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177 Interesting Case Study Topics: High School, College, and University

Choosing good case study topics is essential to analyze and understand the particular subject in detail. They set direction for unique points of view, meaningful discussions, and reaching practical solutions.

Whether you are a student, researcher, or practitioner, this step-by-step guide from a cheap assignment service is exactly for you. In this blog, we have curated a list of 177 topics or ideas for case studies to choose from for your next assignment or research.

Moreover, to help you make the most of your time, we have also discussed the nine most important things to remember while selecting the topics to study, along with examples in 2024.


What is Meant by a Case Study? Definition and Purpose

A case study is a research methodology that provides valuable insights about a particular subject in detail. The subject can be a person, group, organization, event, or phenomenon.

It goes beyond just description and deeply explores the specific subject from every aspect.

The goal of a case study is to closely learn the subject’s characteristics, behavior, and outcomes in practical scenarios.

25 Simple Finance Case Study Ideas for High School 2024

  1. Exploring the high school student’s financial challenges in paying educational charges.
  2. Fundamentals of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  3. The adverse effects of inflation on students’ study.
  4. Investigating the benefits of positive credit card history.
  5. Inspecting the complexities of income tax.
  6. Purpose and advantages of maintaining the balance sheet.
  7. Evaluating the efficiency of online Finance or business management assignments help with student’s performance. 
  8. Why expanding the tax net is beneficial for the country’s economy.
  9. Introduction of different retirement plans and their implications.
  10. An in-depth exploration of the stock market and trends.
  11. Benefits of student loans for the banking sector.
  12. Role of Financial advisor in a corporate sector.
  13. Market implications of merger and acquisition.
  14. The assessment of the initial public offering of the company.
  15. Examining the potential finance risks of the company in the international market.
  16. The working principles of the real estate business model.
  17. Pros and cons of investment in private equity.
  18. Formulating the cash flow management policies of small businesses.
  19. The efficiency of the financial fraud detection and prevention policies in local markets.
  20. Formulating the monthly personal finance and budget management plan 
  21. Highlighting the financial impacts of extracurricular activities on the school’s annual budgeting.
  22. Assessment of future economic benefits of different school majors.
  23. Comparative analysis of cost between renting and homeownership.
  24. The costs and benefits of vocational training programs. 
  25. In-depth study on financial benefits of branding and marketing for small businesses. 

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21 Trending Psychology Case Study Topics

  1. The impacts of social media on a student’s mental growth.
  2. Exploring the factors of stress and depression in human behavior.
  3. Psychological effects of cyberbullying on victims.
  4. Understanding the cognitive and emotional benefits of different parenting styles.
  5. How work-life balance helps in improving the psychology of work in the corporate sector.
  6. Social inequality and the child’s behavior: Assessment of the relationship.
  7. Identifying the psychological factors that contribute to procrastination behavior.
  8. Psychological drawbacks of loneliness and social isolation.
  9. The impact of misinformation and fake news on the audience’s mental health.
  10. The psychological benefits of personality traits in leadership roles.
  11. How mindfulness meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  12. The emotional and cognitive influences of a parent’s divorce.
  13. The psychological implications of workplace politics on employees.
  14. The exploration of early childhood trauma and subsequent brain development.
  15. Income stability and happiness: understanding the relationship
  16. The economic support and the mental health outcomes in patients with chronic illness.
  17. The relationship between green spaces and mental health growth.
  18. Role of the entertainment industry in stress reduction.
  19. Psychological effects of virtual reality experiences.
  20. How Online relationships lead to bad psychological behavior.
  21.  The breach of privacy and mental illness: Exploring the relationship.

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11 Nursing Case Study Titles You Should Work On

  1. Understanding the increasing tendency of nursing amongst men.
  2. The implications of nursing for patients with mental disorders.
  3. The role of nursing in patients’ well-being.
  4. The challenges of nursing for old patients.
  5. How careful nursing contributes to patient safety.
  6. The evaluations and understanding of the international nursing practices.
  7. The effectiveness of nursing in stress reduction of the patients.
  8. How adoption of AI technology can help improve nursing standards.
  9. The comparison of nursing between private and government hospitals.
  10. The exploration of the nurses’ roles in motivating children for necessary health care.
  11.  Traditional nursing method and the modern era: Examining the loopholes.

