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A Complete Guide On Types Of Term Paper

It doesn’t matter which major you choose; term articles assignments are inevitable. But did you know different fields or topics might require different types of term paper writing? Students regularly face challenges in picking the right term article for their project.

That’s where this guide comes to your rescue. Here, we’ll go through all the prominent forms of the study paper, their appropriate usage, and their characteristics. So, let’s ramble without letting your attention crumble!

8 Common Types of Term Paper

Every student writes their term assignment with a specific stance, goal, and point of view. The choice of study paper can deeply influence how their readers perceive that goal. The appropriate pick offers relevance and precision to your analysis. 

Furthermore, using the right format helps align your exploration with subject demands. Below are some of the major term article types you can choose from.

Research-Based Term Papers

As the name suggests, these articles require thorough research on specific topics. Students trying to prove their “point is right” opt for the research-based term projects.

The key characteristic of this paper is the use of logical explanation and solid evidence to back a claim or thesis. Authors of such articles need to use authentic and credible resources for evidence.

These kinds of papers are common in science, history, and education. One example of a research-based study paper is: “Exploring the benefits of online learning in higher education.”

Argumentative Term Articles

There are some types of research paper articles that aim to argue for a particular point. Its main feature is to present and defend a viewpoint with logical reasoning and evidence.

These term essays are suitable for discussing controversial topics like abortion, gun control, or climate change. An illustration for this kind of paper is: “legalization of marijuana in the United States”.

Problem-Solution Term Articles

One of the most influential term paper guide is the problem-solution article. These papers extensively research a specific subject matter, incorporating various sources.

A primary characteristic of these articles is logical reasoning and evidence from credible sources supporting the thesis. Research-based term essays are suitable for history, science, or education subjects.

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Narrative Term Papers

The narrative papers use storytelling as their basic means of communication. These articles are one of a kind as they require the writer to create a compelling narrative. The authors are free to use any elements of descriptive language they like. (i.e., imageries, descriptive language)

Such term essays are appropriate for subjects that require a personal touch, such as biographical research. If you’re composing a paper on the life story of “Martin Luther King Jr.” you’d write a narrative study.

Analytical Term Essays

An analytical paper requires learners to analyze a subject matter critically. They then provide an interpretation and present a well-supported argument. The writers demonstrate their critical thinking ability in these papers and evaluate different perspectives.

Analytical term articles are optimal for various subjects, including philosophy, sociology, and literature. Topics like “Analyzing the historical impacts of slavery in the United States.” will necessitate the use of analytical forms of writing.

Compare and Contrast Study Paper

One of the key types of term paper composition is the comparison paper. It entails analyzing and discussing the similarities and differences between two or more objects or ideas.

It requires students to compare two distinct subjects, highlight the essential elements, and offer insight into the comparison. Suppose you’re analyzing the differences and similarities between the works of Studio Ghibli and Walt Disney; your natural option is to write a comparison paper.

Descriptive Term Papers

As the name suggests, these articles focus on describing a person, place, concept, or event vividly. They use sensory details to create a picture in the reader’s mind. The goal of such writing is to transport the reader to the scene.

Descriptive term papers are ideal for various subjects, including literature, journalism, and geography. An example might include: “depicting a famous landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.”

Cause and Effective Term Articles

Within the types of term paper composition, the cause and effect papers hold a crucial position. They focus on explaining the causes and consequences of an event, phenomenon, or occurrence.

In such articles, students analyze a particular topic and identify underlying factors that cause the issue. Furthermore, they delve into the specific issue’s impact on society or the world. Consider topics like “Effects of global warming on Arctic Ice.”


This was our take on different types of term paper writing help. With this guide, you can pick the right option for your topic. If you want to avoid being misunderstood, choose the right fit for your goals.

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