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How to Write a Claim? Argumentative, Persuasive, and Research paper

Are you wondering about how to write a claim in writing to present compelling arguments that convince your readers? Whether it is an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay, a research paper, or any other assignment, mastering the art of writing a claim statement is important for success.

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What is a Claim in Writing? Definition and Meaning

In its literal meaning, a claim in writing is any assertion, affirmation, or declaration that you make about something.

Any claim in writing possesses the following important characteristics.

  • Debatable or Arguable:
  • Clear and Concise:
  • Focused and Specific:
  • Provable with Evidence and Reasoning:
  • Must Take a Clear Position:
  • Engaging and Thought-Provoking:
  • Use Strong Language:

It goes beyond simply defining or writing the title of the topic and making a clear assertion before proving it with evidence and reasoning.

Quick Short Example For Understanding

For example, if you are writing on the topic of “Social Media,” then you can make a claim or assertion that “social media has severe impacts on mental and physical health.” Now, this would be the main focus or central idea of the essay or paragraph and will drive the subsequent content of your writing.

Additional Points:

  • For a claim paragraph, it should be the first sentence of the paragraph, whereas for an essay, it should appear in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph.
  • Always provide solid and credible evidence to support your claim.

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How to Write a Claim? Your 9 Hidden Steps

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Choose a Topic or Subject

Select an interesting subject or topic that aligns with your academic background.

Determine Your Purpose

Identify your purpose for writing a claim. Decide whether you want to inform, persuade, entertain, or argue on a particular topic. Understanding your intended purpose will set the clear direction of your claim in writing.

Conduct In-Depth Research

Take as much time as possible to conduct extensive research on a particular topic. Read expert books, blogs, and articles, and listen to the lectures to grasp the core of the topic at hand.

Brainstorm Claims and Their Types

After thoroughly developing your understanding of the topic, brainstorm different claims and identify their types. For instance, a claim can be a factual claim, value claim, or policy claim. However, the type of the claim relies upon the nature of the topic and the purpose of your writing.

Verify whether your claim answers the following questions or not:

  • Is it making any assertion or affirmation?
  • Is it arguable?
  • Is it clear and concise?
  • Is it taking a particular position or not?
  • Is it specific and focused?
  • Can you support it with authentic evidence and analysis?

Collect Credible Evidence

Explore different scholarly databases, visit websites, and seek expert opinions to collect reliable and authentic evidence to prove your claim. The evidence can be in the form of facts, statistics, quotes, examples, and citations to familiar and authentic articles.

Pro Tip:Make sure that the evidence should be authentic and credible.

Craft a Concise Claim Statement

After you have finalized the claim and collected related evidence, now is high time to formulate an impactful claim statement.

Your thesis statement should represent the essence of your key argument, position, and its specific scope and boundary.

Address Counter Arguments

Identify and analyze the counterarguments or opposing points and address them in later parts of the topic. Including this part will showcase your critical thinking skills and will bolster your assertions.

Use Strong Verbs and Active Voice

Make sure to use the active voice and strong verbs that make an impact. In addition to this, starting your claim with a question can be helpful to intrigue the readers.

Seek Feedback, Revise, and Edit

If you are writing for the sake of an assignment, then consult help with assignment writing service to seek expert feedback. Make necessary changes to improve the preciseness, clarity, and impact of your claim in writing.

Bonus Tips:

  • Always avoid broadness, generalizations, or cliches.
  • Keep your intended audience in mind.
  • Never forget that your claim or thesis statement is the foundation of your writing.

Claim Example:

This example is taken from the essay “Morality as a Community Affair” by Amitai Etzioni.


“Our morality is not innate; rather, it is a product of the community or communities in which we were born, raised, and educated. ”


According to the Common Cause founder, John Gardner, “Families and communities are the ground-level generators and preservers of values and ethics systems. No society can remain vital or even survive without a reasonable base of shared values. . . . They are generated chiefly in the family, schools, church, and other intimate settings in which people deal with another face to face.”

Types of Claim Statements – Factual, Value, and Policy Claim

There are three main styles or types of claim statements that you can use to convey your arguments, opinions, or ideas.

Factual Claim

The factual claim in writing asserts the definite or objective information supported by observable evidence such as stats, facts, or any other verifiable information.

Factual Claim Examples:

  •  “Earth revolves around the sun.”
  •  “Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level.”

Value Claim

The value claim statement makes judgments or opinions about the value, worth, importance, or quality of something. These claims are subjective and involve personal opinions, beliefs, and judgments.

