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10 Fun Things to Do When Bored in Class or School

Have you ever wondered about the primary factors or things that make a school so boring? A School is a fundamental institution where we learn the basics of education. These are the first institutes critical in driving the child’s future. Given their importance, a wise approach is that the school’s environment should be healthier, fun-packed, engaging, and inspiring for the students.

However, reality is somewhat different from our imagination. A study conducted by the daily JSTOR revealed that the “average student is bored about 1/3 of the time in a school”.

Moreover, if you are a primary, middle, or high school student, you must have encountered a situation when you feel monotonous, fatigued, and dull in your class.

Moving forward, we need to understand what are the things and factors that lead to the question, “Why is school so boring?”. And what things should you do when feeling bored in a class?

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9 Shocking Reasons About Why Is School So Boring?

Conventional Teaching Methodologies:

The traditional teaching styles and methods, such as PowerPoint slides and note-taking lectures, significantly contribute to the boredom of the class. This teacher-centered approach brings a passive learning experience and leads to disengagement and a lack of enthusiasm in the class.

Outdated and Irrelevant Syllabus

The curriculum and class syllabus are incompatible with the fast-paced, real-world environment. Students find it hard to relate their study subjects with the practical experience. Moreover, the deficiency of modern-day inventions and creativity in subjects also leads to students’ disinterest and dullness.

Absence of Quality and Realistic Education:

The teachers immensely rely on the traditional content and teaching strategies that have become irrelevant to society’s needs and demands. They still entirely emphasize studying academic subjects while neglecting the development of essential student skills. For example, today, educational institutions don’t focus on life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, financial literacy, emotional intelligence, etc.

Cramming Culture:

Cramming and rote memorization of the subjects demotivate a deeper understanding and motivation of the topic. Students are just forced to cram on particular topics for exams and grades. This monotonous practice does not foster the subject’s clear understanding.

Lack of Interactive Learning Environment:

The lack of an interactive learning environment in the class takes away the learning excitement. Because the interactive environment brings practical activities, exploration, question-answering and inventions of new ideas and concepts. The silent lectures and classrooms lead the students to mental disengagement and passive or static cultures. Moreover, it also prevents their curiosity and the joy of discovery.

Over-emphasis on Testing and Exam:

Schools’ standard testing and exam system puts extra pressure on students’ minds to perform well and achieve higher grades. This overwhelming approach fosters a cramming culture instead of students’ minds growth, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities.

Lack of Autonomous Opinion and Choice:

Prevalence of teachers’ and parent’s interest in student subjects choice also leads to dullness and disinterest. Moreover, the predetermined or pre-established coursework and learning path also restrict students’ ability and ownership of learning.

Boring Class Assignment and Homework

This is one of the most highlighted reasons students feel bored and stressed. Teachers assign the bulk of homework and assignments that are irrelevant and devoid of realistic experience. Therefore, many students resort to online help with assignment writing to relieve their stress and pressure.

Dominant Class Culture:

The fear of the teacher controls the flow of information and discussion. Suppressing the student’s voices limits their ability to participate in the participation of class activities.

Over-obsession of Technology and Social Media

Constant use of social media and technology also lowers student’s enthusiasm in class. Because they consume a lot of entertaining and exciting content over the internet, the traditional class activities are slower-paced and boring.

11 Little-Known Things to Do When Bored in Class

11 Little-Known Things to Do When Bored In Class

Participate in Class Activities:

Actively participate in class activities such as quizzes, presentations, question-answering, and class discussion. This will help you to develop interest and stay focused in the class.

Make Visual Notes

Instead of passively listening to the lectures, use different drawings and creative visuals to note important points and concepts. Highlight key ideas and points using colorful visuals to reinforce your understanding.

Relate Class Activities with Personal Experience

Try to make your class lectures and activities relatable to your real-world experience. Connect subject matter concepts to your lives and future goals because it will create curiosity and a thirst or motivation for deeper understanding.

Practice Active Listening

Pay careful attention during the lecture and class discussion. Try to closely understand the nuances of explaining the subject matter, tone, and teacher’s body language. This is one of the funny things to do in class to escape boredom.

Break Down the Task

Break your task into smaller and manageable chunks or components. Doing this will ease the complexities and pressure. Moreover, it will help you delve deep into the nuances of individual parts and understand them thoroughly. Do this, especially when you are extremely bored in class and want to make your school education experience more fun.

Practice Mindfulness

Take a few moments to relax and take deep breaths to remain fully present internally and externally in the class. Mindful exercises such as deep breathing and focusing on bodily sensations can help you bring your attention back to the class. Paying close attention in class helps you remain closely connected with the learning environment.

Be Organized

Be systematic, punctual, and organized in your class. Because working with messy notebooks, notes, or other class materials can be overwhelming and take away your motivation. Moreover, organizing your class materials helps you to spend less time finding things and more time listening to the lectures. Additionally, it boosts your productivity and reduces distractions.

Collaborate with Others

Engage in constructive discussion with your fellows and teachers to exchange ideas and innovative concepts. Collaborating helps transform static or passive lectures into vibrant learning opportunities and experiences. Moreover, working towards shared learning goals will deepen your understanding of the topic.

Creative Outlets

Creative outliers such as playing classic games, drawing, painting, designing, writing, quiz competitions, etc., can throw away the traditional class dullness. You can also do other funny things, such as intentionally misinterpreting the points to create polite jokes and kiddings. You can do these cute things when bored in the class.

Use Downtime

Maximize the use of your downtime in revising the previous lessons. Because revision will help solidify your understanding and identify the knowledge gap. Note the potentially confusing questions and discuss them with your teacher. This is quite an amazing thing to do during your downtime when you are bored in class.

Seek Help from Fellows and Online Platforms

Approaching your class fellows to clear your confusion can be a surprising thing to do when you feel bored in class. For example, if you are stuck on your assignment, seeking assignment writing help from your peers can bring fresh perspectives and a clear understanding. Moreover, this practice also creates a cooperative classroom environment, making it more fun.

Final Thoughts On Fun Things to Do When Bored in Class

Several approaches and factors contribute to making your school or class so boring. For example:

  • Outdated and irrelevant syllabus
  • Absence of quality and realistic education
  • Cramming culture
  • Boring class assignments and homework
  • Lack of interactive environment
  • Over-emphasis on testing and exam
  • Dominant culture
  • Obsession with technology and social media
  • Lack of autonomous choice and opinion

However, you can do numerous funny things when you feel bored in the class, such as:

  • Participate in class discussion and question-answering
  • Use creative outlets such as drawing, designing, painting, and playing funny games.
  • Actively listen to class lectures
  • Break tasks into smaller chunks
  • Practice mindfulness

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