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What is An Academic Essay – How to Get Better at Writing It

Students often struggle with very basic questions, like what is an academic essay. However, we understand that academic assignments could be a tough ask as students may struggle with understanding the teacher’s instructions and conveying their thoughts clearly. In a nutshell, from a blank page to a polished academic essay is something a student would rely on a cheap assignment service online.

For writing a good academic essay, you need to be good at crafting a thoughtful thesis statement. Plus, you have to support your arguments in the body paragraphs well with reliable evidence. Also, you should be able to cite your sources correctly to become a good academic essay writer.

But in this blog post, we will try to find an answer to what is an academic essay. Along with that, we will focus on some tips and tricks for writing academic essays like a pro. So, if you are Mr. Smarty or a newbie writer, this interesting piece of writing has got something for you. Let’s get started.

Everything You Need to Know About an Academic Essay

In general, almost people have an idea about what is academic writing so we will not go in detail for that, rather we’ll directly switch to academic essay to guide students.

What is an Academic Essay?

An academic essay is a formal writing that presents and defends an argument on a topic. Such an essay follows a structured format that includes an intro para, a few body paragraphs, and a conclusion para. Students are often asked to write an academic essay as coursework assignments, or for publication in journals or more. The purpose of engaging students in such a task is to help them develop critical and analytical skills. Sums up the academic essay definition

Now that you know enough about this interesting academic assignment, let’s try to understand why most students search for affordable assignment writers as soon as they are handed an academic interest essay task.

Why Do Students Struggle with Writing an Academic Essay?

Just as you are having a hard time knowing what is an academic essay, many students struggle with writing an academic interest essay due to several reasons, including:

The Task Complexity

To write an academic essay, a student has to think deeply, analyze the data well, and finally have to convey the ideas well. Not all students are good at these and hence they struggle big time dealing with this task.

Lack of Instructions

No, or unclear instructions from teachers can leave you confused about this task. They may have no idea what a teacher wants from them and may therefore have no idea about how to proceed with writing it.

Time Management

Students might find it difficult to balance their time well. They may be required to deal with other academic responsibilities as well. Such can also make them procrastinate and rush into writing academic essays thus failing to meet the required standards of writing one.

Lack of Proper Research

Students need to perform proper research before writing an academic essay. Good research allows them to find data that they can use to support their arguments well in the essay. But some students might lack proper research skills.

Fear of Failure

One of the biggest factors that lead students to failure is the fear of failure. That’s true even when they are writing an academic essay. Such thinking absorbs the students’ confidence and ability to write a good academic essay.

If you are still uncertain about what is an academic essay, don’t fret as the tips for writing one will wipe away all your doubts.

Expert Tips for Writing a Perfect Academic Essay

Here are some expert steps for crafting a perfect academic essay. We have also jotted down an example with the step so you can get a better understanding of it. Now before that go through best interest academic essay for 2024 and then understand our steps one by one.

Academic Essay of Interest? Definition, Outline, Sample, and Examples

Step 1: Properly Analyze the Assignment

Let’s suppose the teacher has asked you to write an academic essay on the topic ‘How Social Media is Impacting Modern Society?’ Here you have to understand that your teacher is interested only in the social media’s impact on modern society and you don’t have to get into extra details.

Step 2: Conduct a Thorough Research

You can not become an expert in what is an academic essay if you do not have a command of research into articles, credible websites, and even books to collect information about the topic. You can also watch videos on social platforms or go through studies discussing social media’s influence on modern society.

Step 3: A Thesis Statement

Now that you have collected enough information in Step 2, you are now ready to craft a good thesis statement in Step 3. A thesis statement is a short statement in the opening paragraph conveying your opinion on the topic. Like a thesis statement for our topic could be ‘Overuse of social media can have both positive and negative effects on modern society like it can shape relationships, mental well-being, and more.

Step 4: Good Outline is the Key

An Intro Para: Provide context and develop the thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs: Each of these paragraphs must focus on a particular aspect of the topic.

Conclusion: Summarize key points and restate the thesis.

Step 5: Work on a Good Introduction Paragraph

You can start with an eye-catching line or something shocking to grab the reader’s attention. Once the readers are in, go for introducing the topic and thesis statement. Continuing with our example of social media, your introduction paragraph can look like ‘There are now over 3 billion users of social media worldwide. Hence, it’s a big platform connecting people. However, the ample use of such has raised a lot of questions on its impact on modern society.

Step 6: Body Paragraphs

Each of these body paragraphs must focus on a different aspect of social media’s impact. For our topic, one para should tell the social media’s impact on our mental health. The second one should focus on conveying how social media use has added to the rising mental health issues in people.

Step 7: Provide Evidence and Analysis

You must have to properly support your arguments with the evidence. Properly analyze how evidence relates to your thesis statement. For our topic, you can discuss the recent cases where social media has contributed to low self-esteem in avid users.

