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Crafting A Glorious Argumentative Essay Conclusion

The argumentative essay conclusion brings an epic level of closure to the audience and soothes their nerves. This is a prime reason this section tests students’ skills with nerve-racking pressure to extract the best of their abilities.

In a typical classroom set-up, students are immersed in assignments, and making such a strong section is their Achilles heel. This blog will cater to all your academic demands with finesse and satisfaction. Let’s learn how to write a conclusion to an argumentative essay trouble-free.

What is an Argumentative Essay & Where Essay Conclusion is Written?

To write a stand-out argumentative essay, it’s important to know what this essay type is and what function it performs. An argumentative essay is a thorough investigation of a specific topic. Students must study the topic with authentic research, gather their arguments, and present them with concrete evidence. This way, students try to persuade their audience or peers to accept their narrative rather than the opposite one.

The conclusion paragraph of an argumentative essay is the last part of the assignment. It is placed after writing all about the topic, its implications, evidence, and counter-arguments. In the essay structure, a conclusion is the third and last part of the writing. Writers use it to summarize their work as well as restate their opinions as a final act of persuasion.

How to Write an Impactful Argumentative Essay Conclusion?

Writing an impactful and mesmerizing essay conclusion is essential for developing your argumentative skills. These skills help you present your opinions in argument writing and strengthen your power of reasoning. There are many steps students must take to ensure a robust conclusion of an argument writing assignment.

3 steps to write a good argumentative essay conclusion are the gold standard worldwide and followed extensively by academic institutions and students. These vital steps maintain the cohesion and structural balance of your argumentative essay. Let’s deep dive into more details.

Summarize your Main Points

The first step to writing a conclusion paragraph of an argumentative essay is to summarize the main points of the topic. A summary provides a short overview to the readers of the previously discussed arguments. This act not only refreshes their mind but also adds emphasis on the important findings and their defense.

Summarizing also helps in identifying what points are important and need to be considered in the conclusion paragraph. It’s important for students to just choose fewer ones that are an essential part of the topic’s thesis and cohesion of the content.

Restate your Thesis Statement

After you complete the summary of the main points of the argumentative essay, it’s time to restate your thesis statement. Since your entire summary depends on the thesis, it’s an essential part of keeping coherence throughout the write-up.

Restating also helps in understanding the core essence of an argumentative essay. Your audience will easily understand its significance and be persuaded by its effects. It’s inevitable by the time your readers reach the conclusion paragraph they will forget half of the points. That’s why it’s important to restate your thesis statement by saying a supportive statement e.g. as discussed before, or as mentioned above, etc.

Provide Closure

A third part of writing an argumentative essay’s concluding paragraph is making sure your conclusion provides closure for your audience. A closure can be a one-line sentence or a quote that ends the discussion and warrants realization to your audience. This closure ensures your readers understand the broader context of the findings and their implications. This way, persuasiveness is maintained and the audience believes your narrative and opinions.

End With a Call to Action

The last part of composing the conclusion argumentative essay is to add a call to action (CTA). A call to action is a final remark of the writer that imprints their mind. It’s typically a statement that ignites their imagination and lets them accept the writer’s justifications.

If you’re writing a business management assignment, you may add the benefits that will encourage your readers to take a certain action. Call to action is the most powerful tool and helps in the conversion of your audience into solid prospects. After adding CTA, you may end your discussion and your conclusion paragraph is complete.

Proofread for Common Mistakes

In the end, students need to do some revision to avoid common mistakes. The revision is part of the writing process that can make your work solid and mistake-free. A revision is a lengthy process that requires students to critically examine their work from scratch. Students must check the essay conclusion for typos, grammar mistakes. 

Proofreading for the conclusion can be done by asking your friend or a subject matter expert for help. This way a second set of eyes may find the mistakes you won’t be able to find in your work. A neutral and unbiased revision helps you make your essay less vulnerable to counter-arguments and maintains your authoritativeness and command on the subject. After completing the proofreading, apply the suggestion on the second draft with as much perfection as you can and submit it to your professor for review.

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Why your Essay Conclusion is So Important?

An essay conclusion is the most important part of the assignment. There are multiple reasons you should treat your concluding paragraph with utmost importance. Usually students think it’s the last part, thus requiring no immediate attention and perfection. In fact, it’s the opposite. Here are some key points that you should consider that will provide you with an expert opinion on the significance of a conclusion of an essay.

  • Conclusion provides you one more chance of clearly demonstrating your skills and expertise to your audience. Thus allowing you to persuade them one more time, so they will accept your opinion on any specific topic or subject.
  • Secondly, it offers a closure that ensures the debate is over and the writer’s stance is valid and the readers have to accept the argument based on logic and evidence. After reading the concluding paragraph, the audience has only one choice left, they are either proponent or opponent of your topic’s discussion.
  • Thirdly, an argumentative conclusion helps the writer to create a long lasting impression on the reader’s mind. It assists in making sure the audience believes in the author’s reasoning, honesty and expertise on the subject. 
  • Lastly, a conclusion reminds the audience of the value of the essay and the arguments presented in it. Ending paragraph ensures the audience realizes that the time they spent reading the essay was worthy of reading the content.

Common Mistakes While Writing an Argumentative Essay Conclusion?

Students make many mistakes when they write argumentative essay conclusions. We’ll walk you through some of the frequent ones so you don’t have to repeat the mistakes and create a flawless assignment.

  • A conclusion is a short paragraph, making it lengthy makes your arguments irrelevant and boring.
  • Restating your thesis doesn’t mean copying the same words written as above but composing the central idea in new words but the context and research should convey the same message. 
  • Don’t add new evidence in the concluding paragraph, all the evidences, arguments should be written in body parts. 
  • Summary of the main points of the essay should be relevant and discuss the salient features or disadvantages that should relate to the body paragraph. 
  • If your essay is shorter than 400 words then only restate a few main points and end the discussion in a few lines. 
  • A typical length of a conclusion is one paragraph that consists of three to five sentences. Only if the essay length exceeds more than 4000 words, one or two lines may be added to a paragraph.


Writing a mind blowing argumentative essay conclusion is pivotal for top grades. Students need to understand the requirements of their topic and effectively communicate their point of view to their audience. It requires knowledge, expertise and skills of the highest caliber. This blog provides help with writing assignments on how to write a conclusion and its importance in the academic world. However, if students need more assistance they may utilize an essay writing service and receive bundles of services. These services include;

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