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Narrative Essay Outline For Your Next Story Essay

A narrative essay blurs the lines between formal and fiction writing. Unlike most essays, it does not require a structured argument but tells a story. This fascinating genre is the perfect opportunity for any writer to showcase creativity.

However, crafting an excellent story essay requires a great deal of planning. A narrative essay outline is vital to bringing about a well-articulated final piece. Without it, your essay may lack structure, attention to detail, clarity, and coherence.

What Is A Narrative Essay?

A story essay is a breath of fresh air, especially for those who enjoy literary writing. Consider it a semi-formal text that contains a story. The purpose of a narrative essay is the same as other essays– to prove a point.

It approaches the storytelling technique to convey the author’s opinion. But what truly distinguishes a tale essay from other essays are its unique features.

Unique Features of the Narrative Essay

  • Uses a story to support the author’s viewpoint instead of a formal argument.
  • Has a specific pattern: starting point, building point, climax, dialogues, and characters.
  • Utilizes creative writing techniques such as imagery and descriptive language.
  • It may include multiple stories if they support the same thesis or point.

For example:

Suppose we take two types of essays on abortion, to highlight the difference.

Argumentative EssayNarrative Essay
When writing an argumentative essay on abortion the writer may take this approach:While composing story essays on abortion, the writer may choose this approach:
1. Making a claim.
2.Providing evidence for the claim.
3.Explaining how the evidence supports the claim.

4.Discussion of probable rebuttals.
5.Highlighting limitations of that rebuttal.
Writing a story involving an abortion case
1.writing a story introduction. 
2.composing a raising action 
3.writing a climax leading to falling action.
4.Concluding the story in a way that justifies the writer’s views on abortion.

A story essay needs an outline as it encompasses all these features. This draft provides a clear roadmap for your story. It ensures that your essay has a coherent flow and logical structure. The following segment presents helpful tips on creating a narrative essay outline.

Writing A Narrative Essay Outline

Conventionally, a story essay is written based on the author’s personal experience. However, this writing process can be done in two ways. (Your outline structure remains the same, regardless of which style of writing you choose)

Real- life StoryFictional Writing
Most students opt for this since not all students can create an entire story. This kind of story is based on real-life events. All you need to do is narrate it on paper.This type of story essay entails coming up with an entire story. Though it may seem tougher than usual, it’s an enjoyable activity for many students.
For example:
Suppose you’re writing an essay to debunk some myths about university friendships. You can mention a synopsis in your narrative essay outline along the lines of;
To Illustrate: 
(Continuing with the same example.) * it doesn’t matter if you’ve ever been to a college campus. You will devise a complete story that debunks the stigma around campus life.
This story essay taps into a widely accepted myth about surviving university life. Many of us grow up with certain ideas drilled in our heads about our settings. Naturally, for university, it’s “everybody is your friend as long as they need something”.
This piece depicts how meaningful friendships can be built anywhere. The author debunks the old notions and paints a beautiful picture. She reflects on dorm room conversations and late-night study sessions. And how they helped her navigate through academics and personal life.

This exciting story essay delves into the enchanting realm of magic. Follow Harry, a young boy who embarks on a transformative journey as he enrolls in a unique school. At this school, he learns the art of wizardry and discovers the true power of friendship.

With that out of the way, let’s start with how to write a narrative essay outline.

Crafting an Introduction

Begin With a Hook.

The hook captures the reader’s attention and gets them interested in the story. It can be a quote, a question, or a fascinating fact. 

Provide context.

Your readers expect you to tell them a little about what they will delve into. Here’s an opportunity for you to introduce them with;

  • The tone 
  • Genre 
  • Setting 
  • Characters. 

You can also provide a simple backdrop on why you’re writing this story.


Suppose you add a simple backdrop right after your hook. Your next step involves writing a synopsis (or summary) of your story. It sets up the narrative essay’s main plot – avoiding major spoilers.

Thesis Statement.

End with a thesis statement that briefly establishes the purpose. It also gives the reader a sense of what to expect.

