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How Many Pages is 6000 Words? Revealing Secrets From Writers

Knowing how many pages is 6000 words for a college student is very important. It’s one of the factors evaluating a student’s capabilities in an educational institution. Writing a 6000 word assignment, such as a research paper or an essay, is time-consuming and hectic.

Let’s take you through the process of writing a 6000 words assignment.

How Many Pages is 6,000 Words Essay?

Students should know how many pages a 6000 words essay must be. Some guidelines provide an approximate value in numbers. In this blog, we will share some key details of a six thousand word college essay. Let’s calculate how many words can be written on a page with single or double-space formatting.

Typically a single page such as A4 or letter size can contain 200-300 words with double spacing. On the contrary, you may write from 400 to 500 words on a page with single-space formatting.

By this calculation figures, a 6000 words essay may be written on 12 pages with single spacing. When using the double space option, your assignment of 6000 words can be settled on approximately 24 pages. The following table will provide accurate information for better compliance and clear understanding.

Word CountPages (single space)Pages (double space)Font Size (Standard)
250 Words ½ page 1 page12 point
500 Words1 page2 pages12 point
750 Words1.5 pages3 pages12 point
1000 Words2 pages4 pages12 point
2000 Words4 pages8 pages12 point
3000 Words6 pages12 pages12 point
4000 Words8 pages16 pages12 point
5000 Words10 pages20 pages12 point
6000 Words12 pages24 pages12 point

By following this table, students can easily estimate their required pages plus time allocation.

How Long Does 6000 Words Take to Write?

We have provided appropriate information on how many pages is 6000 words. Let’s discuss how much time students need to write such a lengthy assignment. We all know college assignments are extensively lengthy, and adding detailed information is necessary. It takes a lot of time whether you are writing a double-spaced essay or an argumentative one. 

It’s important that students should have appropriate time for writing and researching their work. A student may write up to 1000 words daily on a difficult topic, including its research. Given that students need to manage multiple assignments related to their subjects, writing 6000 words in one day is quite difficult.

An average student can take up to a week or 10 days to write a 6000 words assignment. On the other hand, a college essay writing service completes this write-up in less than one day. Here we will present you with an ideal timeline to help you allocate time to such assignments. Below you will find the timetable to execute 6000 words in 12 hours per your college’s requirements.

Writing 6000 Words in 12 Hours

Writing a lengthy assignment comprising 6000 words in 12 hours is not impossible. Students must follow the steps we mentioned to make it to this time scale as closely as possible. 

StepsTaskTime Allocation
Step 01 Reading essay prompt 15 minutes
Step 02Topic Selection 30 minutes
Step 03Researching75 minutes
Step 04Outlining60 minutes
Step 05Filtering irrelevant information30 minutes
Step 06Writing the introduction paragraph of the first draft60 minutes per 1000 words
Step 07Composing body paragraph(s)(Same time allocation)
Step 08Writing the conclusion(Same time allocation)
Step 09Total time for essay writing6 hours
Step 10Proofreading time30 minutes
Step 11Rewriting 2nd draft110 to 120 minutes (2 hours)
Total Steps= 11End Result= 6000 word essayTotal Time Consumed= +/-12 hours

How to Write a University-Level Essay of 6000 Words?

Typically, students are given assignments of 6000 words or more for higher education purposes. These tasks help the college admission committee to select the best and brightest students for their college and university. We will share key steps to writing an essay of 6000 words for your assignment. 

Choose the Best Topic

You must choose a good and debatable topic for a university-level essay. Topic selection should be logical and relatable to your skills and subjects. Students also need to focus on topics that suit their liking. This will ensure they have plenty of information beforehand. 

Topic selection is one of the Achilles heel of students when it comes to it. Most students either go for a popular one or choose an easy topic that becomes counterproductive. This is where these students fail miserably in creating a distinction. 

For a perfect start, you should research properly for a topic that simultaneously challenges others and your capabilities. A topic is the reflection of your personality, creativity and thought process. Thus it must be good, controversial and challenge you from all aspects. 

Start Rigorous Research 

The second step of writing a 6000 word essay is to conduct thorough research. After selecting the topic of the essay, it becomes quite easy to start researching it. Start by reading books, journals, and interviews to jump-start this process. This will enable you to collect all the useful information on the topic. 

Rigorous research ensures the successful completion of the task in the least amount of time. Solid research with evidence also guarantees your professor will read your essay with interest.

Students should not undermine the value of research and its benefits. They must add as much research as possible to support their thesis statement. This way, they can add evidence and supportive arguments in their college essay or research paper. 

Make an Outline 

The next step of university-level assignment writing is to outline your essay. Outlining is simply organizing your essay or making a structure of it. A good essay can be outlined in three parts: an introduction, a body paragraph and a conclusion. These parts play an important part in writing and conveying your arguments. 

