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140 Unique Literary Essay Topics in 2024

Writing a literature essay is important in today’s world. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe states “The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation.”

Literary essay topics helps you set the right direction for your research process and enables you to structure your essay; however, beginner students may still need help making an appropriate prompt, which is also time-consuming.

We have discussed topics that include fictional stories from novels, movies, and historical events.

What are literary essay topics in simple words?

In simple words, writing an essay about literature requires literary analysis topics. These topics can be from fictional stories, places, or events from the past. The topic must contain some essential critical elements from the literature so that the reader quickly understands the study you want to show. These elements include:

  • Theme
  • Character Analysis
  • Symbolism
  • Literary devices
  • Narrative structure
  • Cultural and Historical Context
  • Comparative analysis

Note: The following literary essay topics have been researched extensively and result from our thinking perspectives. Choose a topic and write a literature essay to convey a meaningful message. We also offer homework assignment help to students who find any issue writing on such topics.

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Worth of Using Literary Essay Topics

While compiling these best topics with students, I remember struggling to find essay topics for exams and assignments in college. Here are some things I needed to improve during college that made it hard to write a good essay. These points are worth noting for all of you.

  1. Lack of research skills
  2. Showed less interest in literature
  3. Always seeking shortcuts
  4. Did not seek guidance from senior or experts
  5. No practice
  6. Lacking confidence in writing skills

These are some weak points I faced during college, which made it hard for me to grasp a good topic for my essay in college.

By lacking these skills, I lost a lot of grades in writing subjects. But as a professional writer now, I want all of you to learn from my experiences and avoid these weaknesses.

If you want to write or choose expert-level literature essay topics, always do more research, seek expert guidance, and keep practising.

Why is finding the right topic for a literary essay challenging for Students?

Finding the right topics for analysis essay can be difficult, especially for middle school students. There are several reasons why this can be the case. Let’s figure out these problems one by one.


The literature is mainly subjective, meaning that if one person likes something, others may not. This subjectivity makes it difficult for Students to choose a topic that personally attract them.

Broadness of Literature

Literature has a vast theme or idea. It may depict morality, individuality, and many other lessons. Students may need more time to find a suitable literary analysis essay title example or theme.

Complexity of Themes

Literature often deals with complex themes requiring detail and in-depth analysis and interpretation. Students usually find it challenging to choose a theme they can easily discuss.

Fear of Originality

Students face a big challenge when it comes to original work. Original writing is a little bit hard, especially in the case of literature. When you pick a unique theme or idea that has never been discussed, there is a high chance that you cannot find any help from any source.

Students fear this and try to pick literary essay topics or ideas that have been discussed before to get help quickly.

Lack of Guidance

Most middle and high school students are unaware of every aspect of literature writing. Therefore, they might need help from an expert teacher or senior when choosing a topic. If they don’t do that, there is a high chance they won’t get the right topic or idea.

Steps to Choose a Literary Analysis Topic

Do you still need help determining where to begin writing your essay, even after picking a pen? That’s a common issue for many students. We are here to assist you in selecting a literary analysis prompts high school for your essay. 

  • Identify Your Interests
  • The first step when choosing literary topics for essays is identifying your interests.

  • Read Widely
  • Read your selected area of interest with a broader view. Focus on every essential element thoroughly. This may include any event, characters involved, or action.

  • Find Connections
  • Find connections between themes, characters, or historical events. These connections will help you develop literary essay topics quickly.

  • Seek Feedback
  • After finalizing topics for analysis essay, it’s time for a peer review. Discuss your idea with your colleague for final confirmation.

  • Find a new perspective
  • Find a fresh and new perspective to stand out from others. Make sure your chosen literary analysis essay title example has something new which is not been discussed before

    Literary essay topics for middle school

    Middle school life is a grooming stage for students. They often find themselves in complex conditions when finding top informative essay topics for work. Below, we have mentioned some interesting, unique, and easy literary essay topics that can help middle school students in writing assignments.

    1. The theme of friendship in Platonic
    2. The role of family in House of Names
    3. Relationship of mother and daughter in Beloved
    4. How greed corrupts the heart and destroys relationships in Treasure Island
    5. portrayal of family relationships in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
    6. How characters resolve conflicts in Holes
    7. Issues of social justice and equality in The Giver
    8. Reality vs. Fantasy in the number of stars
    9. The risk of arranged marriages in Westing Game
    10. The theme of animal rights and welfare in Black Beauty
    11. The power of positive thinking in Secret Garden
    12. Good vs evil in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    13. power of imagination in The Chronicles of Narnia
    14. Importance of protecting wildlife in Hoot
    15. The importance of unity in the Alpha

    American Literature essay topics for Macbeth

    Macbeth, a tragedy by William Shakespeare, attracts many people who want to write essays about it. Below, we have listed some literary analysis essay topics for Macbeth.

