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How to Write an Article Review? Start to End

As per the statistics, the United States ranked first research with 4.19 Million articles in the past 20 years. With that amount of articles, there is a need for reviewing and evaluating them. That’s when article review and report comes in handy.

There are different strategies and methods that teachers use to evaluate the student’s performance, article review is one of the most popular. Don’t be confused if you are assigned to write one, we are here to rescue.

Who Should Read this Article?

  • Undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree students who have to publish and present various term papers, review articles, and research papers, etc to meet your degree requirements.
  • People who want to learn more about critical analysis and reviews.
  • Researchers that are working on different projects.
  • Professors and teachers who want to evaluate their students’ skills.

What is the Purpose of the Article Report or Review?

Article review assignment is very important in order to evaluate the quality and accuracy of research papers. They help in giving an in depth discussion regarding the methodology, key findings, and the literature review of the articles. 

Why do students need to learn how to write an article review? Well, as the writer of this exclusive guide, I truly believe that writing a review is one of the most important research papers.

It takes a lot of time and effort to check and analyze someone’s research. I was lacking at so many things while writing reviews and that cost me a lot of grades. But then I learned how to write it effectively and published my papers.”

Countries With Most Publications In Research

Article review writing depends on an existing research paper. The nature of resources and methodology in research varies from country to country. We have gathered the statistics of countries who have published the most research papers in the past 20 years. It will help you pick an article to review based on the suitable country and resources.

Country Publication
Germany 0.70M
Australia 0.35M

What is an Article Review? An Ultimate Definition

According to Cambridge, it is any scholarly article that critically understands, evaluates and analyzes the existing literature on a particular topic.

Its primary objective is to synthesize, summarize, and sum up the key arguments, points, findings, and current state of the knowledge on a particular area in a single article. Moreover, It also delves deep into highlighting the research gap, limitations, and controversies in the previous literature.

What is the purpose of the article review- 8 Little-Known Facts

  • The review articles summarize, synthesize, and critique the already available literature on a particular topic.
  • It helps the researchers to read and understand the existing knowledge in a single place.
  • Different types like Journal article review assignment or narrative review connects the dots and presents valuable insights, key points, arguments, controversies, and the current state of knowledge in a particular domain.
  • Identifies the limitations and research gap in the literature and sets new research directions.
  • Promotes critical thinking to highlight controversies and conflicting evidence that helps foster healthy research discourse.
  • Synthesizing and condensing the vast amount of data helps the research community to comprehensively understand the topic at hand and set future research directions.
  • Extract important data and information from different sources and present it in an organized and coherent manner.
  • Saves a lot of time and energy of students, researchers, and practitioners to stay up to date with their respective disciplines. 
  • Helps researchers to make well-informed and evidence-based decisions.

9 Challenges of Writing Review Articles – Are You Also Facing?

  • Searching and finding the relevant literature, reading article review sample requires a lot of time and effort.
  • Overwhelming to read, understand, summarize, and synthesize the data from various sources and consolidate it in a single place.
  • It requires a strong critical evaluation ability to critique and identify conflicted arguments, evidence, and controversies.
  • It requires objectivity to draw and present controversial perspectives and viewpoints while also refraining from putting your analysis and biases.
  • Keeping yourself updated with existing as well as current state of knowledge.
  • It demands a prudent and cautious approach to present the data responsibly.
  • Structuring and organizing the vast amount of data as per the journal article review assignment guidelines is a tedious task.
  • Narrowing down the broader scope of knowledge into manageable chunks as per your requirements is a tricky process.
  • Striking the right balance between depth as well as the accuracy of the information for students, researchers, and practitioners can be challenging.

Secret Tips to Write an Article Review Assignment? Master it Now

  • Reflect on your academic background and research skills.
  • Select a topic that matches your interest and passion. Go through articles on education or school review examples.
  • Develop a research question.
  • Visit different academic databases, journals, and conference proceedings to extract relevant literature.
  • Read and understand the central theme, ideas, and argument of each paper.
  • Critically evaluate the presented evidence, findings, methodologies, and sources of the data.
  • Highlight conflicted arguments and controversies if any. Don’t confuse the process of how to critique an article with reviewing an article.
  • Identify different patterns and relationships between data, charts, graphs, etc.
  • Interpret the main theme and draw your conclusions.
  • Synthesize and summarize the information in the literature logically and coherently.
  • Emphasize the limitations and present future research directions.
  • Always avoid adding any new data or information which is not present in the literature.
  • Read and understand the journal’s guidelines and format your content accordingly.
  • Revise and edit.
  • Submit for publications.

Hopefully, you have understood these important points about writing reviews efficiently. In addition to this, If you are struggling to find any other academic help such as assignment writing, research paper writing etc, just trigger our cheap assignment service and rest.

Article Review Format, Samples and Templates

Writing a review article requires you to follow some specific Template, format, and guidelines. These instructions are usually given by your professor or institutes to be followed in letter and spirit. You can also get an idea by reading various article review examples.

It does not matter which of the formatting and citation styles your professor recommends. There are some important sections that you must include in your review article to provide a crystal clear understanding.

6 Steps of Writing Review Article – Experts Outline


 Write your article’s unique, concise, and descriptive title.


Summarize the key points, review questions, and discussion of the entire work.


Introduce a brief background information. Explain your rationale and logic for conducting the particular review. Highlight its significance and value. Discuss subtopics and outline their order.


  • Divide your entire content into sections and subsections. Here synthesize and integrate the information collected from different sources.
  • Include key arguments, research questions, findings, and evidence from all the sources one by one.
  • Underscore controversies and conflicted evidence.
  • Draw important research questions, gaps, and limitations.
  • Include tables, charts, and graphs to present and interpret the data effectively.
  • Based on the study, discuss future research directions and opportunities.


