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Get A Grades: Top 100 informative essay topics to explore

Informative essays are the most entertaining form of essay writing and keep their audience hooked to the amazing content. Writing essays that educate, engage, and enlighten your audience is difficult. If you come up with good and creative informative essay topics, you can make it to the top. This blog post will allow you to discover some of the best topics in different fields of life to impress your audience comfortably.

What is an Informative Essay & How to Write One?

An informative essay is an assignment typically given to high school students so they can research a topic and educate their readers. These essays are filled with useful information that encourages the readers and informs them thoroughly. These essays are lengthy and require hiring an assignment writing service for the perfect execution of the task.

To write an informative essay, you need to take the following steps such as;

  • Choose a good topic that has plenty of information for your audience.
  • Do the preliminary research and write the main points of the essay.
  • Make an outline of headings and subheadings.
  • Start work on your first draft, which will be subject to changes and edits.
  • Write the introduction of the essay that should have a hook sentence that captures your audience’s attention. Use background information on the topic to educate on the historical perspective of the topic. And finally, present your thesis statement, which will be your findings and expertise on the topic and serve as the final words of the writer.
  • After writing the introduction of the informative essay, compose the body paragraph. Start your body paragraph with a topic sentence summarizing what’s inside the paragraph. Then add your evidence with the supportive sentence and use transitions to jump to new paragraphs and ideas. 
  • As soon as you complete the body paragraphs, write a conclusion of the essay. You must restate the thesis statement in new words to persuade your audience consistently. Then write a summary of the essay’s main points and conclude the essay with final words that would ensure the end of the debate.
  • Proofread the first draft of the essay by comparing prompts for argumentative writing with your draft for a thorough evaluation. Highlight the mistakes and parts that need correction.
  • Make a second draft of the essay by rectifying the mistakes of the first draft and reanalyzing for typos, grammar mistakes etc.
  • Hand over the final draft to your professor for submission of the assignment.

Top 100 Informative Essay Topics to Expand Your Knowledge and Impress Your Readers!

High school or college students must know how to select good and debatable informative essay topics. Here we will list the top 100 and most sought-after topics for your assignments. These topics can be used for various subjects and disciplines accordingly.

Top 25 Informative Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Negative effects of Instagram on adults.
  2. Body Shaming on Social Media. 
  3. Social Media Fueling Materialism. 
  4. Rise of Social Disconnect and Less Valuable Relationships in the Age of Social Media.
  5. Declining Family Values and the Role of Social Media.
  6. Positive Effects of Social Media on Mental Health.
  7. Social Media Influence on Drugs and Alcohol Consumption.
  8. Social Media and the Rise of Suicides in Teens.
  9. Influencer Marketing and Social Media.
  10. Data Privacy on Social Media.
  11. Social Media Scam.
  12. Long Term Career as a Social Media Blogger.
  13. Earning as a Social Media Influencer.
  14. Academic Learning Through Social Media Use.
  15. Social Media is Increasing Awareness.
  16. Free Educational Certification on Social Media.
  17. Inventing New Marketing Tactics Using Social Media Platforms.
  18. Paying Tuition Fees by Using Social Media Platforms. 
  19. Negativity on Kid’s Minds Using Social Media.
  20. The Downfall of Facebook in 2023.
  21. Is Social Media a Solution or a Problem?
  22. Banning Social Media Platforms on School Premises.
  23. Tiktok Generation and Declining Grades.
  24. Social Media a New Weapon.
  25. Understanding the New Dynamics of Social Media.

Top 25 Informative Essay Topics on Latest Trends

  1. Elon Musk Buying Twitter.
  2. Rise of Formula One in the United States.
  3. Golden age of Tech Billionaires. 
  4. Amazon and the Rise of E-commerce.
  5. Donald Trump getting Indicted. 
  6. Squid Game and Rise of Korean Dramas.
  7. BTS and Growing K-Pop Culture.
  8. Russia-Ukraine War.
  9. Apple Official Store in India.
  10. Baykar Bayraktar TB2 Drone and Rise of Drone Warfare.
  11. Noem, Building a New City in the Desert.
  12. Mark Zuckerberg Losing Half of His Wealth.
  13. Twitter Under New Ownership & Rules.
  14. Russian Oligarchs Hiding in Plain Sight.
  15. Chinese President Xi Jinping Third Term.
  16. ChatGPT and Rise of AI Writing.
  17. Air Fryer Safer Than Deep Fryer.
  18. SpaceX and Journey to Outer Space.
  19. Postbiotics and a Deeper Understanding of Bacterias.
  20. Vitamin C Serum role as Anti-aging Formula.
  21. Power of a Fashion Influencer in Today’s Life.
  22. OTT Films and the End of the Cinema Industry.
  23. Psychological Safety at Workplace.
  24. Rise of Japandi and New Interior Design Philosophy.
  25. Frontend Mentor and Self-Learning Benefits

