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Past Tenses Reading with Easy Examples

The main purpose of learning tenses is to communicate or write anything in English. Tenses are the basic building block of the English language. According to a report from 2023, the number of English native speakers is 0.38 billion.

It means there is a huge amount of people, especially students who are not native English speakers, and they must have to learn tenses to learn English.

One thing that comes out as a challenge is past tenses reading. Here, the short answer is that the past tense of read is read (red). Even though it looks the same in spelling, it’s pronounced the same way as the colour red.

What does read mean?

Generally, reading means analyzing and interpreting something. But if we talk about it more specifically, then it means to see anything that is in the form of text and try to achieve something from that text. For example, they read a book.

So, from the example, we see why someone would read a book. Obviously, the primary reason for reading a book is to achieve something from it.

Why is everyone so confused with the verb read?

The confusion lies within the spelling of the verb read. Both present and past forms of past tenses reading are written in the same way. That’s why most people need clarification about where to use the present form and where to use the past form in English assignment most of the time.

In the case of adult people, chances are rare that they misunderstood the concept. On the other hand, middle school or high school student’s brains are under construction, and they often find it hard to maintain the difference between the present and past forms of the Read.

To clear your confusion, below we have thoroughly discussed some examples from kid level to expert. These examples are related to the past forms of Read and how we can pronounce them.

Examples of Past Tenses reading for kids

  1. I read (red) a book yesterday
  2. My friend read (red) the lesson in front of class
  3. He read (red) the whole novel in one night
  4. My father read (red) the newspaper twice in front of me
  5. Last winter, my mother read a holy book, which inspired her a lot.

Examples of the past tense of Read for middle school students

Here are some easy examples of past tenses reading for middle school students.

  1. Last night, my friend came to my house, and we read a novel.
  2. I read a book on history, which helped me a lot in my exam
  3. My school teacher punished my friend because he read a very unethical story
  4. When electricity power was gone yesterday, we sat in the garden and read stories
  5. He read the whole article but didn’t understand a single word

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Examples of read past tense for college students

College students who have complexity in understanding past tenses reading can benefit from these examples.

  1. My brother read the terms and conditions of the business and decided to invest his money in it.
  2. Yesterday, my friend read a message while driving, and suddenly, he hit his car with a pole.
  3. Yesterday something funny happened with my friend. He read the question paper and fell from his chair because he didn’t know the answer to any question.
  4. I was angry with my friend because he read my message but didn’t respond.
  5. We read the menu of the hotel and came out because the rates were too high.
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Examples of simple past tenses reading for university

  1. Yesterday, I read the reviews of the movie and decided not to watch the film, as the reviews were too bad.
  2. My friend read the weather forecast and decided to come to the university in his car.
  3. My sister read (red) the novel dozens of times before participating in the play.
  4. I heard about a man from the Television show who read 200 pages of a book in just 30 minutes.
  5. My friend became a professional writer. He said that he succeeded in his mission because he read a lot of literature books at an early age.

Examples of past tense Read for expert-level

Have you completed your education career but still need to learn how to pronounce past tenses reading? Worry not; here are some examples that help you to understand how to write and read it.

  1. Do you know what makes the series GOT so popular? Because it was cast on the base of a book. I am telling you this because I read this book a long time ago.
  2. I read a food recipe yesterday and told Mom about it. And surprisingly my mother made it very tasty.
  3. One of our relatives read about different cultures in different books and decided to explore them.
  4. I read a book about ethics, which inspired me a lot. And I will follow the teachings of that book in my daily life.
  5. My brother told me that he read the news on the internet that this summer there will be too much hotness outside. So we should prepare ourselves to prevent it.

Use of tenses with the word read with pronunciation

Till now, you have understood how to pronounce the word read in simple past tense. But that’s not all about just simple past, the word read can also relate differently with other sentences. Let’s look at the table below and learn about how past tenses reading correlates with different forms of tenses.

NoTensesPerson formWordPronunciation
1Present simpleI/You/We/TheyReadReed, rii:d
2Present simple with third person singularHe/She/ItReadsReeds: rii: ds
3Simple past tenses readingI/He/She/It/You/We/TheyReadRed, Same as bed
4Present continuousI/ am/He/She/It/ isWe/You/They/ areReadingReeding, rii: ding
5Past continuousI/He/She/It/ was/You/We/They/ wereReadingReeding, rii: ding
Future continuousI/We/ shall beHe/She/We/They/ Will beReadingReeding, rii: ding
6Present perfectHe/She/It/ hasI/You/We/They/ havereadReed, rii:d
7Past perfectI/You/He/She/It/We/They/ hadreadRed, same as the word bed
8Present perfect continuousI/You/We/They/ have been He/She/It/ has been readingReeding, rii: ding
9Past perfect continuousI/You/He/She/It/We/They/ had beenreadingReeding: rii: ding

Now, from the above table, you have an idea about how to use the reading in the past tense with different tenses, but there is something that still needs to be added, and that is the example for each sentence with the word read.

Reading present tense

  • I read books
  • I read novels
  • We read thesis

Use of simple past tenses reading

  • I read (red) a novel about political power
  • We read a newspaper yesterday
  • My mother read comments on my social profile

Read with Present continuous tense

  • I am reading a book
  • We are reading different lessons in class
  • You are reading reviews for a movie

Read with Past continuous

  • I was reading
  • We were watching movies while reading the newspaper
  • You were reading the question paper again and again yesterday

Future simple tense with Read

  • I will read the book
  • My father will read my exam remarks
  • Our friends will read in groups 

Use of Read with future continues tense

  • I will be reading some books during the holidays
  • We shall be reading our homework lesson when you arrive
  • My mother will be reading instructions before going to test the new Oven

Read with the present perfect tense

  • He has read my message
  • I have to read my lesson
  • They have read the instructions before using the computer

The past perfect tense of Read

  • I had read the newspaper before the exam
  • We had read the terms and conditions of the Loan
  • My friend had read an unethical novel

The future perfect tense of Read

  • I shall have read (red) newspaper until you come to my house
  • My mother will have read (red) instructions before using the fridge
  • My friends shall have read (red) the question paper before the official time starts

Present perfect continuous tense for Read

  • My mother has been reading the newspaper every morning
  • I have been reading the book for the last 20 minutes

Past perfect continuous tense for Read

  • Had you been reading the book before the taxi arrived
  • He had been reading a book for several hours, and the electricity was gone

Future perfect continuous tense

  • I will have been reading a book for three hours by 6 O. clock
  • When I finish this work, I will have been reading the book for two hours

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You got your issue solved

With the help of this guide, you will be able to resolve your past tenses reading issues. We have covered a lot of examples from kids to expert level to understand better how to write and pronounce ‘read’ in different tenses. Keep practicing these examples on a daily basis until every single unresolved conflict related to this topic becomes clear in your mind.

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