece of writing that will surely convince the audience.

How to Write a Perfect Persuasive Essay?

You might struggle to write a great persuasive essay, but hey, isn’t an easy task so boring and non challenging?

Perfection in persuasive writing comes from giving your best to stick to your statement and providing all evidence to support it. A perfect persuasive essay needs to be direct and clear of its ideas. Here is what you need to do if you want your persuasive essay to invade the minds of the audience.

Pick something you are truly passionate about

There is no one more passionate than football fans when it comes to persuading others about who is the best player between Ronaldo and Messi. What makes them so well informed about the game? No, it’s not the time they took in gathering information. It’s the passion they had for the players.

That passion creates the need to defend them at any opportunity they will get. Anyways, you’ve got the idea of how lengths you can go to defend your statement about a topic you are truly passionate about. You can’t argue if you do not believe in your own statement.

Pick something that resonates with you because that will help you build your statement and defend it passionately. Your persuasive writing will reflect how you truly relate to the statement you are discussing. Choose a topic you have knowledge about, a topic you can write on for hours without getting bored.

It’s true that you need to complete your research for the topic but you are also required to have a strong opinion about what you are writing and you should be persuaded with it before you attempt to persuade others.

Know your Audience

You should be very clear about whom you are addressing in your persuasive essay because it will make a huge difference in the convincing power of your words. For example, you are writing an essay on why students should never miss their breakfast, your readers would mostly be students.

If you are writing an essay on what dresses women should wear for formal office gatherings, then women are your audience. Knowing your audience makes your persuasive essay even more specific and convincing.

Stay prepared for the counter argument

To make your essay perfect you should always have your research completed from the readers side as well. You should know what are common beliefs of your audience on the topic you are writing about and how you can challenge those ideas and beliefs.

You should know what your audience can object to in your writing, and what are the potential points you are trying to make them disagree upon. To persuade the audience you should know what they are persuaded upon before reading your writing.

Use the language Carefully

Be very careful about the wording you are using because you are connecting with your reader and building a relationship through your writing. Pick words that help in expressing your point in a respectful way. Don’t hesitate to add some emotional language to express your feelings because it helps form a sentiment connection between the reader and the topic. Do experiment with word play, rhymes, and some harmless jokes that help the reader to remember your essay for a long time.

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Introduce yourself

Don’t forget to introduce yourself and share your personal experience in your essay because it gives a boost to your credibility. Share some background information in your introductory paragraph and reveal the reason why you’ve picked the specific topic and how you relate with it in real life. It always helps your writing to become appealing and convincing to get the reader’s attention. It’s a proven fact that people tend to get influenced by people and ideas they can relate with.


Complete your research of the topic you are writing about. Make sure to go through all the statistics and evidence available to defend and also offend your statement. Stay focused on the main idea of your essay and provide all the supporting data to enhance your credibility, increase convincing power, and strengthen your argument.

Strong Conclusion

Conclusion is not just an ending note, it’s the soul of your whole essay and your findings. Wrap up your work with a conclusion that addresses all the points you’ve discussed in the essay and how those facts and figures support the central idea of your essay. 

Why is Persuasive Writing Important?

Why persuasive writing is in demand, you may ask. The ultimate reason would be that convincing people is a great challenge and we humans are designed to have subjective opinions and bound to let our minds out for others to agree with us. The end goal might not be to make the reader agree with the writer, but to leave a mark on their mind and provoke their thoughts to a certain level.

Persuasive writing holds an important place in various fields. Especially for businesses, web copywriting, branding, and advertising content is mainly written persuasively to convince readers to become their customers. It helps in strengthening the online presence of the firms.

Except for commercial reasons, persuasive writing is used in literary and academic fields as well. Academically, persuasive writing holds a lot of significance. Students are often given thesis assignments to challenge the beliefs and stereotypes of people and change them with logical arguments.

Persuasive speeches and literature had helped people influencing political and social movements in history. Even some great phenomenons of psychology, astronomy, science, and sociology started with a persuasive approach, to convince people into believing them.

What are the Modes/Elements of a Persuasive Essay?

