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Best College Memes to Make You Laugh

The word meme is derived from the British biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976 while he was working on “the selfish gene.” College memes have now become an important part of college students to relieve them from anxiety, depression, and stressful academic life.

According to a social media behavior survey, 75% of people 13 to 36 years old share memes. 55% of 13-35-year-olds send memes every week, and 30% send them every day. This survey is dominated by students, especially college students.

Top Platforms Where Students See College Memes

You can find memes anywhere on the internet, including all social media platforms. But there are some top platforms to find some great memes for studying. A survey was conducted on College students at Central Washington University.

Below is statistical data that shows the top platforms where students get memes to get laughs. All you need is to search with #student memes and you’ll be there.


Why Are College Memes Important In College Life?

Many students are not aware of the value of memes in college life. These are like secret cognitive enhancement pills, which will make you forget anxiety, relieve stress, and kick away depression from your life.

That sounds Crazy! That’s true, guys; let’s take a look at why test memes are important for students to study in college, according to the author’s personal experience.

Memes In Presentation

With the evolution of generations, like Gen Z to Gen Alpha, the way of presenting something also changes. College funnies now mostly add college memes to enhance the exposure of their presentations. This helps the students understand the presentations easily and develop an interest in listening.

To Make The Bond With Others

Students make and share study memes with colleagues related to different topics like quizzes, assignments, and exams. These funny studying memes put a laugh on their faces and enable them to make a deeper connection with each other.

Enhance Creativity

Creativity is not just limited to science, math, medicine, or AI. College memes are also a way to boost creativity in a person. A meme is not just a picture with some words but a message and joyful action that captures the attention of thousands of readers.

A Way of Earning Money

In the modern world, meme-making is not just a fun activity but a way of earning money. According to the author, many college funnies are so passionate about creating memes that they even create meme pages on different social media sites. They later use these accounts as promotion pages or sell them in large amounts. That is why college is better than high school, according to the author.

5 College Memes That Capture Student’s Attention

Study memes have the power to enhance a student’s creativity and joy, whether they are preparing for a quiz or preparing for an exam. We have curated a list of the top 5 memes for each occasion that happens in college life.

Exam Meme

Students have been chilling the whole semester, and suddenly, during the last week of class, they are shocked just because they have zero preparation for exams. That’s the difference between death and life.


The memes for studying and exams are hilarious and viral among college students, especially when exams are near.

Meme For Presentation

The moment when you are not well prepared and deliver your presentation so badly that you think everyone is happy when you finish it.


You can use these memes about college in a fun way to make your friend feel like he is very bad at presenting. Just share this meme with your colleagues and friends after the presentation and see how they react to this mastery piece.

Meme For Group Project

A group project becomes an exhausting experience for students who perform it with their besties. Sometimes, the whole burden is on one person’s shoulder, which is why these college memes will be touchy to those students who are leading the entire group project.


Bonus tip: If you are doing a project and feel depressed and bored because it is too complex, our relatable posts about the best study music will help you stay productive and relaxed while doing your project.

College Meme For Quiz

A situation when you are not well prepared for your quiz and find out all the answers are true. And above all that, the facial expressions that you made at those moments are so funny, just because you feel dumb.


In other words, the author thinks test memes for students are hilarious, accurate, and relatable to our own experiences when we find ourselves in similar situations and laugh.

Final Year Research Paper Meme

Everybody knows how hard it is to write a final-year paper. The fun begins when it is time to evaluate your research paper. This is truly relatable when you stand in front of a professor with an innocent face to get good grades. Below is a viral college meme that is relatable to this scenario.


These are the top 5 best viral memes for college students. One of the great things to do in boring class is to share memes. This list doesn’t end here, below are some of the best memes from the author’s collection.

Authors Personal Top Meme Collection

Like all the students, the author was also a meme lover during college. Based on personal experiences, below are some writing memes for students that are very relatable to the college’s everyday life.

Expectations Vs. Reality

Every student comes to college with a dream of being successful after a degree. However, with time, every student feels under a lot of pressure about assignments, quizzes, projects, and exams, so in the end, most students just think about when they will graduate and get out of college.


Bunk Classes Meme

Unlike school life, the college has no restrictions on taking classes. That’s the reason many students end up with an attendance shortage, just like the author. Do you know what the surprising fact is? If you bunk one class, then you can’t stop yourself from further bunks. That’s the reason why the author has written down the memes about college, especially those related to bunk life.


Not Prepare To Give Answers

The most awkward situation in a student’s life is when the teacher asks a question from the whole class and unintentionally makes eye contact with you. Unfortunately you have no idea about the question. You will find below the best funny college memes that relate to this situation which you must have encountered.


Meme-Based Approach For Enhancing Student Engagement And Learning

Educators worldwide are looking for new ways to engage students in learning. After extensive research, many tutors have suggested that writing memes for students is an effective way to enhance learning in college.

The study was conducted on students, who were asked to provide feedback on funny studying memes. The researchers under the American Physiological Society collected data from around 142 college students. Below are the results mentioned.

Students FeedbackNo of studentsPercentage%
College Memes as a Joy of Learning6344%
Facilitation of information retrieval5538%
Simplification of complex concepts4330%
Generation of interest in the topic2517%
Fostering a positive learning environment1913%
Did not favour college student memes as a learning assignment128%

From the above research, it is clear that most of the college students seek memes as a learning activity. It was only 8 students who did not see college memes as enhancing their learning.

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Our Last Words About Funny College Memes

College memes have become a normal practice in the modern educational system. The above research clearly shows that they are a creative way to enhance students’ learning and skills.

Furthermore, we have mentioned some of the most viral college student memes from social media and authors’ collections. So why wait? Share these captivating pieces of joy with your friends and strengthen your bond with them.

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