Step 8: The Conclusion Should be The Best

You will crack the logic behind what is an academic essay through the last step. The final step is that you should properly summarize the points covered in the whole academic essay. You can also provide suggestions for further research here. For our topic, the conclusion paragraph may look like ‘No doubt social media offers good opportunities for sharing information but it is also true that the persuasive use of such can cause negative effects on the users.

How can Students Get Better at Writing an Academic Essay?

Practice and commitment are the way to go for students if they want to get better at academic writing. Here are some tips and tricks from experts to get better at this academic activity:

Invest Proper Time in Reading

Going through different writing styles could help students understand how they can present their points of view well in the academic essay. This way they will learn different ways of approaching this task.

Check Different Model Essays

By doing so, you will have good knowledge of how to structure your essay, present your opinion, and more. In short, you will have a good understanding of how to write an academic essay well.

Ensure that You Have Understood the Assignment

Properly analyze what the assignment is demanding from you. If you are uncertain about the requirements, don’t hesitate to consult your teacher or colleague.

Develop a Thesis Statement

You should be practicing a lot on crafting a thesis statement. Such a statement is the backbone of writing a good academic essay.

Outline Your Ideas

It’s even better if you could outline your ideas, arguments, or thoughts before you start writing.

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Practice Research Skills

Learn how the experts go about their research before beginning to write an academic essay. Interestingly, most students ask research writers to take care of their academic essays with ‘write my assignment’ requests online, just to learn the trick of good research from them.

Get into a Practice of Writing Regularly

Writing an academic essay is yet another writing task that will get better with consistent practice. So never skip a day of writing and experimenting with different styles.

Seek Feedback

Don’t hesitate to share your final drafts with friends, colleagues, and tutors for feedback. Also, take the suggestions as advised by them to make your write-up better. 

Example of An Academic Essay 

This is one academic essay example 1500 words (Extract) for your understanding. You can pick any suitable one from the detailed enviornment essay topics list once you have developed a concept. Going through such an example will help you find an answer to what is an academic essay.

Title: Climate Change and its Impact on Global Biodiversity

Introduction Para

Climate change is a significant environmental issue that we are facing these days and it has wide-ranging effects on ecosystems and biodiversity across the globe. As temperatures rise and weather patterns change, ecosystems experience unprecedented disturbances, resulting in changes in the distribution of species, alterations in their life cycle events, and an elevated risk of extinction. This essay looks into the diverse impacts of climate change on worldwide biodiversity. Also investigates the factors that drive these changes and the possible consequences for the functioning of ecosystems.

Body Paragraphs

 Changing Habitats

Climate change changes habitats and causes disturbances in ecosystems, which compels species to adjust or move to more appropriate environments.

As an illustration, the increasing temperatures in Arctic areas have resulted in the disappearance of sea ice, impacting the living conditions of polar bears and other species reliant on ice. Likewise, alterations in rainfall patterns within tropical forests impact the spread of plant species, consequently influencing the makeup and configuration of ecosystems.

 Phenological Shifts and Ecological Interactions

Changes in temperature and precipitation patterns have an effect on phenology, which refers to the timing of biological events such as flowering, migration, and breeding. When temperatures rise, numerous species modify their cues for these events, resulting in discrepancies in ecological interactions. 

It means that shifts in the timing of flowering, for example, can disturb the relationships between pollinators and plants, ultimately influencing pollination dynamics and the reproduction of plants.

 Increased Extinction Risk

As per the Oxford Academic research article, climate change worsens the nephrology and already existing dangers to biodiversity, elevating the likelihood of species becoming extinct. Many species are pushed beyond their limits due to habitat loss, modified ecosystems, and shifting environmental conditions. As an illustration, coral reefs encounter bleaching incidents caused by increasing sea temperatures, thus jeopardizing the survival of coral species and the marine life connected to them.

 Implications for Ecosystem Services

The decrease in biodiversity caused by climate change has significant consequences for the services provided by ecosystems, which are the benefits that humans receive from these natural systems. 

For example, the decline in populations of pollinators can harm the pollination of crops, which in turn affects food security and agricultural productivity. 

Conclusion Paragraph

The effects of climate change on worldwide biodiversity are intricate and extensive, with significant consequences for ecosystems, species, and human welfare. Successfully tackling these challenges necessitates unified endeavors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard and rehabilitate habitats, and foster climate resilience. 

By comprehending the interdependence between climate change and the depletion of biodiversity, we can strive towards a sustainable future that conserves the Earth’s diverse biological legacy for future generations.

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Take Away

To write a good academic essay, you have to pay good attention to detail. Must properly organize your thoughts and present your arguments well. This blog post has tried to answer what is an academic essay and then it has guided you on how to write one well like a pro. 

Furthermore, the author has also guided students on how they can improve their academic essay-writing skills. From academic essay definition to understanding the structure, and practicing various writing skills, this write-up has covered every aspect of crafting a perfect academic essay. Such that you won’t have to search for what is an academic essay or write my academic essay again.

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