Draw your story essay guideline based on this guide. It will help you compose a captivating introduction that provides all the vital information. 

Composing The Body Section

The body section of a narrative essay outline is by far the most important. Your readers meet your characters, plots and all the details. Most people compose their narrative common five-paragraph essay structure. 

According to the five paragraphs, this part is further categorized into three main divisions. 

  • First Body Paragraph (includes introduction, rising action/ turning point)
  • Second Body Paragraph (consists of climax) 
  • Third Body Paragraph (entails resolution or falling action) 

Here are the tips on writing each one of these sections.

First Body Paragraph

  • Take a natural shift from the introduction to the main events of the story. 
  • Use descriptive language to provide details and evoke emotions. 
  • Create a sense of time, place and atmosphere through your descriptions.

For example; 

The sky deepened to the color of a day-old bruise. Malarie could feel a chill settle in her bones as she peered out the window. She saw tiny flakes of snow whirling their way down and absently drew her duffle bag closer to her chest.” 

Activity: Can you tell the tone or genre of these lines by focusing on the vocabulary?

  • Introduce your characters and highlight their roles and motivations. 
  • Present your rising action and the turning point. These are the events that significantly change the direction or intensity of the story. 
  • Show the impact or consequences of the rising action on the characters and narrative. 
  • Maintain coherence through the order of events and timeline. 
  • Use the right language to describe your tone and settings.
  • Avoid switching narratives. 

Second Body Paragraph

The next step in your narrative essay outline is to write the climax of the story. Here are some instructions on how to compose one. 

  • Keeping the natural flow of narration, begin your second paragraph.
  • Introduce the escalating conflicts or challenges that lead to the climax of the story.
  • Build suspense and tension with your description. One of the best ways to do it is through the setting. 

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To Illustrate: 

“Drake’s eyes kept on drifting to the old grandfather clock. Its arms seemed to be running faster than usual. With each tick of the time, he felt wet beads of perspiration form on his forehead.”

  • Present your climax with the highest intensity or drama in the story. 
  • Describe pivotal moments that occur during that climax. This will indirectly highlight the significance of the narrative. 
  • Convey the impact or consequences of the climax on the characters or the overall story.

Third Body Paragraph

Lastly, we move to the resolution part of our narrative essay outline. This section will help us conclude the story. 

  • Explain how the characters resolve the conflicts and settle down the situation. 
  • Reduce the tension from your vocabulary.
  • Highlight the significance of your resolution. 
  • Include the lessons and changes in the characters’ attitudes after the climax. 
  • Create a sense of closure with your language. 

For instance; 

“Zakia felt like she had removed her duffle bag after a long hike. The weight of Ahmer’s tiny little body dozing off on her hip didn’t matter. The minute singles of aches shooting up and down her legs didn’t matter. The pouring rain didn’t matter, for her skies had cleared. She found her baby boy. She was whole.” 

  • Bring the story to an end by conveying the central idea or theme.

You can create an impacting story that gets your view across by incorporating these instructions. Moreover, this leads us to the conclusion segment of the narrative essay outline. 

Writing a Conclusion

Your conclusion entails your final thoughts about your narration. It connects the story to the main thesis of the essay. Here are some instructions on how to write it;

  • Tie everything nicely by drawing connections between the thesis and the story. 
  • Restate the key moments to provide a better closing picture. 
  • Reflect on the central idea that is conveyed in your narration 
  • Reinforce the significance of the impacts the climax had on the story. 
  • Leave the reader with a thought-provoking statement or reflection. 
  • Avoid introducing new information.
  • Reinforce a takeaway message. 

With that, your story essay outline writing comes to an end. Further into this article we include a template for you to follow. 

Narrative Essay Outline: Template with Example

Let’s take a look at this narrative essay outline template for a better understanding. 

Example: Debunking the common misconceptions about online assignment writing help.

I. Introduction

Like any other essay, your introduction entails three features. These features are crucial to engage your audience. 

  • Hook. 

