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How to Write a Conclusion With No Mistake

The conclusion plays a vital role in the paper by offering closure to the reader and reiterating the key points and significance of the paper. It does so by taking a broader perspective and summarizing the main argument.

The purpose of conclusions in academic texts is to summarize the main points discussed in the writing, often referred to as a “looking back” section.

Since 2014, approximately 15.7% of students surveyed have confessed to delegating their assignments and essays to others. That’s because they lack proper knowledge of all the essay writing components.

The Challenges and Solutions of Writing a Conclusion

Unclear or Ineffective Summarization of Key PointsEnsure that the conclusion summarizes the main findings and key arguments of the work.
Lack of Closure or SignificanceEmphasize the importance of the findings or outcomes. Learn this by going through an example for a conclusion. 
Repetition of ContentAvoid repeating information from the main body. Instead, offer a synthesis or new perspective on the topic.
Leaving Readers with Unanswered QuestionsAddress potential gaps in knowledge or suggest avenues for future research to engage readers and provide closure.

Learning how to write a conclusion as an author has been a journey of refinement and growth. Initially struggling with clarity and impact, I explored different techniques, sought feedback, and studied exemplary examples.

Through continuous practice and adaptation, I honed my ability to craft concise, compelling conclusions that effectively summarize key points and leave readers with a sense of closure and significance.

The conclusion of the story is that this evolution reflects my commitment to mastering the art of conclusion writing and continually striving for excellence in my work.

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What is the Conclusion Paragraph? An Absolute Definition

A conclusion is the last part or section of your research paper, essay, or term paper that summarizes or sums up your paper’s key findings or main arguments.

The researchers, practitioners, or students use this part to reinforce and reiterate their work’s key findings, methodology, hypothesis, evidence, etc.

For a good conclusion paragraph, you must have an idea of how to restate a thesis well in the essay. Moreover, restating your central idea of the paper here in this part helps readers recall important questions about your research and leaves a lasting impression on their minds.

Additionally, it signals the closure of the work by highlighting its important contributions and potential research implications of the research study.

Pro Tips:

  • The conclusion of your research work must signify limitations and potential research directions for the research community.
  • Go through some personal narrative conclusion examples. Don’t forget to use compelling language to engage the readers.
  • Always leave the readers with thought-provoking questions that compel them to further explore your research domain and key questions.

Importance of Conclusion – 9 Reasons Why Should Focus?

The ending part or the closing section of any research work or conclusion of the story is important due to several grounds such as:

  • It wraps up the entire research work in a digestible manner.
  • Summarize the motivation and important questions of your research study.
  • It highlights your research implications, main arguments, and central ideas.
  • Briefly restate the crux of your research paper to help readers have a bird’s eye view.
  • It underscores research methodology, data collection techniques, evidence, and conflicts (if any).
  • Reiterating your prominent contribution leaves an ever-lasting impact on the reader’s mind.
  • Summing up your thesis in a systematic way helps readers leave with a clear mind.
  • Sets new research directions for the research community.
  •  Signals the closure of your research work

Bonus Tip: Always avoid jargon and complex terms. Use concise, clear, and easy-to-understand words.

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph: 15 Proven Tips

  • Revisit and revise your entire research work at least once.
  • Understand the problem statement, motivation, and goal of your study.
  • Start your conclusion with a topic sentence.
  • Summarize your research implications, data collection approach, methodology, and key findings in 1 to 2 sentences.
  • Highlight your contribution to resolving the particular research problems in 2 to 3 sentences.
  • Avoid adding any new data, information, or concept that is not present in your overall work.
  • Use powerful, sensory, and emotional words to appeal to the readers and cast lasting impacts.
  • Be specific and emphasize objectivity. Learn from personal narrative conclusion examples and more.
  • Use transitional words such as ‘in conclusion’, ‘in summary’, etc. to connect the ideas.
  • Shed the light specifically on your research scope and boundary in the start of a conclusion.
  • Always use simple yet engaging words that are easy to understand.
  •  Underscore your research limitations as well as future research directions
  • Get a review of your research study conclusion and seek feedback
  • Proofread and edit your work according to expert guidelines and recommendations.