The first part of an essay outline is an introduction. It introduces the audience to your topic and enlightens their understanding. You need to grab the audience’s attention by using a hook sentence at the start of the paragraph. A hook captivates your reader’s attention and provides interesting information to them. 

A second essential part of the introduction is background information. Students must provide the historical context of the topic to their audience. This step helps in understanding a topic from a historical point of view. 

The third and last part of the introductory paragraph is a thesis statement. After spending ample time researching and investigating, a writer forms his opinion. An author’s point of view or clincher is their thesis statement on the topic. A thesis is formed when a writer completely understands the subject after completing their research. 

After you complete the introduction, it’s time to write the body paragraph. A body paragraph is the centerpiece of your essay. Having a strong body part ensures you win the battle of arguments. You must start with a topic sentence summarizing the paragraph’s crux in a short sentence. 

After this, you may start by adding your arguments, followed by evidence collected through research. Adding all the arguments with evidence ensures your readers that each argument is backed by proof and can be cross-checked. Lastly, students must use transitions to jump from one paragraph to another or one idea to another. 

The conclusion paragraph is the last part of an essay outline. A writer must end his debate in this paragraph by restating the thesis statement. Restating your thesis helps convince your audience and provides a reminder of previously discussed points. 

Another key step is to summarize the essay’s main points and add concluding remarks. This way, your outline is complete in no time.

Start with a Stellar Introduction 

In order to write a good university-level essay, you need to write its introduction with exceptional details. The intro is the first part of the essay or research paper, it should pack a punch. Students must use persuasive language to invoke emotional responses in their readers. This is the only way to persuade them to read your content. 

To start an introduction with precision, you must use a hook sentence. It’s a short emotional statement that arouses your audience’s interest. This statement must be placed at the start of the paragraph. As soon as your readers read the sentence, they should hook to reading it till the end. 

Let us give you an example of a hook sentence that will provide you inspiration for creativity. 

“Use of mobiles and social media results in depression and three-fold decrease in eyesight”

A hook statement immediately diverts the attention of the reader to the topic. This way, an author cleverly hooks the readers into their research paper. For higher education, your essay or assignment should be good. High-grade content ensures your professor gets inspired by your work. A stellar introduction paragraph is the only way that ensures your success. 

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Present Arguments in Body Paragraph(s)

Presenting arguments is the most challenging job for writing an assignment of 6000 words. Students are required to follow each step closely and precisely. You must start the body paragraph with a topic sentence for a perfect start. 

The topic sentence summarizes the entire discussion of the paragraph in one line. This makes it easy for your readers to understand the paragraph’s content. They already know what to expect when they read the entire body paragraph. 

After you start the essay’s body paragraph with a topic sentence, add your arguments in hierarchical order. Each argument should be logical and related to the topic’s discussion. In this way, you can add as much research as required. Always present one argument and, afterwards, its supporting evidence. This is the best technique to convince your readers of your stance and thesis. 

Additionally, add the opposing statements to your research in the body paragraphs. This step will provide credibility to your assignment. Allowing your audience to hear opposing arguments increases your chances of winning twofold. 

Finally, you must add a rebuttal that responds to your opponent’s augments. This way, you end the discussion and prove to your audience you have the upper hand. Students may also need to use transitions to connect one paragraph to another. Transitions are also used to connect two different paragraphs with each other. This is the best way to keep the coherence from top to bottom. 

End Discussion in a Conclusion

The final part of writing a 6000 words essay is adding a conclusion to your topic. After composing the introduction and body paragraphs, a conclusion ends the discussion. Students may write a conclusion by several means, such as a shorter or lengthy one. 

The conclusion is lengthy for university students since they need to summarize the discussion. Students need to restate their thesis statement and again persuade their readers of their stance. 

Secondly, they must summarize the main discussion points to remind the readers. There’s a good possibility your audience has forgotten what was previously discussed. By doing this, you provide them with a short synopsis of the discussion. 

Lastly, you must end the discussion by giving your concluding remarks. This way, you can emphasize your research’s superiority over opposing arguments. Adding concluding remarks ends the debate on mutually agreed points. It also enhances the viability of your research for future cross-examination.

It takes a lot from you, even if you are free and have an ample amount of time. Having reliable assignment writing help at your disposal eases the entire process. While experts complete their work using an essay writing service, students can enjoy their time. Let’s take you through the process of writing a 6000 words assignment.


In this blog, we provided extensive information on how many pages is 6000 words. Students also learned the steps of writing a 6000 word essay for university-level assignments. Make sure to follow your professor’s instructions accordingly when writing graded assignments.

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