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11 Powerful Tips to Use Subheading in Essay Smartly

Any new subheading in essay acts as a critical tool for dividing complex topics into sections and subsections. Mostly, these subheadings are often used interchangeably with subtitles and hold great significance for both readers and writers.

However, the question remains: what is a subtitle in an essay, and how can you use it in your essays and research papers efficiently and naturally?


What is a subheading in Essay? Meaning and Definition

The subtitle in an essay is a supplementary or subsidiary heading that provides additional information, content, and context about the main topic. It is also called a subheading in an essay that you usually write below the main title to clarify to the reader what the subsequent section or information is all about.

The professional assignment writers always make use of subheadings to break lengthy and complex essays into smaller chunks. The aim of doing this is to make the overall content easy to understand, navigate, and digestible.

Moreover, these are the most important writing devices that help you to organize your thoughts in a well-structured and logical manner. Ultimately, helps you adding in any type of subheading in essay.

Sometimes, they are also called captions that are formatted differently than the main topics to indicate their subordinate position. You can use smaller font sizes and different formatting styles, such as italics and place them below or beside the main title. 

Never Forget:

It is important to keep in mind that the use of subheadings is not limited to only essays. They are used in every piece of writing, such as research papers, articles, blogs, assignments, presentations, and many more. However, before you start using subtitles, it is critical for you first to understand the art of crafting a perfect essay title. This will help you better understand the differences between titles and subtitles and the purposes they serve in writing.

11 Proven Tips on How to Use Heading and Subheading in Essay?

Before you start writing your school, college, or university essay, make sure to follow the given tricks for headings, subheadings and subtitles.

  1. Brainstorm key ideas, main arguments, and important points of your essay that are critical to cover. These will be made as headings and subheadings in your essay. 
  2. Make clear, concise and descriptive headings that should be unique, engaging, and attention-grabbing.
  3. Keep your headings and subtitles under 5 to 10 words or within 60 characters.
  4. Your headings should reflect or represent the content of the section that it will cover.
  5. Use your important keywords, main perspective, or argument in the heading. Because it will help the readers to understand the intent and grasp the idea quickly.
  6. Always maintain a consistent and parallel grammatical structure in all headings of your essay. For example, if you start a heading with a noun, then use a noun for all other headings as well. 
  7. Headings showcase the overall picture of the essay, whereas subheadings reflect smaller units or specific points. Moreover, slicing your entire content into tiny parts helps readers to scan and understand quickly. 
  8. Use different font sizes, font styles, capitalization, bolding, spacing, etc, to make your headings and subheadings stand out from the body content.
  9. Remain consistent in your main titles (headings) and subtitles (subheadings) styles throughout the essay.
  10. Avoid using cliches or fluffing terms in your headings styles.
  11. Remember to proofread your titles and subtitles in the essay to ensure they are free of any grammatical and structural errors. 

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Example of Subheading in Essay

Suppose your topic is how to write a movie review; then you can break it into various headings and subheadings, such as:

Main Heading or Title: How to Write a Movie Review


  • Introduction to Movie Review
  • Challenges of Writing Movie Review
  • Importance of Movie Review
  • An Example of a Movie Review

Types of Headings, Titles and Levels of Subheading in Essay

There are 6 types of headings that you can use to divide your essay into different sections.

Main Heading “H1” :

  • The H1 heading is the most important heading in your essay.
  • It is often used for your title.
  • Your H1 heading should be concise, unique, and descriptive.

Section Heading “H2”:

  • H2 headings are called section headings.
  • They are typically used to break the entire essay into major sections, arguments, or parts.
  • Each H2 represents a separate component in the main essay and focuses on a specific part

Subsection Headings “H3”:

  • H3 headings are called subsection headings. 
  • They are used to divide the main sections into subsections further.
  • You use H3 subheadings when you want to focus or emphasize a particular point.

“H4,H5,H6” Subsection Headings:

  • These headings are only sometimes used in writing essays or research papers.
  • They are typically used for illustrations or examples if necessary.

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Heading and Subheading in Essay: 11 Amazing Benefits

  1. Titles and subtitles in essays help readers scan the content easily and quickly.
  2. They help you write your essay coherently and in a well-organized way. 
  3. Splitting lengthy topics into small components and parts increases the readability of your writing.
  4. Readers can have a bird’s eye view of all the important points covered in your essay, research papers, articles, term papers, etc.
  5. Making subtopics increases the engagement and retention rate of the readers. 
  6. Slicing your essay enhances reader’s comprehension and helps them to pay more focus and attention. 
  7. Subtitles help you to maintain a logical flow of information that guides the readers from one point to the next.
  8. Using heading and subheading in essay breaks the monotony of large blocks to reduce the reader’s fatigue.
  9. They help in smooth transitions of the ideas and points in your writing.
  10. When you use titles and subtitles in your essays, they give them a professional look to make an impact on teachers and examiners. 
  11. The fair use of headings and subheadings structure facilitates readers in note-taking and remembering the necessary concepts discussed in the essay. 

Subtitle Example in Essay and Papers: Essay with Subheadings Examples

As we have already discussed, titles, headings, and subheadings are not only restricted to essay writing. Rather, they are used in every kind of writing style or on a piece of paper to make things easier to understand. In this section, we will take different examples to practically learn how you can break your essay, research papers, articles, etc, into smaller parts.

Subtitles in Essays Sample

Title: Analysis of Relationship Between Students and Professors in 2024

Subtitle: Are Relationship Between Students and Professors are Taboo?


  • Challenges of Professors in Building Good Relationships with Students
  • Challenges of Students in Making Relationship with Teachers
  • Why Do Professors and Students Engage in relationships
  • Key Benefits of Professor Students Relationships
  • Negative Effects of Professor Students’ Relationships
  • Conclusion

Headings and Subheadings in Research Papers

Title: The Rise of Cloud Computing in 2024

Subtitle: Understanding the Data Protection, Privacy, and Open Research Challenges


  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Questions
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion

How Did We Help with Subheading in Essay?

The author from a specialist student-based cheap assignment writing service provides 11 proven tips on how to divide your essay into different subheadings. Additionally, it provides definitions and meanings of subtitles and captions in an essay. To further clarify, it includes practical subtitle example in essay and research papers so that you can follow them as per your requirements.

Bottom Line on Subheading in Essay

In conclusion, subheadings in essays helps writers to convert the complex and lengthy content into smaller chunks that are easy to navigate and understand. Moreover, they help readers quickly scan and find the most relevant information without wasting any time.

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In this blog, we have understood how to divide your essay into subheadings and subtitles. We have learnt 11 tips along with examples that are essential to make your task just a piece of cake. If you still need assistance and want us to make sections and subsections of your essay assignment, contact us now, and we will instantly rush to rescue you.

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