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135+ New Persuasive Essay Topics Ideas to Try On Next Essay

Choosing good persuasive essay topics is significant for students and professional writers. Because they help individuals to express their opinion and captivate readers with evidence at first glance.

However, searching for a compelling idea for a persuasive assignment is daunting and requires much effort. Therefore, this blog provides a carefully crafted list of 135+ clear ideas for high school, college, and university students in every academic discipline. So, select the one that best meets your requirements.


32 Best Persuasive Essay Topics for Computer Science Students

  1. The US government should provide laptops to poor students.
  2. Computer literacy is mandatory for every school child.
  3. Online assignment writing services can help students in complex programming and algorithmic assignments.
  4. Blockchain technology is the most secure way for business transactions.
  5. Women should learn cybersecurity practices for online safety.
  6. AI will not replace human jobs.
  7. More accurate data is necessary for the precision and accuracy of the machine learning models.
  8. A private cloud is the most secure solution for educational and governmental websites.
  9. Self-driving cars can increase road accidents.
  10. Without programming skills, students can’t grasp web development.
  11. Facebook should ban anonymous profiles for user’s safety.
  12. Video games improve student’s analytical and problem-solving skills.
  13. Twitter’s (X) algorithm is more biased than Instagram’s.
  14. Quantum computing can surpass blockchain technology.
  15. Brain computer interface will be the next big thing in human history.
  16. Metaverse can’t survive without virtual and augmented reality.
  17. AI assistants help to overcome computer science assignment challenges.
  18. Cryptocurrencies are used as a tool for money laundering.
  19. The US government should use encrypted communication to protect national interests.
  20. Social media platforms earn business by selling customer’s private data.
  21. Deep fake technology is a threat to US democracy.
  22. Online gambling websites should be banned across the globe.
  23. Drone weapons can reduce soldiers’ casualties in war.
  24. Amazon is promoting economic inequality in poor countries.
  25. The use of AI should be declared illegal in workplaces.
  26. Deep learning models have higher chances of consciousness.
  27. Technology is making us more socially isolated than ever before.
  28. Hacking the profession can be considered unethical.
  29. Robots are more beneficial for telemedicine rather than humans.
  30. Companies should announce bonuses for the employees for additional computer skills.
  31. Open access to digital libraries can help maximize student’s learning.
  32. Computer vision models such as image classification and facial recognition should be used for theft identification.

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11 Good Persuasive Essay Topics of Finance for High School Students

  1. Universal basic income can reduce income inequality.
  2. Fintech will revolutionize the traditional banking system.
  3. Rich people should pay more taxes to stabilize the American economy.
  4. The US government should prioritize financial literacy for women and high school students.
  5. Microfinance banks can play a greater role in poverty reduction.
  6. Financial management is more important for students than anything else.
  7. Bitcoin is not a secure path for long-term investment.
  8. Every student in America should be provided with financial loans to reduce their educational burden.
  9. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the most secure financial system.
  10. Banks should take strict measures to prevent teenagers from using credit cards. 
  11. Annual tax policies should be revised for low-salaried classes across the United States.

13 Persuasive Topics to Write About Law for University Students

  1. The international justice system has failed to provide fair trial opportunities to the suspects. 
  2. Should the US introduce strict policies for immigrants?
  3. Gender discrimination can only be stopped by introducing legal punishments.
  4. The digital revolution has given rise to intellectual property rights concerns.
  5. The US government should regularize social media use to prevent hate speeches.
  6. Should the use of DNA databases be legal for criminal investigation?
  7. Law enforcement agencies can reduce street crimes without violence.
  8. Human trafficking is a huge economic burden on the host countries.
  9. Biometric verification is a more secure way to protect military installations.
  10. Capital punishment is not a viable solution to stop rape cases in educational institutions.
  11. Domestic violence should be condemned at the government level.
  12. AI tools can enhance the professional efficiency of lawyers.
  13. School management should expel drug users and smoking students. 

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11 Unique Nursing Ideas for a Persuasive Essay Assignment

  1. How does careful nursing help patients’ early recovery?
  2. Impacts of vaccination on reducing pandemic.
  3. Is nursing education only required for women?
  4. Can nurses be permitted to prescribe medication?
  5. How does working late at night pose negative impacts on nurses’ health?
  6. Should nurses be allowed to perform advanced surgical procedures?
  7. Impacts of government allowances on nurse performance.
  8. Can AI tools be used as nurse assistants to overcome resource shortages?
  9. Nurses should be vaccinated against infectious diseases.
  10. The role of nurses in training and educating new graduates.
  11. The impacts of international health collaboration on the nurse profession.

