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How to Write a Movie Review – Tips and Tricks

A movie review is a short review article in a newspaper, magazine, or legit journaling platform that talks about and rates a movie. Usually, it’s written by a journalist sharing their thoughts on the film. A Statista study found that 10% of Americans always check out a movie review before watching a film.

Writing a movie review is a common task assigned to students in high school and college. Although it seems like a simple task but requires careful organization of ideas and time management. Let’s understand everything about how to write a movie review like an expert.

People Reading Review Before Watching a MoviePercentage
Always10 %
Most of the Time20%

Source: Statista

The Challenges of Writing a Movie Review

These are some common difficulties students face while learning how to write a good movie review or how to start a movie review.

ChallengePossible Solution
Critical AnalysisWork on making an in-depth analysis of characters and themes.
SubjectivityEnsure that you balance objective observation and personal opinion.
The Use of Technical VocabularyUnderstand and use film-specific terminologies.
Balancing SpoilerEnsure that you summarize a plot without revealing important spoilers.
Time ManagementWork on each section separately

Writing a movie review is a challenging assignment for students. I remember how challenging it was to write my first movie review upon my class teacher’s request. The task was to watch any movie from the list provided by our teacher and write a review on one of them.

At first, I thought it’s an easy and fun task, so I watched and enjoyed the movie. After that, when I sat to write a review, it felt like I needed to remember a lot of details that I should include in the write-up.

Hence, I have some problems with how to write a movie review or even with how to start a movie review. So I skimmed through the movie again. This time I had to note important details that I could use. After that, I was able to craft a good first draft but still, it needed a lot of work to read as a killer movie review.

So I started to research more and put in more details. Once I finished completing my final draft, I asked my friends and even teachers to review the piece and suggest any changes. All these efforts made it easy for me to write a good movie review and score well with it.

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How To Write A Movie Review – 15 Steps

These are the 15 steps to understand how to write a good movie review. It’s even better to understand the core and general 5 stages of writing process before you begin writing a movie review. As in this 15 steps we are breaking them in few parts for easier to follow steps.

  1. Read and understand the film title carefully.
  2. Choose the movie that catches your interest.
  3. See the movie at least two times in a comfortable environment.
  4. Grasp and realize the movie’s main plot and story.
  5. Analyze the cinematography, such as lighting, angles, camera movement, and shot composition.
  6. Critically evaluate the character development, story organization, and key events.
  7. Assess the actor’s performance, character portrayals, and chemistry.
  8. Carefully visualize the flow of the scenes, the choice of the director and producer, and their storytelling technique.
  9. Closely focus on music, sound choices, actor dialogues, musical score, and their impact on the audience.
  10. Scrutinize the central theme, main arguments, message, and underlying social chemistry.
  11. Comprehensively write your personal opinion and suggestions.
  12. Include quotes, examples, and scenes as evidence to support your ideas.
  13. Justify the reasons why you liked or disliked the movie.
  14. Highlight the weaknesses and propose solutions for the improvements.
  15. Mention how you would recommend it to others.

The pro tip is to take a good look at these steps in any example of movie review summary to improve your understanding of how to write a movie review.

11 Most Important Points Of Film Review Assignment

Remember that writing a movie review is not one of the things to do when bored in class, but an important class assignment. Here are some key points of a movie review assignment.

Meta Data Of Movie

  • Title.
  • Director and Producer Name.
  • Year of Release.
  • Film Genre.


  • Introduce your movie review writing with a compelling statement that engages the readers.
  • Provide concise background data and information for making the context.

Summary Of The Main Plot And Story

  • Just provide a bird’s eye overview of the film’s main central plot and story.
  • Don’t disclose the major spoilers here.
  • Shed the light on main events and key conflicts.

Evaluate The Character’s Acting And Portrayals

  • Critically analyze the actor’s dialogues and performance.
  • Highlight their communication style, portrayals, and chemistry on the screen.


  • Probe the overall visual effects of the movie.
  • Examine the camera movement, lighting, angles, color schemes, etc.