In conclusion, critically summarize the entire work. Draw key questions, research limitations, and gaps in existing literature. Emphasize untouched and unresolved research questions. Underscore the importance of future research directions and their requirements for the academic and research community.

References and Citations

Use any citation style such as APA and MLA to reference all the research papers and other resources of your information. Make sure to follow the journal guidelines for citing the resources.

APA Citation Style and Article Review Format

According to the APA, the citation style is given along with examples.

Journal: [Author] last name, First and middle initials, Publication date and year, Title. Periodical title, Volume (Issue), PP-pp

  • Website: Last name, Initials, Publications data, Title. Retrieved from {link}.
  • Newspaper: Last name. Initials. (Date of Publication). Title. Magazine Title, pp. Xx-xx. “

Attention students! If you are facing difficulties in citing, you can use any professional APA referencing tools to ensure accuracy. Now let’s take a look at the examples.

Journal Example: Smith, J. A. (2023, December 14). The impact of climate change on marine ecosystems. Journal of Aquatic Science, 32(4), 678-690.

Website Example: Johnson, E. T. (2015, August 15). The history of the Rosetta Stone. Retrieved from {Your Link}

Newspaper Example: Lee, J. (2023, December 13). Local artists showcase creativity at the annual art fair. The Daily Chronicle [San Francisco], B3.

MLA Citation Style and Article Review Sample Format

The University of Washington defines MLA citation style as follows:

  • Journal: Last name, First name Middle initial. “Title.” Journal Title Series Volume. Issue (Year of Publication): Page(s). Database Name. Web. Date Accessed.
  • Website: Last, First M. “Title.” Website Title. Publisher, Date Published. Web. Date Accessed.
  • Newspaper: Last, First M. “Title.” Newspaper Title [City] Date of Publication: Page(s). Print. “

Journal Example:

Smith, John A. “A Review of Animal Behavior Studies.” Journal of Zoology 45.2 (2021): 35-50. Academic Search Ultimate. Web. 10 May 2022.

Website Example:

Jones, Michael F. “Common Wildlife of National Parks.” National Parks Service. US Department of the Interior, 15 Mar. 2020. Web. 5 June 2022.

Newspaper Example:

Williams, Sara. “Local Zoo Welcomes New Lion Cubs.” The Daily Times [Chicago] 5 July 2022: A3. Print.

Note: If you are confused, don’t hesitate to choose a MLA referencing free tool.

6 Best Article Review Examples and Topics


  • The impact of teacher’s affectionate behavior on students’ learning outcomes.
  • The role of social media in children’s emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Computer Science:

  • Analyzing the automobile defect detection mechanism using ML models.
  • Exploring the suitability of supervised learning for scientific discovery.


  • How the international justice system is protecting the status quo across the globe
  • Why Regularizing social media is necessary to protect the right to privacy in the digital age.


  • The capabilities of quantum computing to surpass blockchain technology.
  • Hazardous of advanced weapon technology on responsible development.


  • Recent advancement in sustainable chemistry methodologies.
  • Literature on advanced real-world applications of spectroscopy.


  • Steps taken to preserve endangered species in the last 5 years.
  • Reviewing parasitism, mutualism, and commensal interactions.

Types of Reviews in Research

Table: Journal Article VS Research Article VS Science Article

Article Review Types
Feature Journal Article Review Research Article Review Science Article Review
Focus Overall quality, clarity, relevance, and contribution of the article within its field Scientific rigor and methodology of a research article Explanation of scientific concepts and phenomena for a broader audience, with possible mentions of research
Scope Can review any article in a scholarly journal (research, review, case study, etc.) Reviews only original research articles Reviews articles related to a specific scientific field, research or non-research
Required Expertise Expertise in the field or broader discipline of the article Deep expertise in the specific research field of the article Solid understanding of the scientific field and potential research background.
Examples Review of a political satire article in a humanities journal Review of a study on protein interactions in a medical journal Review of an article in a popular science magazine explaining the recent discovery of a new exoplanet.
Key Questions Asked Is the article well-written? Does it make a significant contribution to the field? Is the research design sound? Are the data analysis and conclusions valid? How effectively does the article explain the scientific concept or phenomenon? Is the information accurate and accessible to a broader audience?
Benefits Provide a broader perspective on the article and its place in the field Critiques of the scientific merit and quality of research Increases public understanding of science and potentially sparks interest in further research

Resource To Pick Paper For Article Review

Source How does it help you?
Google Scholar Stores millions of articles and case studies for research. 
JstorTop class published journals and articles to review. 
Elsevier Articles from diverse domains available for review research. 
Research GateGive access to millions of research papers,school review examples, and professional reviews.

Important Take Away

  • Descriptive and Unique Title
  • Abstract (summary of entire work)
  • Introduction (brief Intro, motivation, key questions, etc)
  • Body (heart of the review paper, critically evaluate entire collected data precisely)
  • Conclusion (Recap of entire work, highlight key points of your evaluation)
  • Citations (reference of all the resources as per recommended citation style)

How We Can Help You?

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Final Thoughts on How to Write an Article Review

Article review is an academic document that collects, integrates or synthesizes, and summarizes the existing literature on a particular topic. We have discovered the following tips and steps to practice reviewing an article effectively.

  • Reflect on your skills.
  • Select a topic.
  • Develop a research question.
  • Visit different academic databases, journals, and conference proceedings to extract relevant literature.
  • Read and understand the central theme, ideas, and argument of each paper.
  • Critically evaluate the presented evidence, findings, methodologies, and sources of the data.
  • Highlight conflicted arguments and controversies if any.
  • Interpret the main theme and draw your conclusions.

Frequently Asked Questions
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