Value Claim Examples:

  • “Child labor is morally wrong.”
  •  “Women are an integral part of the society.”

Policy Claim

The policy claim statement proposes or advocates amendments to particular policies, laws, or practices. These types of claims emphasize what should be done and how something should be addressed.

Policy Claim Examples:

  • “Government should ban smoking in universities.”
  •  “Authorities should increase the educational budget in the provinces.”

15 Claim Statement Examples

Argumentative Claim Examples

  • “Students in the USA buy assignment online to escape hard work and the learning curve.”
  • “Education helps eliminate discrimination across the globe.”
  • “School uniforms promote inclusivity and reduce the sense of deprivation.”
  • “Social activities are more important than sports activities.”
  • “A diverse workspace culture boosts harmony among the employees.”

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Research Paper Claim Statements

  • “The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare improves diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.”
  • “Implementing mindfulness meditation programs in schools enhances students’ well-being and academic performance.”
  • “The legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes has shown positive effects in managing chronic pain and certain medical conditions.”
  • “Early childhood education programs have a significant impact on cognitive development and long-term academic success.”
  • “Social media has a detrimental effect on adolescent mental health, contributing to increased rates of depression and anxiety.”

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Persuasive Claim Examples

  • “Smoking advertisements should be strictly prohibited on TV channels.”
  • “Corporate sector employees’ salaries should be increased by 50x this year.”
  • “The government should subsidize electricity for small industries to boost the economy.”
  • “Social media should be banned for students under 18 to achieve academic excellence.”
  • “Students should learn important persuasive essay elements to convince the audience about their claims. “

Claim vs Counterclaim – 3 Shocking Differences

Claim Vs Counterclaim


  • A claim is an assertion or affirmation that makes an argument or takes a position on a particular topic or issue.
  • It is the main point or central idea that the writer makes and supports with credible and authentic evidence.
  • The purpose of a claim is to persuade or convince the audience of a specific point or position.
  • Example: “Students should use social media”


  • The counterclaim, on the other hand, is the opposing idea or argument that negates the original claim.
  •  It presents the alternative ideas and points with a piece of authentic evidence to challenge the initial claim.
  • The purpose of addressing the counterclaim is to acknowledge the alternate view and strengthen the overall claim statement in writing.
  • Moreover, it also reinforces the credibility and persuasiveness amongst the audience.
  • Example: “Students should not use social media”

What is Evidence in Writing? 4 Little-Known Facts

  • The evidence in writing consists of any statistics, facts, quotes, examples, observable experiments, or expert opinions on a particular topic.
  • It can also be anecdotes, analogies, and research studies.
  • Evidence is a critical part of any claim in writing because it builds a foundation of the claim and helps substantiate the assertion or thesis statement.
  • A credible and authentic source of evidence increases the persuasiveness and acceptance of your claim statement amongst the audience.

Claim Paragraph Example – Always Support a Claim

Claim Example:

“The implementation of strict measures against smoking in educational institutions boosts the student’s academic outcomes. According to the research study, it has been seen that all those students who engage in unhealthy activities, such as smoking, often come up with poor academic performance.

Moreover, besides educational damage, they are also vulnerable to fatal diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular issues, oral and throat cancer, and respiratory infections.

Therefore, the competent authorities must impose strict penalties to curb all kinds of such dangerous activities that can be detrimental to the student’s academic and professional growth.”

7 Common Challenges of Claim in Writing

  1. Identifying and developing a convincing and powerful claim.
  2. Collecting authentic and credible yet relevant evidence.
  3. Determining and addressing the counterclaims and opposing views.
  4. Balancing objectivity and persuasiveness.
  5. Narrowing down scope and boundaries.
  6. Avoiding generalization, cliches, and ambiguous terms.
  7. Following a proper structure and format.

Final Thoughts on How to Write a Claim Statement

How to write a claim encompasses a quick yet simple answer. That is, it is an assertion, declaration, or main argument that you make about a particular issue or topic. Students often come across claims in writing assignments or any other academic piece of paper.

It is also called a thesis statement or key point that defines your scope, focus, and direction or position you take about the particular topic.

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Providing authentic and well-credible evidence to support a claim makes it more impactful and increases its persuasiveness. For instance, you can provide claim examples, quotes, or expert opinions. A strong claim statement should possess the following characteristics.

  • Debatable or Arguable
  • Clear and Concise
  • Focused and Specific
  • Provable with Evidence and Reasoning
  • Must Take a Clear Position
  • Engaging and Thought-Provoking

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