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11 Interesting Topics for Science Persuasive Essays

  1. How is space exploration beneficial for humanity?
  2. Renewable energy resources reduce environmental pollution.
  3. Should the public be disallowed to use plastic bags?
  4. The potential consequences of global warming on animals.
  5. Should the government provide funds for scientific research in universities?
  6. The causes of frequent earthquakes and their remedies.
  7. Nanotechnology and its potential benefits in the healthcare system.
  8. Implications of rising temperature on wildlife.
  9. How does deforestation contribute to soil erosion and flooding?
  10. Should animal bodies be allowed for experiments in scientific labs?
  11. Impacts of plastic pollution on sea life.

13 Persuasive Essay Topics for Writing Accounting Assignments

  1. How do you advocate replacing human accountants with AI assistants?
  2. Can fair auditing prevent financial fraud in the corporate sector?
  3. Should the US government hire professional accountants to bring transparency to institutions?
  4. Can cryptocurrency be widely used at government and public level?
  5. Should banks and other financial firms use blockchain technology for security and privacy?
  6. How does forgiving student loans benefit the US economy in the long run?
  7. Comparison of cost accounting and value-based accounting.
  8. How can international accounting practices play a role in sustainable growth?
  9. Should AI Models be used to transform accounting practices?
  10. Importance of accounting in making more informed business policies.
  11. How can accounting help promote transparency in public funds of non-profit organizations?
  12. Can we relate accounting to marketing and advertising campaigns?
  13. How does using cloud-based accounting servers streamline collaboration among stakeholders?

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13 Hot Persuasive Research Essay Topics for Marketing

  1. Comparison of social media applications in target marketing.
  2. Should companies engage celebrities to propagate brand messages?
  3. Impacts of content marketing on customer retention.
  4. Should physical marketing be replaced with automated marketing?
  5. How does email marketing generate more leads than other marketing modules?
  6. Mystery behind paradigm shift from text-based content to video content for marketing purposes.
  7. Does customer relationship management help in increasing brand loyalty?
  8. How does storytelling skill impact marketing practices?
  9. Is green marketing important for sustainable business growth?
  10. Role of innovation and creativity in boosting customer retention rate.
  11. Should businesses purchase customer’s data for target marketing?
  12. Can marketing results be used as a measure to quantify business growth?
  13. Pros and cons of omnichannel marketing strategies for the corporate sector.

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9 Trending Persuasive Essay Topics of Management in 2024

  1. Is there any relationship between team unity and the company’s growth?
  2. How are leadership skills important for technical managers?
  3. Can good communication skills bring productivity to the organization?
  4. How does working from home influence managerial practices?
  5. Should management work be automated in startups?
  6. How can managers keep employees motivated and inspired?
  7. Do HR managers have to face any challenges in a diverse work environment?
  8. Why should a manager possess conflict resolution techniques, and how is it important?
  9. How does emotional intelligence impact managerial decisions?

10 Persuasive Essay History Topics No One Knows

  1. How did the war on terror cause damage to the US economy?
  2. International impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War.
  3. Contributions of women in the civil rights movement.
  4. Who was responsible for World War 2?
  5. How did the Iranian revolution give rise to the freedom movement worldwide?
  6. Was Adolf Hitler a hero or villain of history?
  7. History of America’s presidents and their role.
  8. How did the Cold War impact international relations?
  9. Did the First World War lead to fascism?
  10. Religious influences on Palestine-Israel war.

13 Secret Persuasive Topics to Write About Psychology

  1. How does social media negatively impact teenagers’ analytical and critical thinking?
  2. Can we relate money to happiness and well-being?
  3. The entertainment industry influences human decision-making.
  4. Is there any impact of parenting style on a child’s mental health?
  5. Physical punishment in schools creates fear of education and learning.
  6. How do sports activities help in building healthy minds?
  7. Can human psychology influence color choices?
  8. Sleep and food disorder causes anxiety among the elderly.
  9. Excessive use of social media creates isolation and loneliness.
  10. Mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool for stress management.
  11. Factors that contribute to the bedwetting in children and patients.
  12. Psychological impacts of abuse on victims.
  13. Impacts of siblings’ behavior on child development. 

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Final Thoughts on Persuasive Essay Topics

We have provided an extensive list of the most unique and interesting persuasive research essay topics. Whether you are a high school student, a college student, or a university researcher, you can find and pick the best one for your next persuasive essay assignment.

If you still want more compelling topics or assignment help, just contact us now and finish your work quickly.

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