Exemplary statement 

According to a study, around 80-90% of students struggle with deadlines. Have you ever found yourself in this group? (for whatever reason) 

  • Setting The Scene

To illustrate: 

With the rise of online education, academic writing demands have increased. Though writing is vital expertise, many students find it daunting. It is because it requires strong composition and language skills. Working with an online assignment writing help can improve writing and help you learn valuable academic lessons. 

  • Thesis Statement.

Online assignment writers can help students learn better as they offer custom services. These include personalized guidance, timely assistance, and feedback. In today’s academic world, these components are essential to mark success.

II. Body Paragraph

First Body Paragraph

(Includes raising action)

Carmilla was amazed at Alex’s efficiency. Well, she was more than amazing. No matter how much she tried to bury this feeling down, It would resurface now and then. And Carmilla would catch herself feeling envious. Yes, “envious” of her own best friend.

Looking back on the years prior, Alex has always been right next to her. They wore the same clothes, bought the same lunch boxes, and went to the same school. They even got the same grades.

So, what happened when they moved? Did the university have anything to do with it? Or is it Carmilla’s growing responsibility? 6 months ago, when Sarah, Carmilla’s little sister, was dropped off on her doorstep. 

Their mother abandoned her just like that. For 6 months, an entire semester drifted by her. Now Carmilla found herself surrounded by a heap of assignments. She had to manage her grades else her degree was good as gone.

Naturally, she distanced herself from Alex too. Who was now on her way to see Carmilla after 4 months. It was the longest they had gone without each other. So Carmilla waited on her kitchen floor with a cocktail of envy and guilt.

Second Body Paragraph

(Includes climax of the story)

It all went away when she saw Alex, though. Who wore a genuine look of concern on her face, greeting Carmilla.

Carry, you’ve got to let me in. Tell me what’s going on. You’re practically a ghost in school. And with that, Carmilla expressed her concerns for her sister, her grades, and her jobs. Alex kept listening to her friend till she was done pouring out.

Then with a smirk on her face, she preached to Carry. “There are times in life, where carrying everything on a pair of shoulders is foolish. Asking for help when you need it should have no guilt attached to it.”

With this, she told Carry there was still a chance to save her grades. With the right platform, she can get all the help with assignment writing she wants. This will at least lessen her burdens and save her degree.

Third Body Paragraph

(Consists of the falling action of the story)

From then on, Carmilla vowed to get help as soon as she required it. She realized she was not falling behind but caught up in a rough patch. She saved her degree with the right sort of help. This not just gave her dreams back but also the strength to fight for them.

III. Conclusion

To sum up, assignment writing help is not just an aid that helps you survive school. But it also helps you look past the tight deadlines and fight for balance. From this story, we can learn a meaningful lesson.

The stress of work and studies impacts you and your relationship with yourself and others. So, accepting help when needed is the best way to move past such rough patches.

Narrative Essay Outline: Helpful Tips

  • The dots must connect

While writing a story essay, many students run into a common challenge. They lose focus on their main perspective. That’s where your narrative essay outline becomes your guiding tool. This solid perimeter can ensure everything remains connected to your main idea.

  • Keep a Hawk-eye

To err is human. But you must focus on your writing mechanics to compose a good piece. These include all your spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

  • Cite Your Sources

Now you might wonder how or why you would cite a personal or fictional story. You’re not wrong to think that. Story essays entail no citation prompts in the traditional sense.

However, if you include a specific reference, quote, or jargon, cite it. Commonly, the AMA citation format is the one writers opt for. This is because the AMA style is less distracting for the reader.

  • Don’t Shy Away

Composing a narration essay requires delving into detail. So, don’t shy away from it. Use vivid details and colorful language to set the tone.

  • Ask for help

Balancing studies, work, and responsibilities is trying for any student. Sometimes it gets too exhausting. In such times, the most practical option is to look for help.

You can find a cheap assignment helper online to manage tight deadlines. Remember, taking small breathers is absolutely crucial to maintain physical and mental health.

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Now we conclude our take on the narrative essay outline. We’re sure that our guide, template and examples are helpful. If you enjoyed reading this article, check out more from our team!

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