    1. The theme of betrayal in Macbeth
    2. The impact of supernatural forces in Macbeth
    3. The role of Lady Macbeth in Macbeth
    4. The portrayal of masculinity and femininity in Macbeth
    5. Fate vs free will in Macbeth
    6. Macbeth’s Ambition and Its Consequences
    7. The Irony of Macbeth’s Tragic End
    8. The contrast between appearance and reality in the play
    9. Guilt of Macbeth about murdering his king
    10. Role of women in Macbeth
    11. Relation of Macbeth with witches
    12. Macbeth’s Ambition vs. Macduff’s Loyalty
    13. Analysis of gender roles in the play
    14. Symbol of violence in Macbeth
    15. Downfall of Macbeth and the concept of fate

    Literary essay topics on Romeo and Juliet

    We all have listened to the story of Romeo and Juliet, and writing an essay on them could be fun. Pick an idea from the prompts below and start writing a literary essay on Romeo and Juliet today.

    1. The power of love in Romeo and Juliet
    2. Role of friends and family in Romeo and Juliet.
    3. Power of love at first sight in Romeo and Juliet
    4. Understanding the hatred between their families
    5. The legacy of Romeo and Juliet in society and culture
    6. The role of funny humour in Romeo and Juliet
    7. The concept of time in Romeo and Juliet
    8. Romeo and Juliet’s relationship with Fate
    9. Understanding the destiny of two lovers through Romeo and Juliet
    10. The role of Mercutio in the play
    11. Discuss the conflicts between both families
    12. The influence of family pressure on the lovers
    13. The role of the nurse in Romeo and Juliet’s death
    14. How irony is used in the play
    15. The concept contrasts throughout the play’s language.

    Literary analysis prompts high school

    Many High school students find it challenging to write a literature essay, especially when choosing literary topics for essays. The list below will help the students pick suitable Literary essay topics. You can also add these American literature essay topics to other types of essays while writing.

    1. What is the role of tradition in Things Fall Apart
    2. How family relations destroy in King Lear
    3. Example of violence in Fahrenheit 51
    4. The concept of fate in Romeo and Juliet
    5. How corruption is depicted in The Great Gatsby
    6. The side effects of greed in Catch-22
    7. The Coexistence of Good and Evil in To Kill a Mockingbird
    8. The symbolism of the Mississippi River in Huckleberry Finn
    9. The Painfulness of Growing Up in The Catcher in the Rye
    10. Revenge in Titus Andronicus 
    11. The effects of overthinking in Hamlet by William Shakespeare
    12. Social facets of humanity in Beowulf
    13. War’s effects on Soldiers in The Catcher in the Rye
    14. Social Critique in 1984 by George Orwell
    15. Historical background of Frankenstein

    Literary analysis topics for Frankenstein

    Frankenstein is a combination of Gothic horror story and science fiction that has grabbed the attention of many literary essay writers. The novel has various themes and literary elements to explore.

    We have thoroughly reviewed the book and compiled a list of literary analysis ideas for Frankenstein.

    1. Analyze the creepy and scary themes in Frankenstein.
    2. Study the theme of fire and its meaning in Frankenstein
    3. The idea of familial responsibility in Frankenstein
    4. Discuss the theme of life vs. death in Frankenstein
    5. Why, in Frankenstein ambition shown as a danger
    6. Story of the Monster in Frankenstein
    7. What is the character of Victor and his family
    8. Religion and Spirituality in Frankenstein
    9. What is the concept of otherness in Frankenstein
    10. Is Frankenstein’s monster a criminal
    11. Revenge of the monster in Frankenstein
    12. How does Mary Shelby show justice in Frankenstein
    13. Loss of innocence in Victor
    14. Nature of humans in Frankenstein
    15. Story of 3 primary characters in Frankenstein

    literary analysis topics for 1984

    The primary purpose of the novel 1984 is to warn the reader about the dangers of totalitarianism. If anybody wants to write about this novel, pick a literary essay topic from the list below and start writing it today.

    1. The theme of totalitarianism and its effects on society in 1984.
    2. What is the propaganda used in Orwell’s apocalypse
    3. How love and relationships are shown in a society that is dystopian in 1984
    4. Importance of language in behavior control
    5. The theme of betrayal and loyalty in 1984
    6. Three distinct social classes in 1984
    7. Women’s stereotypical role in the society
    8. Sketch of the Individual vs. Collective Identity in 1984
    9. Winston’s role in the play
    10. Existence of Big Brother in 1984
    11. In 1984, what was the cause of the rebellion?
    12. What is the concept of doublespeak in 1984
    13. What role does O’Brien play in Winston’s life in 1984
    14. The symbolic meaning of the glass paperweight.
    15. The power of manipulation in 1984

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    Literature essay topics for college students

    Choosing the right literary analysis ideas can be challenging for college students. To overcome this problem, we have enlisted some top literary essay topics.

