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What are the Different Types of Coursework in College?

Coursework assignment takes many shapes in academic writing and perplexes students. Each type has their requirements and evaluation specifically designed for college students. We know academic learners think of it as “fright night”, but it’s the exact opposite.

Today, our essay writing experts will guide you on understanding these types with comprehensive knowledge.

Bonus point! You’ll get the step by step guide on solving the complexity surrounding the coursework. This blog is perfectly curated for students lacking thorough understanding of the different types of coursework in college.

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Different Types of Coursework in College a Student Must Know

Since academic writing requires struggle and hard work right from the get-go. Students must know all the different types and their utilization in their coursework. There are numerous types you may choose from when your professor asks you to write coursework. Here we will discuss the prominent ones that’ll help you in tackling all issues at once for good.


Academic essays are the easiest form of coursework in your academic years. These essays help you find your niche before you start diving into the deep water. An essay provides students an opportunity to discuss their opinion and research from a non-expert’s point of view.

Since academic learners have less information and exposure on the given topic, your write up helps the teachers understand a topic from the student’s perspective.

There are many types of essays in a coursework paper that we will mention here so you can have appropriate understanding of them.

Narrative Essay

It’s a type where an author or a writer needs to narrate a story or their words on a topic. It’s widely used for story writing and novel writing.

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays allow writers to provide a complete description about a topic or an object. Students must use one of the five senses such as smell, sight, hearing, taste, and touch to provide a vivid description.

Expository Essay

Expository coursework essays provide facts to the audience, educate them and make them aware of evidence.

Definition Essay

Definition essays provide a simple definition to readers who are unknown or uninformed about the subject.

Process Essay

A process essay explains a procedure to their readers. It can be a how-to guide or step by step procedure to do a particular work.

Compare and Contrast Essay

These essays take two different or opposing subjects / topics / items / ideas and discuss the similarities and differences between them.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays provide an opportunity to students to choose a topic and present their opinion in favor or against it. 

Persuasive Essay

In these essays, students must win the trust of their audience by using persuasion and providing subjective opinions on a topic.

Research Papers

Research papers are one of the most challenging and time-consuming coursework a student ever got to do in their college. Students are typically provided a topic and allowed a few weeks or a month’s time to come-up with a solution.

These research papers require students to dig deep and challenge the existing theories, or compliment them by adding new results on them.

Research papers can be based on or related to any discipline that requires thorough investigation. Students of particle physics may be required by their institution to provide a coursework paper on a large hadron collider that propels atoms or particles to a speed of light resulting in big bang like phenomena but at a minuscule level.

For research papers, students must submit research proposals about their coursework. Once approved, they’ll get to work on the proposed investigational paper. Many universities and colleges provide financial and expert aid for students to conduct such experiments.

Since these research papers are university funded, they are proprietary and cannot be published without course assessors and college student research committee’s approval.

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It’s worth mentioning that students typically believe the research papers are purely based on scientific research. So, a student of humanities, literature, arts doesn’t require them, it’s childish if you think like that.

Regardless of your discipline and its scope, students of higher education must complete a research paper in order to be awarded a degree in a specific field of education.


Making a presentation and showcasing it in front of an audience is an important part of coursework assignment. Presentation is considered as the easiest type of coursework since it involves speaking with the audience members and demonstrating your communication skills along with your work.

Many students experience an academic dilemma when they are asked for a presentation on a topic. The reason being afraid of appropriately presenting your ideas and stage phobia / stage fright is the number one cause of anxiety and lack of confidence among them.

However, with confidence, appropriate research and evidence students can overcome this quite easily.

A presentation coursework typically takes place in an auditorium where students use visual aids, or show their work on a projector screen. Many popular apps such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slide and Apple Keynote are used extensively for such projects.

Although presentation work is of little importance when it comes to showcasing it to a wider audience. However, having sound communication skills help students from many perspectives. It helps learners take a stance even if the odds are against them, secondly their persuasive skills get a fresh reboot, that ultimately pays off big time!

There are many types of presentations such as:

  • Informative presentation
  • Persuasive presentation
  • Demonstration or how-to presentation
  • Training or instructional presentation
  • Sales presentation
  • Pitch presentation
  • Motivational or inspirational presentation
  • Status or progress report presentation


Experiments are one of the best ways to do your coursework. These tasks allow you to choose a topic, conduct extensive research in a lab, or face to face with data samples, etc. experiments can be of many types such as based on social or economical behavior or pattern of a certain variable.

Similarly, if you’re a student of psychology, you might’ve to do a social survey on different human behaviors and trigger factors. Experiments allow you to have a first hand experience by data collection, observation and critical analysis.

For instance, psychology students might try to find the pattern in a data sample or target audience by asking them questions such as what color they like the most or provide them comfort, etc. Through such experiments, students get evidence and draw their conclusions.

Creative Projects

Creative projects are a part of coursework that allows freedom of expression in many forms. These projects are specifically designed to enhance your creative skills and artistic abilities. Such projects can include painting, creating sculpture, acting, writing, composing music, making short films, directing a movie or a stage show, etc.

An example for creative projects can include making a short movie based on a Shakespeare novel “Romeo and Juliet”. You can have the freedom of choosing your actors, directing them, using your imaginative and storytelling skills to demonstrate your abilities.

These different types of coursework assignments help students explore out of the box solutions. By having a strong command on various types of coursework papers, it’s inevitable you’ll find and hone your skills easily.

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Final Words

To conclude this debate, there are many types of coursework for students in college and each one presents a unique challenge for them. Enhancing your understanding can only serve in your best interest and provide you assignment writing help prior to commencement of this task.

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