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50+ Incredible Rhetorical Essay Topics

Are you assigned to write a rhetorical essay? Many students struggle with writing rhetorically because they can’t pick debating ability of a topic. That’s why we are here to share some of the best rhetorical essay topics with you. Let’s dig into it.

What Are The Rhetorical Essay Topics?

The rhetorical approach in writing details what is happening in the text and why the writer chose to write it. Rhetorical essay topics follow a question or a set of questions to analyze the situation and explain the causes, effects, and all other information to answer the question.

What Rhetorical Moves are Most Used in Writing?

A study was conducted to find what rhetorical implications are used in most sections of writing. The results have shown how much of every essay section needs rhetorical analysis and how much discussion is based on it. Let’s examine what moves rhetorical essay topics have.

Rhetorical Moves Percentage
Move 1: Background Information
  • Step 1: Restating objectives
  • Step 2: Representing research design
25%, 12.5%, 12.5%
Move 2: Findings 100%
Move 3: Expected or Unexpected Outcome 87.5%
Move 4: Reference to the previous research 75%
Move 5: Explanation
  • Step 1: Reasoning
  • Step 2: Exemplification
  • Step 3: Elaboration
100%, 37.5%, 37.5%, 25%
Move 6: Claim 75%
Move 7: Concluding Information
  • Step 1: Limitation
  • Step 2: Recommendation
25%, 12.5%, 12.5%
Move 8: Implication 25%
Move 9: Summary of results 25%

Rhetorical Essay Topics

Rhetorical Essays are assigned to students to evaluate their analytical and critical analysis skills. To help students pick good topics, we have listed some of the best rhetorical essay topics in major fields of study. Let’s dig into it.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics About Literature

Such essays aim to analyze the causes, effects, implications, and methodology of different pieces of literature, such as books, articles, poems, and research papers. The following are some rhetorical analysis essay topics that dwell in literature like most literary essay topics and ideas.

  1. The character analysis of ‘The Great Gatsby.’
  2. Analyzing The imagery of characters in Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’
  3. Detecting irony and satire in Jane Auston’s Pride and Prejudice. 
  4. What makes ‘Moby Dick’ so incredible?
  5. What is the character development of Robinson Crusoe?
  6. Analysing Edger Allen Poe’s technique of building suspense
  7. How Romeo and Juliet are still relevant today.
  8. The Symbolism in Shakespare’s ‘Hamlet.’
  9. The use of hyperbole in George Orwell’s book ‘Animal Farm’ 
  10. Why ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth is a classic?
  11.  The Symbolism of Stephen Crane in Theme Development
  12.  Analyzing ‘Frankenstein’ and the use of foreshadowing in it. 
  13. The drama structure of Bernard Shaw
  14. The beautiful use of Satire in ‘Tristram Shandy’ by Laurence Sterne
  15. What is so special about ‘The Tell-Tale Heart.’

Rhetorical Analysis Topic Ideas About Famous Personalities

The rhetorical analysis topic Ideas circulating famous personalities included actors, philanthropists, politicians, psychologists, authors, and field experts. Essays were written to analyze the work of these famous people and their speeches and ideologies. Let’s see what rhetorical essay topics we can find in this category.

  1. How does Paul Revere contribute to the American Revolution?
  2. Analyzing what is problematic about Oprah Winfrey
  3. Understanding the lyricism of Taylor Swift
  4. What makes BTS popular globally?
  5. The Ethical Dilemma of Bonnie and Clyde
  6. Why is Michael Jackson’s legacy unbeatable?
  7. Why Jorden Paterson needs to be canceled?
  8. The inspiring features of Princess Diana
  9. Analyzing Leonardo Da Vincci as a Polymath 
  10.  Serena Williams: A Champion Journey
  11. Analyzing the Impact of Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a dream’ speech
  12.  How impactful are presidential speeches
  13.  Analyzing Christopher Maccandles’s Impact on Youth
  14.  Collecting Winston Churchill’s misogynistic views
  15. Barack Obama: The first Black President of the United States

Topics For a Rhetorical Analysis About Entertainment

Plenty of topics for a rhetorical analysis detail the impact, reasons, effects, and causes of shows, movies, music, and TV shows. The process might be similar to writing a movie review, but the essay goes into more detail.  Let’s see what are some good rhetorical essay topics in this field.