    1. View of social injustice and inequality in “To Kill a Mockingbird” caused by racism
    2. Philosophy of Absurdism in The Stranger
    3. Image of feminism in The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
    4. The primary purpose of religion in Jane Eyre
    5. Wars on the town of Macondo in one hundred years of solitude
    6. What are the results of ambition in Great Expectations
    7. Importance of time in the novel Vanity Fair
    8. IDea of growing up and leaving childhood behind in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
    9. What is the importance of sisterhood in Little Women
    10. How the novel Kidnapped shows the Loyalty of Alan towards David
    11. The concept of immortality in Dracula
    12. The relationship between the man and the dog in The Call of the Wild by Jack London
    13. The role of Ursula as an independent woman in The Rainbow
    14. Why The poem “The Chimney Sweeper” shows the abuse of Child labor
    15. A portrayal of how childhood experiences affect adult life in God Help the Child

    Literary analysis topics for The Great Gatsby

    Since The Great Gatsby depicts the world as it really is, it is an example of literary realism. This novel remains a point of attraction for many essay writers. To help you out, we have noted down some literary essay topics for The Great Gatsby.

    1. What is the author’s attitude towards the American dream in The Great Gatsby
    2. Portrayal of corruption in The Great Gatsby
    3. The comparison of reality and illusion in The Great Gatsby.
    4. The symbolism in The Great Gatsby.
    5. Discuss money and wealth as a critical theme in the novel
    6. Three different social classes in The Great Gatsby
    7. Show the wealthiest members of New York society in 1920
    8. What is the “green light” symbolized in The Great Gatsby
    9. Discuss powerful characters in The Great Gatsby
    10. What are the purposes of marriages in the novel
    11. Importance of religion in the novel The Great Gatsby
    12. The meaning of wealth in The Great Gatsby
    13. The importance of “Valley of Ashes” for Daisy’s Husband
    14. Concept of reality VS. illusion in the novel
    15. How lies and deceit are portrayed in the novel

    Literary Analysis Essay Topics for Movies

    A topic or literary analysis prompts gives you an idea about how to start writing an essay, especially if you are writing for movies. Explore our below-mentioned list to write on movie topics for literary analysis. After that you can find out how to write a movie title in an essay from a ready made solution.

    1. What happened wrong with Nina in the Black Swan movie
    2. What Psychological illness does Patrick Bateman have in American Psycho?
    3. The central concept of The Ten Commandments movie
    4. The concluding thoughts of the movie The Message
    5. Gender issues in Hidden Figures
    6. The moral theory of ethics of care in the film My Sister’s Keeper
    7. An abnormal life in the Forest Gump Movie
    8. Sociological concepts in the Crash movie
    9. Sociology factor in the movie Inside out
    10. Loyalty among soldiers in the movie We Were Soldiers

    Once you have selected any of the above movie topic for your movie review task then give a look to an expert viewpoint on how to write a movie review first. It will help you a lot in your current task.

    War and Peace Topics for Literary Analysis Essay

    Want to write on war and peace? Look no further; this list of topics for an analysis essay will help you choose a prompt and write a literary essay on the subject.

    1. portrayal of Napoleon Bonaparte in War and Peace
    2. Impacts of war on society
    3. What Tolstoy says about women in war and peace
    4. A sketch of war as a destructive force in “All Quiet on the Western Front
    5. How Catcher and the Rye related to war
    6. Literary works during World War 2
    7. External conflicts and internal peace in The Kite Runner
    8. War between faithful angels and Satan’s forces in paradise lost
    9. Reflection of catch-22 as the absurdity of war and the devaluation of human life
    10. How war can lead to extreme destruction in The Diary of a Young Girl

    Need more help in writing?

    Still confused? Worry not; more help is on the way. Utilize our AI based free tools like AI essay writer to create topics and essays. Furthermore, utilize grammar and spell checker to give a final look to your literary essays. There are also some more tools which you can explore. These tools are free of cost and user-friendly. Take advantage of these free tools and make your work well-organized and engaging.

    Last Words on Literary Analysis Essay Topics

    Overall, Literary essay topics help readers understand the central theme or character of a novel or play in the form of a short text. Choosing the right topic is essential, like finding a path. Each topic discussed above offers a new perspective to discover hidden meanings and gain new insights.

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