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Is college like high school? Everybody Confused

Many students have recently graduated from high school and might ask seniors is college like high school. But in reality, they don’t know how different it is and how fun it is to be in a college. The college is a place where you will feel free and find yourself in a gathering where everybody is enjoying and showing his creativity in his ways.

According to Pew Research Center, most American graduates from college have said that college life helps them grow their mentality and intellectuality(79%). And 70% say that college opens doors to new job opportunities.nd (65%) found that college life helps in developing personal skills that could be used in the workspace.

How is college different from high school?

To understand why college is better than high school, go through a legit comparison. It is a debate which must be resolve now. According to experience, below is a table of some common differences between college and high school.

College lifeHigh School life
More free hand in study, assignments, disciplineToo much bound, and there are fewer opportunities to skip studies.
No uniform is required.High schools mostly follow strict uniform rules. That’s the reason why is school so boring!!
No restrictions to scheduling your classesMust follow the strict rules of class timings
Free to go around the city any timeMostly had a lot of classes and was not allowed to go outside the school premises.
No meetings with parents or marks judgments.Consecutive meeting of parents and teachers. And face criticism if they get fewer marks.

Is college like high school? Yes, in the above table, we have mentioned how is college different from high school. Not much more, but still, you have understood some differences between high school and college life.

Why college is better than high school?

Is college better than high school? Yeah, that’s true. Let us show you some reasons so you can find the difference between high school and college . Please note that these reasons come from the author’s personal experience and some real-life case studies.

Big and fresh classrooms

The main purpose for a student to become a college is to study, and for that reason, the classrooms must be good. Surprisingly, college classrooms are mostly big, neat, clean, and fresh as compared to high school. This difference between highschool vs college makes the college newbie experience more sweetened.

Meet with a diverse range of people

Still trying to decide is college like high school? Well another difference is the possibility of meeting a variety of people with different backgrounds. 

Generally, in high school, students join the school from the surrounding area, but in college, the students from various states and regions connect which makes college life better than high school. 

Furthermore, as today’s world grows, there are more students from different countries moving toward good countries like the U.S. to secure a good future. It is a good opportunity for college students to meet people from other countries.

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Big opportunity to develop skills and secure a job

We have another legit reason to support how and why college is better than high school. One important aspect that makes college life better than high school is the opportunity to build skills and get good jobs. According to research shown at the start of the blog, 70% of students say that college opens doors to job opportunities. These stats clear all confusion about is college like high school.

Customize your class timing

When comparing highschool vs college, remember that college is better than high school because students can customize their class timings according to their preferences and needs. 

For example, a student who does not like morning classes, doing a part-time job, or lives a long way away from the school can schedule his courses at a different time. 

Furthermore, if any student in college is not able to meet deadlines just because of the shortage of time, then student can also buy cheap assignment online to secure his position in the class.

An opportunity to run a student council

Another big difference between highschool and college is to run a student council. Must be thinking about what I am saying. Yeah, you listened to the right thing. High school students are not active members of student councils.

On the other hand, college life provides ample opportunities for students to become a part of student councils and actively participate in them to develop personal skills and make strong professor student relationships that stays same after college too.

Top-ranked colleges to get admission in the US 2024

Getting admission to the top-ranked college is almost a dream for every high school graduate. We are sure you have cleared your thoughts whether is college like high school or not. Now it’s time to get you insight into top colleges with ranking and success ratios so you can make better decisions when gaining admission to them.

College NameOverall RankingLocationMajor coursesGraduation %
Yale UniversityNo 1 college in AmericaNew HavenHistory, Economics, and Political Science and Government98
Columbia UniversityNo 6 best college in AmericaBroadway, New YorkMeteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems, Geosciences92%
Dartmouth CollegeNo 4 ranking with best professorsHanover, New HampshireEconomics, Political Science and Government, and Computer Science. 95%
Princeton UniversityNo. 5 in AmericaPrinceton, New JerseyComputer Science, Public Policy Analysis, and Economics97%
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNo. 1 in the engineering categoryCambridge, MassachusettsComputer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Mathematics95%

Difference between high school and college will become clear when you go through the above table. These are the top suggested colleges with their best area of study and graduating percentages.

The confusion is now clear to you

If you were wondering why is college like high school, here you will find our legit answers. The differences between high school and college clearly show that both are different, whether in terms of study, socializing, or career growth.

We have also provided the reasons why is college better than high school. For students who want to enjoy this better life after high school, we have compiled a list of top-ranked universities where you can get admission and start growing.

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