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150 Research Topics in Marketing for Marketing Student

Have you been asked to write a research paper on marketing? It surely is a good exercise especially when you have a good topic to write on. That being said, are you hunting for some good research topics in marketing? No need to do it further as we have a long list of such topics for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our first list:

Unique and trendy marketing research paper topics of all time

Indeed, writing a marketing research paper can be daunting as you’ll have to include a lot of information. But the right topic will certainly help you craft a masterpiece. Let’s explore some of the unique research topics in marketing.

Unique research topics in marketing

Here’s the list of unique research topics to get started with your research paper right away.

  • Explain the link between repeat business and brand recognition
  • What factors contribute to better brand performance
  • Discuss how CSR is a marketing strategy.
  • Explain the best social media technique to increase customer engagement.
  • Consumer buying behavior and social media marketing.
  • Explain the connection between influencer marketing and lifestyle branding.
  • Discuss how customer decision-making can be enhanced with the use of the latest technologies.
  • Explain the customer’s opinion about online shopping.
  • How does consumer decision-making impact a brand personality?
  • Explain how augmented reality is used in e-commerce.
  •  Discuss the key elements of a strong customer relationship.
  •  How brand reputation is affected by a customer’s first impression?
  • The divergence and convergence factors of consumer behavior
  • What are the elements of competitive marketing strategy?
  • Consumer purchase decision and brand’s experience
  • Explain the mixed strategy of social marketing.
  • Discuss the role of product packaging in competitive marketing strategy.
  • Explain how to position products or Positioning products or services for effective marketing through pricing
  • Discuss target marketing and product design
  • How guest blogging enhances a brand reputation?
  • Differences between B2B and B2C marketing techniques
  • What is the most effective social media channel for B2B Marketing?
  • How is sales performance related to customer satisfaction?
  • Repairing brand reputation with marketing techniques
  • Differences between affiliate marketing and digital marketing?
  • Are brand personality and brand loyalty the same?
  • How customer satisfaction is linked to brand loyalty?
  • Why do customers switch brands?

If these are not enough, then pick from research paper topics to your need and as per your specific field.

Top Marketing Research Topics you Should Know About 

If you want to impress your teacher with the final piece, go for picking up a topic from this list. These are the top research topics in marketing as per our writers.

  • Explain how product marketing is related to innovation.
  • Common Brand Manipulation Tactics
  • Best distribution strategies for newly incorporated
  • Is Facebook a good application for marketing
  • Business sales and marketing research 
  • How are business sales related to marketing research?
  • How to drive sales with black Friday?
  • Paradigms and marketing in the modern business.
  • New marketing distribution channel mistakes.
  • Manipulation tactics do brands use to get more customers.
  • Offshore marketing – pros, and cons
  • Shed light on the pros and cons of direct selling
  • Effective distribution channel for selling through intermediaries

We are discussing marketing, which is incomplete without presentations, so if you are stuck into some PowerPoint presentation topics, you can take help from here.

Unique Topics for Your Marketing Assignment – Research topics in marketing 

You must ensure that your marketing assignment is complete in all aspects. Again, a good topic will help you with that as you will have a lot of data to use. Here’s another list of unique research topics in marketing.

  • Discuss marketing issues of a family-owned business
  • How advertising affects consumer behavior?
  • Impact of direct marketing on a customer.
  • Online marketing trends
  • Telemarketing – why is it important?
  • Explain the internet marketing era.
  • The drawbacks of digital marketing and SEO.
  • Communication Technology in Marketing.
  • Social media marketing strategy to cut through market monopoly.
  • Globalization’s influence on consumer behavior
  • Marketing research and business sales
  • Brand development and corporate social responsibility
  • Tips to increase your Instagram followers.
  • Effective techniques for producing leads
  • Explain the most powerful promotion techniques
  • Using Pinterest for content promotion.
  • Creating engaging content – tips & tricks
  • The advantages of social media platforms
  • The importance of email marketing
  • Is video marketing a new trend?
  • The most powerful form of marketing.
  • The disadvantages of click-baited sponsored content

We can confirm one thing: after picking topics from the above list and applying the marketing assignment guidelines, you will be different from any other fellow in class.

Great Research Topics in Marketing

Still, struggling to find a good research topic for your marketing paper? Don’t worry scroll through this list of interesting marketing research topics.

