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Write a Scholarship Essay: Template, Format, and Outline

Scholarship essay writing is the most important skill for students to grab the opportunity to pursue higher education. It not only provides financial assistance but also helps to achieve career goals and aspirations in the most prestigious institutions.

However, due to a large number of applicants trying for limited spots, formulating a perfect scholarship writing essay is key to standing out from the crowd.

This blog post from cheap assignment service provides an expert guide on scholarship essay format, template, and outline, along with an example.


What is a Scholarship Essay? Meaning and Purpose

A scholarship essay provides students with an opportunity to showcase their exceptional values, qualities, past academic awards, achievements, experiences, and aspirations to make an impact on the scholarship selection committee. As per cheap assignment writers, it is a written piece of work that comes as a part of the scholarship applications.

You articulate your background, career dream,and future goals by explaining how you are a perfect choice for the available opportunity in a most compelling manner.

It is more than any other academic essay and acts as the most important tool to set your educational journey on the right trajectory by easing your financial burden.

The ultimate purpose of writing an essay for scholarship is to convince the selection committee. You portray yourself as the most deserving candidate that aligns with their institutional missions and future projects. 

Never Forget These 13 Scholarship Essay Format Guidelines

The format of the scholarship varies and depends upon the instructions and guidelines of the specific college or university. However, the general is given below.

  1. Use Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri font style.
  2. Ensure 12-point font size with a 1-1.5 inch margin from all sides. (Top, right, left, bottom).
  3. Put a blank line (single-spaced or double-spaced) between paragraphs to increase the readability.
  4. Remember the maximum word count instructions and never exceed them. If the recommended word count is 300, then you can write 290 to 295 or 300 words. 
  5. Make a skimmable section with bullet points, tables, lists, or numbers. Professors don’t prefer to read lengthy paragraphs. Refer to the guide on how to write a short essay format in just six steps. 
  6. Although the title of the scholarship essay is optional, if it is required, then make it unique and attention-grabbing. Write your title at the top center with a larger font size than the body part.
  7. Abide by the file format if it is sent by electronic mail. (PDF, word document).
  8. Write your name, page numbers, date, and any other specified information in the header and footer.
  9. Use polite, persuasive, and professional tone and language. Never use slang or idioms that are out of context.
  10. Use the recommended naming convention of your files to make them easily accessible in the application system.
  11. Put references and citations if you are using external resources in the required style. (MLA, APA, Chicago).
  12. Use high-quality paper for printing if it is to be sent physically.
  13. Never forget to proofread your essay to make it perfect in every way.

Successful Scholarship Essay Template and Outline of 2024


  • Start with a captivating statement that hooks the professors and grabs their attention.
  • Provide your short introduction with some background information and experiences.
  • Outline your thesis statement. (your goals and ambitions)
  • Highlight the name of the scholarship you are applying for and clearly state your purpose. 

Body Paragraphs

  • Explain your past educational journey.
  • Mention awards and achievements.
  • Describe how the scholarship aligns with your future goals and career path.
  • Convince the committee on how your research interest or major contributes to their organization’s future projects, mission, and vision.
  • Highlight your traits or unique qualities that set you apart from the rest of the candidates. 
  • Provide details about why you need the scholarship and how it can help you to make an impact. 

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  • Sum up your important points revolving around the scholarship application.
  • Convey your gratitude for the opportunity of the scholarship.
  • Put closing remarks that leave a lasting impression on the scholarship selection committee. 

Writing a Scholarship Essay Example


“Being an elder son of my parents in a middle-class family, I always had a sense of responsibility upon my shoulders. After securing a first position in schooling, I got an opportunity to secure admission to one of the renowned colleges of the city on scholarship.

Although I enrolled in a computer major on my parent’s desire, from the very first class, I started grasping the programming concepts very profoundly, which pushed me ahead of the class in the annual exam. After college, I worked on various real-world AI-driven development projects that fueled my desire to pursue my graduation in Artificial intelligence on a full bright scholarship. 

Body Paragraphs

From the start of my schooling, I worked day and night with the aim of breaking the shackles of poverty. I always found myself struggling and wishing to provide my parents with all the amenities of life. So, all the early childhood deprivations motivated me to work hard and extend a helping hand to my father. 

My educational journey is surrounded by the mixture of my parent’s desires as well as my interest in becoming a computer scientist. During my college, I met with very kind professors who put extra effort into helping me develop my programming skills. Their efforts brought fruit, and I passed the annual exam with flying colors, bringing me a student of the year. 

After passing out from college, due to strong fundamental concepts of coding, I secured an internship opportunity in a well-known software house. Here, I worked with experienced AI experts on several practical applications, taking my programming skills to the next level.

Being equipped with all the required expertise, I aim to pursue a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Luckily, my research interests and skills perfectly meet all the requirements of the scholarship. Therefore, I consider myself a suitable candidate for this opportunity. 


Securing this scholarship will help me to achieve my career goal of becoming a computer scientist without worrying about tuition fees and other expenses. With this scholarship, I am very sure that I can make a great impact on your organization’s ongoing projects and society at large. I would be highly grateful if you provided me with this wonderful opportunity in your prestigious institution. I look forward to your positive feedback.    

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Final Thoughts on Essay Writing for Scholarship

Scholarship essays include an individual’s personality traits, educational background, unique qualities, future career goals, etc. 

It is an essential piece of writing that makes an impact on the scholarship selection committee if written efficiently. 

To achieve this, you should follow a professional template and make the proper format as well as outline. Doing so can significantly increase the chances of your selection.

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