Bonus Pro Tips:

  • The conclusion of your research paper takes almost 10% to 15% of your entire work. For example, in a 2000-word thesis, you can use 200 to 250 words for your conclusion.
  • Never use in-text references in the conclusion of your essay or research paper.

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How to Start a Conclusion? 21 Example Sentences

Here are some common conclusion words for essay writing.

  • In conclusion
  • To sum Up
  • Hence
  • Thus
  • To summarize
  • It is evident that
  • The findings of this research suggest that
  • Given the above work
  • Finally
  • At last
  • Therefore
  • The above work concludes that
  • In the end
  • Lastly
  • This study has presented that
  • Finally, building upon the above discussion
  • As we have seen that
  • In a nutshell
  • To wrap things up
  • The conclusion of this study is
  • The key takeaways of the entire research work are

11 Things You Should Avoid While Writing Your Conclusion

If you are still wondering about how to write a conclusion well or is chat gpt safe for writing conclusions? Just keep these 11 things in mind:

  1. Adding any new data or information not present in the entire research work or thesis.
  2. Simply copy-pasting your abstract or introduction.
  3. Don’t Just regurgitate your conclusion without any focus or direction.
  4. Leaving to highlight important research questions, motivation, and key findings.
  5. Making the reader confused about your research’s main arguments, central ideas, and contribution.
  6. Forgetting to cite the proper resources
  7. Using complex and hard-to-understand language at the end and start of a conclusion.
  8. Failing to maintain connection and relevance with the introduction and vital research methodology and approaches.
  9. Absence of significance and defining limitations as well as future research directions for the community.
  10. Using poor transitional words and phrases to connect ideas.
  11. Not addressing grammatical and typo errors.

Conclusion Paragraph Examples: Follow it Today

Title: Secure and Efficient Routing Mechanism In WSN (Wireless Sensor Network)

Example for a conclusion:

In conclusion, The objective of this research study is to propose a secure and efficient routing mechanism in wireless sensor networks.

Although, earlier studies have presented routing protocols for data transfer between different nodes. However, the security and perseverance of the data remain unaddressed due to the absence of an efficient and secure mechanism till now.

Therefore, this research work introduces a novel data transfer protocol that is secure as well as efficient. The key contributions of the present study are as follows;

  1. A novel approach to transfer data from the source node to the head node.
  2. Transferring of data from head node to cloud server
  3. Data transmission directly from the source node to the cloud server.

The results suggest that our algorithm surpasses the traditional approaches in terms of both accuracy and efficiency.

However, the limitation of the said algorithm is that it does not perform well on a network of more than 150 sensor nodes. Therefore, future research aims to use AI and ML techniques to make it robust and endurable for the larger network.

Pro Tip: You can follow the above example of a conclusion in the same order to write effortlessly and for argument based essays there is expert argumentative essay conclusion guide available.

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Now Start Writing Conclusion Paragraph Peacefully

According to the dictionary definition, a conclusion is the last paragraph of any essay, thesis, or research paper that brings authors as well as readers to the closure of the entire work.

It restates the thesis statements and highlights the main arguments, objectives, research questions, and contributions of your research work.

Although there are no specific or strict limitations on the length of the conclusion, however, as per the research experts, the thesis should consist of 3 to 5 sentences.

Writing a conclusion poses significant challenges to the researcher such as:

  • Summarizing and summing up the entire work using fewer words.
  • Avoiding to add any new concepts and ideas
  • Interpreting and presenting key research questions, hypotheses, and methodologies. etc.

However, you can get rid of these challenges by following the proven tips that include:

  • Revisiting and revising research work at least once.
  • Understanding the problem statement, motivation, and goal of your study.
  • Starting the conclusion with a topic sentence.
  • Summarizing using 3 to 5 sentences etc.

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