  1. The secret of the success of Sitcome ‘The Office’
  2. Analyzing ‘Lord of the Rings’ Characters and Story Progress
  3. Rhetorical Analysis of Christoper Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’
  4. Why Han Zimmer’s movie scores are loved worldwide?
  5. Why Senfield is such an undying comedy.
  6. Analyzing the impact of violence in movies on the generation
  7. How Does ‘12 Years a Slave’ Impact Racism?
  8. How does ‘American Psycho’ have a negative impact?
  9. Analysis of Use of Violence in ‘Gone Girl.’
  10.  Analyzing the Significance of ‘Titanic’ in Cinema

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Topics For Rhetorical Analysis Essay About History

History is one of the most popular fields of study, and it has plenty of topics for rhetorical analysis essays and research. They help students understand historical events, their impact, and what causes them.

  1. Analyzing the involvement of the United States in WWII
  2. How did Adolf Hitler influence the Germans?
  3. What causes the American Revolution?
  4. Analyzing the Fall of the Berlin Wall
  5. Why Holocaust occur in the first place?
  6. The Evident Women Suffrage Movement
  7. Understanding the Impact of the underground railroad on liberating Blacks
  8. How Art Movements transformed the Art styles
  9. Analyzing How Women’s Rights Activism Impacted Women’s Lifestyle
  10. Impact of communism in starting the industrial revolution?

Good Rhetorical Analysis Topics About Business and Marketing

Business and marketing are the fundamentals of commercial life. Students in business school and even general subjects are often assigned to pick good rhetorical analysis topics to analyze the business and how marketing works. They can be some great informative speech topics if you want.

  1. Why Apple has a monopoly in IOS development?
  2. How does Superbowl Halftime contribute to Advertising?
  3. Analyzing Nike’s advertising campaign  of 2013
  4. How Adidas Marketed Itself through Worldcup 2014
  5. Why Mccdnalds ‘I’m lovin it’ Marketing campaign is so successful?
  6. Use of symbolism in Amazon.com’s promotion
  7. Analysis of women’s products that men design
  8. How much does social media aid in establishing brand image
  9. How does Redbull stay relevant in the market?
  10. The Importance of Hashtags in Business Marketing

Good Topics for Rhetorical Analysis About Technology

Technology is one of today’s most relevant topics. The following are some good topics for rhetorical analysis of technologies, artificial intelligence, and other advancements. Let’s dig into the rhetorical essay topics for tech.

  1. Analyzing the transformation of society with the advancement of the internet
  2. Rhetrcially analyzing the impact of vulgarity portrayed in video games
  3. How do Smartphones influence mutual Relationships
  4. Analyzing the effect of short video platforms in lowering Attention Span
  5. How does cyberbullying impact the society as a whole?
  6. Analyzing the factors impacting the App development
  7. Investigating the online learning’s direct impact on education
  8. How the Internet has changed the view of the world
  9. Interpreting the sudden hate spread against women on the internet
  10.  How does Apple stay relevant with its Technological advancements?

What are Some Good Tips For a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

Rhetorical essays can be challenging, but you can nail it with a good introduction, in-depth research, a strong argument, and simple conclusions.

But let’s examine these public discussion forums to see what students are doing and what tips they can share regarding rhetorical analysis essays.

This was the original question of confused students just like you. Let’s see what commenters did to help to give you some valuable tips. 

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End Note

You made it to the last of the rhetorical essay topics. Writing a rhetorical analysis is not easy, but the ease of the process depends on how you pick the relevant and exciting topic. We have shared the list of topics in various fields, and we strongly hope you will do great on this assignment.

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