Sound Design And Music

  • Assess how sound design and background music align with the different scenes.
  • Critique the music choice by highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Keep on reading as there’s more on how to write a movie review like an expert.

Movie Review Outline for Essay Assignment

The film review writing outline is below. Going through some movie review examples is also the best way to understand a movie review outline or movie review template well.


The first part of the template for a movie review is the introduction which includes the movie title, director name, and release year.

  • Hook statement to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Background information for making the context.
  • Movie genre and category.

That’s just one of the many elements of how to write a movie review well.

Brief Summary of Main Plot and Story

  • Consists of 2 to 3 paragraphs.
  • Concisely describe the movie’s storyline without major spoilers.
  • Highlights key events, conflicts, and characters.

Analysis and Review

  • Understand this section by going through an example of a movie review summary
  • Critically evaluate the actor’s performance.
  • Analyze the accuracy of their portrayals, chemistry., and emotional range.
  • Assess the director’s storytelling techniques, visual styles, and their impacts. The secret of how to write a movie review well. 
  • Explore the director’s overall approach and choices.
  • Scrutinize the visual effects, lighting, camera movements, and color schemes.
  • Focus on plot structure, character development, and pacing.
  • Include your reviews on the actor’s language and dialogue.
  • Evaluate how sound effects and background music align with the scenes.
  • Understand the underlying theme, message, and intended audience of the movie.

Supporting Evidence

  • Include quotes, examples, and scenes to support your opinion.
  • It’s best to look at a movie summary example or more to understand how they have included such quotes and examples.

Personal Opinion and Rating

  • Provide your suggestions and opinions about the movie.
  • Highlight what you liked or disliked and propose improvements.
  • Rate and recommend the movie with star ratings, thumbs up, etc.


Another secret of learning how to write a movie review like an expert is to write a conclusion paragraph well.

  • Conclude your movie review by reiterating the main points and key takeaways.
  • Recall the depth, relevancy, and its impacts on your minds.
  • Reinforce whether a movie is worth viewers’ time and energy.

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11 Exceptional Movies Review Topics Ideas To Work In 2024

Are you still wondering how to write a movie review like a pro? Here are some great topics to get you started right away.

  1. Analysis of cultural representation in Lollywood movies.
  2. Critical review of technology adoption in Hollywood films.
  3. The role of soundtracks and cinematography in enhancing the engagement of movies.
  4. Assessing the effects of animation film on children in 2024.
  5. How films and dramas are portraying mental health issues: An in-depth exploration.
  6. The evolution of comedy films and rapid change in humor trends.
  7. How historical literature influences the film adaptations.
  8. A comprehensive critique of Oscar-winning films of 2023.
  9. Exploring the cinematic universe phenomenon.
  10. How Hollywood Films are Influencing the Directors and Producer Decisions in Asia.
  11. Exploring the Horror Genre and its Subgenres.
  12. 9 Top-Notch Movie Review Titles For Your Next Assignment
  13. “Cinematic Brilliance: A Review of The Da Vinci Code “
  14. “Lights, Camera, Action: Unveiling the Magic of Forrest Gump”
  15. “A Captivating Journey: A World of Manchester by the Sea”
  16. “Behind the Silver Screen: A Critical Analysis of The Dark Knight Rises”
  17. “From Script to Spectacle: Reviewing the Masterpiece of The Batman”
  18. “Emotional Rollercoaster: Swooping into the Depths of Babylon”
  19. “A Cinematic Triumph: Celebrating the Excellence of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”
  20. “Beyond Expectations: Finding the Wonders of The Ides of March”
  21. “An Unforgettable Experience: Reflecting on Manchester by the Sea”

Final Thoughts On How To Write A Good Movie Review

Film review writing demands students to critically evaluate and analyze every aspect of a particular movie from different angles. Even when you check out some movie review examples, you’ll realize that such write-ups include the assessment of the plot’s effectiveness, theme, direction, sound effects, etc.

Moreover, it also includes the examination of cinematography, writing, directing, editing, and its cultural significance for the audience. Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of how to write a movie review like a pro.

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