9 Key Points to Remember for Choosing Good Case Study Topics

9 Important Points to Remember for Choosing a Good Case Study Topic

  1. Identify your interesting area. 
  2. Select the right topic for research.
  3. Narrow down and define your scope.
  4. Conduct in-depth research and collect relevant data and information.
  5. Identify the potential targeted organizations.
  6. Determine the significance of your study.
  7. Measure the feasibility and practicality of your chosen study.
  8. Discuss with your professor and seek feedback.
  9. Revise and edit to make your topics as per the requirements of your academic project.

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29 Best Law Topics to Study in 2024

  1. Identifying the loopholes in the international justice system in countering gender discrimination.
  2. The responsibilities of lawyers in highlighting social injustice.
  3. The contributions of human rights organizations in ensuring fair and transparent governance.
  4. Analyzing the legal framework of the social media platforms in tackling privacy breaches.
  5. The study of international law to prevent war crimes.
  6. Evaluating the implementation of labor law in industries.
  7. Legal implications of internal trade law and globalization.
  8. The efficacy of environmental practices in reducing the climate change effects.
  9. The role of corporate law in facilitating the employee’s well-being.
  10. Examination of lawyers’ practices and behavior in satisfying litigants.
  11. The critical analysis of the legal frameworks of social media applications.
  12. Is there any need to regulate the adoption of AI technology?
  13. Legal implications in demotivating breach of online user’s data privacy.
  14. Role of lawyers in ensuring free, fair, and transparent court trials.
  15. Are traditional legal practices able to counter modern crimes? 
  16. Identifying the legal complexities of autonomous weapons.
  17. Exploration of internal law in preventing human trafficking and smuggling.
  18. Legal drawbacks of immigrants on host countries’ culture and ethnicity identification.
  19. Efficiency of domestic legal practices in ensuring a fair share of economic platforms.
  20. In-depth analysis of the USA law to prevent women harassment at workplaces.
  21. The legal interpretation of freedom of expression and increasing hate speeches.
  22. The impacts of strict legal policies in stopping street crimes.
  23. US Constitution and the civil rights liberties: A closer look
  24. The relationships of lawyers and judges: is there any restriction?
  25. Inspecting the competence of internal law to curb genocide and war crimes.
  26. Proficiency of US law in promoting small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  27. The legal protection of intellectual property rights in the US and market satisfaction. 
  28.  Examining the sufficiency of the legal practices to ensure safe healthcare for children.
  29. Is there any urgency for amendments to indigenous constitutions to stop modern-day illegal practices?

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21 Simple Case Study Topics for College Students

  1. Assessing the leadership role in boosting the company’s revenue.
  2. Positive outcomes of student’s student-professor relationships in class.
  3. Ethical implications of AI adoptions in government institutions.
  4. Role of social media in reducing poverty.
  5. Revealing the core reasons behind unemployment in third-world countries.
  6. The impacts of the Ukraine and Russia war on supply chain management.
  7. Positive contributions of the internet in providing a safe working environment for women.
  8. Importance of self-sufficiency for college students.
  9. Introduction of sustainable practices for the industrial revolution.
  10. The pros and cons of online communities.
  11. Understanding the influences of marketing on consumer’s decision-making.
  12. Is AI going to replace human resources in the Writing industry? Analysis
  13. The drawbacks of space exploration for the country’s economy.
  14. How mainstream media contributes to raising societal issues.
  15. Effectiveness of the women empowerment policies in educational institutions.
  16. Factors contributing to social isolation and loneliness.
  17. College students’ role in promoting digital literacy amongst the elders.
  18. Development of time management strategies to increase punctuality amongst the students.
  19. Positive contributions of video games on students’ cognitive and problem-solving skills. 
  20. Exploring the relationship between nutrition and the mental ability of the students.
  21. How does uniform culture in educational institutes promote equality amongst students?