Top 25 Informative Essay Topics on Politics

  1. Joe Biden Presidency and the Future of Democrats. 
  2. Donald Trump and Breakthrough Abraham Accord.
  3. Public Outrage on Far Right Political Coalition of Benjamin Netanyahu.
  4. Russian-Ukrainian War and Political Division in the European Union. 
  5. Finland Joins NATO.
  6. America’s Biggest Military Aid to Ukraine and Its Future Outcomes.
  7. American Debt Crisis and Its Political Fall Out.
  8. Changing Political Landscape in the Middle East.
  9. Islamic Extremism Rise in Western Countries.
  10. Separation of Church and State Failure in 2023.
  11. Expansion of the European Union.
  12. Rise of Populism in Mainstream Politics.
  13. Russian Influence on Belarus.
  14. Chinese Dream of Invading Taiwan.
  15. North Korean Missile Test Amid American President’s Visit to Seoul.
  16. Dynastical Governments in Arabian Peninsula.
  17. Military Rule in Egypt.
  18. Panama Papers and Its Effects on Global Politics.
  19. Government’s Control on the Internet and End to Freedom of Speech.
  20. UN’s Failure in Implementing Nuclear NPT Completely.
  21.  Kim Jong Un Dictatorship and Dwindling Peace in Korean Peninsula.
  22. Assassination Attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin by Ukraine.
  23. Rishi Sunak, First Brown Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  24. Legalizing Marijuana in the United States.
  25. United States Senate Failures in Introducing Strict Control on Firearms.

Top 25 Informative Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Nuclear Fusion Successful Test in 2023.
  2. Artificial Intelligence Technology Domination in the World.
  3. Nano Technology Use in Medical Science and Precise Delivery of Drugs on the Site of Infection.
  4. Robotic Surgeries and Their Impact on Medical Professionals.
  5. Evolution of Electric Vehicles.
  6. Hypersonic Missile Technology and its Use in Penetrating Sophisticated Air Defence Systems.
  7. Dark Web and Its Use.
  8. Autonomous Driving Vehicles. 
  9. 5G Internet and its Widespread Use.
  10. Thallium and its Use in Arterial Stenosis Diagnosis.
  11. Russian S 400 Missile Defence System Failure to Detect United States F-35 Fighter in Sweden.
  12. American HIMARS Precision Strikes Against Russian Artillery Units.
  13. Satellite Internet and Its Benefits.
  14. Breakthroughs in Bio-Technology.
  15. B-21 Raider and Rise of Sixth Generation Jets.
  16. Role of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life.
  17. NASA and New Deep Space Discoveries.
  18. James Webb Telescope.
  19. Robots Replacing Humans in the Workplace.
  20. Quantum Computing and Its Inception.
  21. Web 3.0 Ushering a New Age of Data Transfer Protocol.
  22. Work From Home and End of Corporate Offices.
  23. Looming Threat of Biological Weapon Use.
  24. Internet of Things (IoT) base Products.
  25. Smart Watches Replacing Traditional Wrist Watches.

Informative Essay Outline

The informative essay requires the same approach in outlining a topic as many typical essays. This essay writing style also includes 5 stages of the writing process students are familiar with from the beginning. We will give you a head start by offering you a closer look at an informative outline for your essay. An essay outline has three parts, an introduction, a body paragraph and a conclusion.

Important parts of the outline are as follows;

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No doubt informative essays are fun to write and research. These 100 informative essay topics will help you write unique and outstanding content for your college assignments. There are many out-of-the-box solutions for your work. Keep reading and note all the steps of essay writing.

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