  • Driving marketing success with a giveaway
  • New market entry strategies and marketing efforts 
  • Using social media platforms for leads generation
  • Marketing and promotion with WhatsApp and Snapchat
  • Giveaway techniques on social media
  • Facebook or Instagram for Product Marketing?
  • Popular business products vs small business products
  • Lead generation from Instagram
  • Marketing and social media management
  • Small-scale company’s distribution vs. large-scale company’s distribution
  • How Facebook assists a business’s growth?
  • What do customers expect when buying products online?
  • Small-scale companies’ marketing strategies
  • Discuss marketing strategies that oil companies use
  • Google Mobile-first index and Online Marketing
  • Analyze the viral marketing strategy
  • Discuss the emotional targeting of brands on customers.
  • Explain the implementation of efficient e-CRM
  • Retaining existing customers with automated service interaction
  • Organizational support programs for improving employee behavior
  • The digital revolution – Opportunities and challenges
  • Analyze Metaverse as a new digital marketing trend
  • Cloud storage system in marketing

If you like this niche, then go for online crime topics, especially victimless crime are always attention grabbing and you will find latest trends on this.

New Research Topics in Marketing

Need your assignment to read differently than the rest? A new topic can help you achieve it. Here’s your chance to pick a new research topic for your marketing paper.

  • Explain Covid-19 impacts on marketing endeavors
  • Effects of Covid-19 on marketing activities of a business
  • How ROI improves with the use of celebrities?
  • Analyze the PR activities of the organization
  • Explain the STP analysis for business organization
  • Analyze the most successful advertising taglines
  • Discuss the great marketing strategy of Apple
  • Explain the marketing personalization
  • What are the benefits of a good marketing strategy
  • Discuss what are the best marketing strategies for growth
  • The advantages of marketing for business
  •  Explain why are there any good marketing strategies to work out
  • What should a marketing student focus on the most?
  •  Everything on marketing distribution channels you should know
  • The advantages of centralized marketing
  • Modern business marketing tactics
  • Trending Research Topics in Marketing
  • Go with the trend by choosing a trending research topic from this list.
  • What are the best marketing strategies?
  • The best strategies to improve the brand’s reputation
  • Analytical thinking strategies for researching topics
  • Mobile marketing and brand equity 
  • How is social media marketing helping e-businesses grow
  • What software is coming up to revolutionize marketing for business
  • Analyze the difference between social media marketing and traditional marketing
  •  Old and new market entry strategies
  • New marketing distribution channels
  • Discussing Consumer buying behavior and Consumer marketing

Amazing Marketing Research Topics

No need to panic if you still couldn’t find a good topic for your marketing paper. This list has a lot for you to consider.

  • Discuss new opportunities for online shopping in China
  • Review the international market entry strategy of Starbucks
  • Discuss the abandonment of e-shopping carts in the e-commerce strategy
  • Augmented reality and marketing
  • Role of social media in business growth
  • The role of investment banking in developing markets
  • Cross-border financial investment role in marketing
  • Influence of e-marketing on consumer decision
  • The advantages of centralized global marketing
  • The use of e-CRM in marketing
  • Social media strategies that improve customer engagement
  • Lifestyle branding and influencer marketing
  • Discuss marketing strategies used by the fashion industry
  • Explain success factors in global marketing
  • Strategies for marketing maternity and baby products
  • Political campaigns and brand marketing
  • Centralized Marketing for Global Brands
  • Impacts of advertisements on children
  • Brand salience in terms of In-store branding
  • The effectiveness of display marketing
  • Getting into your customer’s shoes using a smartphone
  • Using radio for advertising
  • Uber vs. Netflix – Who has a better marketing strategy?

While reading you might have noticed that social media related topics are coming again and again. It is because this new modern world marketing is strongly linked with social media due to psychological factor. While writing on related topics, you can mix and match from social psychology research topics to uplift your final work.

High-scoring research topics in Marketing

If you want to make an impact with your research paper, you should go with picking up a topic from this list.