17 Good Case Study Topics for University Students

  1. How do universities help develop self-confidence and presentation skills in students?
  2. Understanding the role of blockchain technology to ensure fair dealings.
  3. International politics and the global economy: Critical Analysis
  4. Social and ethical implications of scientific research.
  5. How do university scholarships promote literacy rates in a country?
  6. The efficacy of modern technologies in professor’s teaching styles.
  7. Highlighting the role of education in reducing social disparity.
  8. Identifying the gap in university education and the market demand for skilled labor.
  9. Exploring the factors contributing to the use of drugs and smoking in university students.
  10. Discussing the university students’ ability to resolve real-world problems.
  11. Understanding the global exchange programs and students’ learning opportunities.
  12. Role of on-campus student communities in advancing inclusivity and equality.
  13. How do government policies influence educational quality and standards in universities.?
  14. Exploring the relationship between conspiracy theories and students’ mental health.
  15. How are universities promoting the sense of social disparity and deprivation among students?
  16. Quantifying the university’s scientific contribution to a country’s economic growth.
  17. The role of universities in introducing world leaders.

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23 Trending Biology Ideas for Case Study

  1. The impact of sustainable environmental practices on wildlife.
  2. Highlighting the factors contributing to global warming.
  3. The role of sunlight in plant growth.
  4. Understanding the workings of the human respiratory system.
  5. A closer look at cell division in the human body with examples.
  6. The evaluation of the immune system in defending against fatal diseases.
  7. Assessment of conversion from food to nutrients in the human body.
  8. In-depth exploration of sustainable practices in biology.
  9. Anatomy of human bone structure and their movement.
  10. Understanding the different reproduction types and their complexities.
  11. Examining the difference between passive and active transport in a living body.
  12. Animal growth and development: From Baby to Adult.
  13. Understanding the relationship between biology and data science.
  14. Understanding the impacts of human living behavior on the animal environment.
  15. Quantitative analysis of a human’s brain’s ability to adapt to the changing environment.
  16. Social considerations of biological research and scientific experiments.
  17. Understanding the dynamics of life at ultra-low temperatures.
  18. Identifying the similarities and similarities in animal structures.
  19. How does environmental temperature influence the animal’s growth?
  20. Proposing the viable steps for the conservation of rare species.
  21. Comparing the working of the different building blocks of the living organisms.
  22. Discuss the role of the neural system in controlling the communication styles of humans.
  23. Why is oxygen necessary for living life? Identifying and understanding the complications.

21 Little-Known Management Case Study Ideas

  1. Understanding the best human resource management practices in a corporate sector.
  2. Anatomy of conflict resolution strategies for a leadership role.
  3. Identifying and assessing risk management in private organizations.
  4. Quantifying the productivity of efficient time management amongst the students.
  5. Developing a long-term financial plan to balance stakeholders’ interests.
  6. Discuss the importance of understanding and managing emotional feelings while decision making.
  7. Techniques of managing a business during a pandemic.
  8. The relationship of managerial practices and employee growth.
  9. Identifying the potential benefits of AI adoption in business to beat the competition.
  10. Analyze the most effective strategic decisions in a highly volatile business context.
  11. Is outsourcing an efficient business approach? Analyze with Examples
  12. Discuss the pros and cons of strategic management.
  13. How does the career management of the employees benefit a company?
  14. Understanding the management of a diverse working culture at the workplace. 
  15. What are the key skills for managers to possess in the 21st century?
  16. How do human resources bring innovation and creativity to an organization?
  17. Top 7 skills to look for when hiring a suitable candidate for a managerial position.
  18. Discuss the internal structure of logistics and supply chain management hierarchy.
  19. Evaluation of student’s academic project management techniques in the final year.
  20. How do proper stress management skills help students cope with academic pressure? 
  21. Discuss the tourism disaster management role in reducing the monetary damage.

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Final Thoughts on Case Study Topics in 2024

Choosing the ideas for a case study can be overwhelming for students, researchers, and practitioners alike. Therefore, we have listed the 177 case study titles for you to choose the best one that aligns with your assignment requirements.

In addition to this, we have taken some example of case study titles in high school, college, and university that can surely make an impact. If you still need assistance and want personalized help, just contact us now.

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