The modes or elements of Persuasion can be found in Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle’s Rhetoric treatise. He stated three modes of the art of persuasion, essential for becoming a great persuader.


Ethos is a Greek word for ‘character’ and ‘spirit’. Ethos refer to the writer’s moral standing and way of presenting their ideas. What the writer is trying to convey and what they morally do and believes should be in sync.

This element of persuasive speech is all about establishing the credibility of your content with a good moral character. People with a good reputation and good character in society always had the power to convince others to agree with their point of view.


Logos is a Greek word for logic and rationality. Your topic of discussion should have support of true facts and figures. Arguments the author is making should be rational and evidently correct. Because nothing can convince the audience better than the true statistics and evidence. Persuasive writer should be aware of what are the beliefs of the targeted audiences and how you can influence them with a proper logical argument.


We humans are slaves to emotions and there is no shame in admitting that we prefer what we feel is true, rather than whatever logic it has. When emotions are involved in decision making, logic and evidence can simply go the other way. What we see or read doesn’t generally affect our mind much unless we connect with it emotionally and feel the words.

Authors use emotional language and dialogues to help readers connect to their words. Emotional connection is really important and persuasive writers should know when to appeal to readers emotionally.

Expert tips to keep in mind while writing a Persuasive Essay

What are the Parts of a Persuasive Essay?

Every Persuasive essay should follow the organized outline and must have what it takes to be persuasive, compelling, and impressive.


The introduction of the topic and its significance is crucial in persuasive essay writing. First of all you need to introduce your topic and the point of discussion. You can also add your own academic background to add more credibility in your essay. Be very clear about the topic, the main argument, and the point of view you are going to discuss.

Provide some background information regarding the topic and what has already been researched about that topic and what led you to write on that certain topic. Since introduction is the first part of the Persuasive essay, it should be engaging and compelling enough for the audience to keep on reading your essay. Here are the three things you need to add in the introduction.

Hook Sentence

It’s usually the first sentence of your essay that should be intriguing enough to hook the reader. You can start with an interesting question, or a thought provoking quote at the start to compel the reader into reading your essay.

Background Information

Provide all the necessary background information regarding the topic. If there were some studies and researches in the history over that topic, you can list them down in the introduction. For example you are writing about the effective therapy modes, you can go into the history of how and who discovered them and what are the result of previous studies regarding your topic.

Thesis Statement

Here comes the argument statement that explains what you are further discussing in the essay and what would be your main idea. Be very clear about the thesis statement because your entire essay will revolve around it.


This part of your essay is going to make or break up your impression on the reader. Complete your research and gather all the evidential data and logical arguments to support your topic. Be as thorough as you can in answering all other opposing arguments and break down the body of your essay in three main paragraphs.

First Paragraph

The very first paragraph of the body is mainly to discuss the facts and figures of your argument. Be very clear of what you are trying to convey because the rest of the essay body depends on how well you’ve expressed the main idea of your essay.

Second Paragraph

In the second paragraph you are required to discuss the opposing arguments and provide facts and figures to encounter them. Here you have to broaden your research to list down points contradicting your argument. Your approach should be logical and rational while answering those arguments.

Third Paragraph

In the last paragraph of your essay, you will disapprove of the opposing arguments and give a final opinion about them. Prove your main argument to be true in the light of facts and figures and reject other opposing arguments with a proper reasoning.


The final part of the essay is to summarize all the information you have provided in your essay. Some people prefer reading the conclusion first to know about the context of essays, that’s why the conclusion should have the main idea, the main argument, the main evidence, and the final decision.

Make sure to mention important details and findings of your essay in the conclusion because it helps complete the readers to read your entire essay. Do leave the door open for the future research that can be done over the topic .

Persuasive Writing Tips

Persuasive writing can be extensively challenging because it’s’ never easy to make others understand your point of view. Following are some persuasive writing tips that can be very helpful in writing the best essay.

Be clear

Be very clear about what you are trying to explain and discuss through your essay. Don’t appear too confused or too agreeable with every argument. Know the core value of your essay’s topic and stick to it till the end. A clear and to the point essay represents your moral character as writer and enhances the credibility of your point of view.