  • Should a business invest more in determining consumer behavior?
  • How do ads influence the viewers?
  • How are customers protecting themselves from direct marketing?
  • Challenges and opportunities of a family-owned business
  • Marketing tactics for international and local organizations
  • The use of technology in modern marketing
  • The influence of a woman’s status on her behavior
  • Shed light on marketing teams’ leadership
  • Are loyalty programs a tool for marketing?
  • The advantages of using humor in advertising
  • Are product labels any useful?
  • The quality of renowned brands

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Commonly-picked research topics in marketing

Want to have a research topic that has tons of data available on the internet? Then go with choosing a topic from this list:

  • The importance of marketing in real estate marketing
  • The downfall of real estate marketing
  • The dos and don’ts of property finance marketing
  • Relationship between consumer behavior and brand loyalty
  • Positive ratings and product marketing
  • The marketing ecosystem
  • Mass production and marketing strategies
  • Creating a marketing message
  • The motive behind people loving one brand over the other
  • Are virtual communities of any benefit to marketers?
  • Promotion of food products via cinematic videos.
  • Marketing messages – Personal style and preferences
  • Effective ways of marketing your products on different social media platforms
  • The ROI of social media marketing
  • Customer emotions and marketing messages
  • How do income sources influence buying behaviors?
  • Effectiveness of newspaper advertising
  • The drawbacks of marketing messages
  • How important is the brand ambassador?
  • Explain the increased commercialization
  • Effects of global warming on marketing
  • Creating emotional appeal in marketing messages
  • The secret of successful marketing messages
  • Importance of repetitive advertisement
  • Ethical implications of marketing
  • Crafting compelling marketing messages

Useful research topics in marketing with some explanations

You might be struggling with how to start a research paper on these topics. Fear not we have concisely explained a few for you below.

Social media is a great way to market your business. It is now an essential marketing tool for any company. The ability to reach a large number of people at once, connect with customers and collect feedback can help you generate sales, build loyalty and retain customers.

How social media has radically transformed marketing

Social media also allows you to listen closely to what customers are saying about your products or services in real-time–and respond accordingly. In fact, according to one study from Twitter (a social network), 69 percent of consumers expect brands’ responses on social media within 24 hours (or less).

The psychology of marketing

To understand the psychology of marketing, we must first understand what psychology is. Psychology is a science that studies human behavior and mental processes. It can be used to explain why people act the way they do and how they feel about things such as products or services.

The field of marketing has traditionally focused on understanding consumer behavior to create better products and services for consumers. However, in recent years marketers have become increasingly interested in understanding how consumers feel about their products rather than just what their needs are or how much money they spend on different things (both important factors). 

The evolution of customer behavior and its impact on marketing

Customer behavior has changed over time, and it continues to evolve. As a result of the economy, technology, and culture, customer behavior is influenced by the company’s marketing strategies.

Customer behavior also depends on the messages that marketers send through their marketing campaigns. For example, if you want to sell an expensive product or service then you should use persuasive language for customers to buy your product or service instead of using informative language which might make them feel bored about what you’re offering them.

The importance of having a website

A website is the most important tool for marketing your company online. It’s where you can showcase all of your products and services, as well as provide information about yourself and what makes you unique. A lot of people think that they need to hire someone else to create their website, but this isn’t true! With the right tools and some patience, anyone can build their site without having any coding experience at all!

A historical analysis of marketing practices in the automotive industry

This paper is a historical analysis of marketing practices in the automotive industry. It covers how cars were first created and how they evolved, as well as their role in society and culture. You’ll also learn about different types of vehicles and how they were marketed, including innovations like electric cars or hybrid models. The paper concludes with an examination of some current trends that are changing the way we buy automobiles today, including online purchasing options and self-driving vehicles (which could eventually eliminate car dealerships!).

The importance of branding to a small business

Branding is an essential part of marketing for small businesses. It helps them to stand out from their competitors, build loyalty among customers, and build trust among customers.

Small businesses often face stiff competition from larger companies that have more resources to invest in branding campaigns. To succeed in this environment, small businesses need to develop a unique identity through branding efforts that set them apart from their rivals.

An investigation into how to set up a profitable online business using niche markets

This kind of topic will help you in the business statistics assignment mostly. You are a college student, and you have an idea for your own business. You want to start an online store that sells something unique and profitable. Is it possible? What should you do? Can you make money with niche market products?

Take Away

We hope you must have picked a topic or two for your marketing research paper. It’s time now that you sit and get this assignment done. In case you can’t devote some time to it yourself, you can simply contact to our expert so they can do it for you.

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