Be prepared

Complete your research and gather all the supporting evidence and information. There ain’t no topic that doesn’t have its opposing arguments and offenders. You need to be prepared to provide logical explanation and proper evidence to support your point of view and reject the opposing argument.

Be organized

Be very organized in writing your essay and follow the proper outline. First state your main statement or argument, then provide its supporting evidence, and then disapprove the opposing argument and give your final quote. Essays where writers appear judgemental and biased are always disliked by the audience.

Therefore, be clear and organized without directly jumping to the disapproval of opposing arguments, instead use a logical approach to show your disagreement. Write a convincing essay with organized details and a compelling conclusion.

Be compelling

Use emotional appeal, provide enough evidence, and use a clear language approach to make your essay compelling. Don’t be too rigid in proving yourself right, leave room for argument and opposition to your statement. Speak with logic and disapprove of the argument with a clear reason.

Be careful with language

You are required to use a language that your readers can relate to and understand properly. The tone of your content should be respectful and specific while rejecting the opposing arguments and try not to be too offensive. Use your words carefully because one wrong word or phrase and the attention of the audience is gone.

Use emotional and relatable language that helps readers in connecting with your statement. Persuade your audience with proper evidence, your true moral character as a writer, and with easy, respectful language.

Examples of Persuasive Essay

Following are three main types of Persuasive essays that are usually written in academic and commercial settings. This classification is based on what the essay is interpreting.

Argumentative Essays

In this specific type of persuasive essays, the writer tends to make an argument, and collect evidence to support the main argument. Essays written in this genre are usually well detailed, well researched, well evaluated to influence the belief of readers. Here are some examples of topics usually written in Argumentative essays:

  • Why is smoking considered unethical?
  • Why should parents send their children for therapy?
  • Why is capitalism destructive?
  • Why does the pink tax need to be banned?
  • Why should Social media stop collecting User Data?
  • Is limiting screen time helping children?
  • How advancements of technology lead to isolation?
  • Why does cyberbullying and virtual harassment need to be illegal?
  • Is climate change just a hoax?
  • Why should unpaid internships be banned?
  • Why does a healthy lifestyle have to be so expensive?
  • Why Rapists should stop blaming pornography for their crimes?

Opinion Essays

Opinion Essays are written to state a subjective opinion about certain phenomena, person, place, or thing. They are usually written in a direct tone because the writer shares his or her own opinion regarding the main argument. Here are some opinion essay topics you can write on to deliver your point of view:

  • Why is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vincci so overrated?
  • Education should be free.
  • Vegans should have more dining options.
  • Most underrated movies of all times.
  • Painters who should be canceled.
  • Why do we need to bring back book reading?
  • Being an artist is not a starving career.
  • How self publishing is better than traditional publishers.
  • Why do students cheat in exams?
  • ‘Honesty is the best policy’ is just a failure.
  • Why blaming social media for everything should stop now

Cause and Effect Essays

These types of essays deal with stating the causes of certain habits, norms, issues, and then what would be the potential effects of such things in the long run. Following are some examples of Cause and Effect essays that you can use in your highschool assignment as well in a professional setting:

  • How poverty causes crimes? 
  • Childhood trauma ends up making serial killers.
  • Obesity is a slow poison.
  • Vlogging is ruining the video content quality over the years.
  • How work stress leads to mental health issues.
  • Why do the Internet connect and distance people at the same time?
  • Video games have effects on brain development.
  • Why is recycling necessary?
  • How does the overview effect help in preserving the planet?

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You will encounter persuasive essays both in academic writing and personal writing. If you are looking for a complete guide to know more about persuasive essays categorization your search ends here because we have gone in deep details to equip you with information and skills to give the best in your writing.


Persuasive Essays play an important role in influencing people’s beliefs and thinking with the help of evidence based research and local arguments. Except for commercial purposes, persuasive writing helps in individual writing as well. One should have complete knowledge of the parts and elements of persuasive essays before getting into the process of persuading the audience. The key of persuasive writing is to make readers connect with your writing emotionally, logically, and morally.

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